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Here are 6 shirt and tie combos to make your mornings just a little bit easier.

Silence and Noise

One of the best ways to pick your ties is to pick a colour in the shirt and find it in the tie. In this example, the shirt was quite loud so we opted for the navy in a quiet micro-dot pattern. We’re adding texture but not introducing another loud pattern.

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Checks and Balances

Stripes and grid check work really well when the proportions are different. Large stripes on the tie overpower the smaller grid check in the shirt. The brown ties it all together.

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Grid Check Shirt by GOTSTYLE $165, Tie by Seaward & Stern $150

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Grid Check Shirt by GOTSTYLE $165, Tie by Seaward & Stern $150

Drawing the line

The stripe in this shirt is so subtle you might consider it a solid. The bold graphic print tie reminds us of those epic 80s school photos.

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Slim lines shirt by Oscar of Sweden $225, Tie by Seaward & Stern $150

Let your tie talk

Sometimes a hand stitched dress shirt like these ones from Stenstroms just need a perfect compliment. Tonal grey and blue work perfectly together. Use your colour wheel and pair with a complimentary colour.

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Purple shirt by Stenstroms $249, Seaward and Stern tie $150

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Blue shirt by Stenstroms $249, Seaward and Stern tie $150


Want to be a true sartorial star? Check out this article to understand your dress shirt fabrics.

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It’s awesome to find white shirts that are simple with an elegant design.

We’ve written a lot about expensive shirts. It’s safe to say that affordable shirts have gotten a bad rap. But having a selection of white shirts that lasts comes from having a solid rotation of dress shirts. An essential piece like our new private label Launch dress shirt does just that.

Our Launch collection is our new line of basic attire. Our clients have let us know that fundamentally affordable basics like a plain white shirt are needed so we’re here to provide. This is perfectly suitable for a guy building his wardrobe, or someone with a developed wardrobe in need of basics.

Our Launch shirt has a regular point collar, and the cotton has a soft feel on the skin. The fit is sound and it has a very subtle (not shiny) sheen that adds a hint of class. I have a few dress shirts in my closet but I don’t have any that fit this close to perfection or has the slight sheen either. Here are five different ways we styled the white shirt (although, you can probably wear it with just about anything.)

Casual Italian Flair

Double breasted blazer, white shirt burgundy wingtips, john varvatos, launch shirt

Outfit details: Tiger of Sweden Double Breasted Blazer $599, Launch – Dress Shirt $95, John Varvatos Bowery Fit Jeans $268, Paradigma – Fancy Suede Shoes $375A. Christensen – Paisley Pocket Square $45

Living in Toronto you will subconsciously inherit elements of the cities melting pot especially when it comes to style. This outfit here is a perfect example of that. One of my favourite pieces from Tiger of Sweden this season is this navy double-breasted sportcoat. The sportcoat gives a subtle Italian panache a regular blazer wouldn’t. I paired it with a paisley red pocket square. In many occasions, I’m dressing between casual and formal. Fits like this one go perfectly with the setting I’m occupied in.

Summer Styling

purple blazer, paradigma wingtip shoes, launch shirt white shirt

Outfit details: Without Predjudice – Buckley Linen Blazer- $595, Launch – Dress Shirt $95, Dimattia – Navy Chinos $245, Paradigma – Brown Shoes $375, Spitfire – Shades $80

What’s beautiful about a white shirt is its adaptability. I kept a cool colour concept with this fit. A standout piece I’ve seen this season is the incredible purple linen blazer from Without Prejudice. It is lightweight with a slim cut to give you that “V’ shape you want. I paired it with textured blue cotton trousers and brown wingtips. A blazer paired with a textured separate pant and a white oxford shirt is timeless. When it comes to building your wardrobe, add pieces that fit for your unique body type so creating outfits are a breeze.

Sleek Casual

Outfit details: Dimattia - Jacquard Chinos $245, Launch - Dress Shirt $95, , Selected Homme Suede Bomber $450, Gotstyle -Double Monk Strap Shoes $225

Outfit details: Dimattia – Jacquard Chinos $245, Launch – Dress Shirt $95, Selected Homme – Suede Bomber $450Gotstyle – Double Monk Strap Shoes $225

In a metropolis like Toronto, Montreal, New York, etc. transitional clothing is a must, unless you live 5 minutes away from where you work. In that case peace be on to you. But for the majority of us outerwear like this cream suede bomber jacket compliments our lifestyle. The piece is light and not too heavy for any summer afternoon or night, the sporty bomber contrast with the scholastic air of the white shirt and olive chinos making the outfit a perfectly casual. I styled double monk strap shoes with the fit to add an air of class along with the sporty level of the bomber jacket.

3-Piece Dapper

Gotstyle - Super 130's Glen Check Notch lapel 3-piece suit brown $995 Paradigma - Fancy suede brown brogue $375

Outfit details: Gotstyle – Super 130’s Glen Check Notch Lapel 3-piece Suit $995, Launch -Dress Shirt $95, Horst – Tie $95, Paradigma – Fancy Suede Bogue $375

Good tailoring makes a statement.

Make a statement with dapper 3-piece plaid suit. The suit has an amazing glen check with a hint of light blue that catches the eye. This makes it adaptable to wear with both warm and cool colours. As well to making a statement good tailoring should be versatile. For the upcoming summer days, you can wear the vest alone with the trousers or opt the vest out.

All About Business

Plaid Suit White Shirt

Outfit details: Tiger of Sweden – Extra slim Window Pane Check suit $999, Launch – Dress Shirt $95, Seaward & Stern – Tie $150, Anderson’s – Leather Belt $160, Gotstyle – Double Monk Strap Leather Dress Shoe $295, Spitfire – Black Shades $80

This suit is one of my favourites for the slim notch lapels. If you don’t already know the rule is to pair slim lapels with a slim tie, and wide lapels with a wide tie. Think Harvey Specter and Don Draper. I kept it minimal with a textured grey stripe tie. Double monk straps have become the signature shoe for men developing a sense of style, with this mid-grey suit they make an excellent complimentary shoe.

dress shirt fabrics

Last week we discussed 9 major patterns every man should know. Today we will explore dress shirt fabrics. Understanding the difference between some of these fabrics will not only help you flex your sartorial intellect but allow you to find the ideal dress shirt fabric for your needs.

Also check out our new Gotstyle Launch program which features a line of dress shirts, trousers, suits and leather shoes. Everything you need to build your wardrobe.

Before we break down the 10 major dress shirt fabrics, it is important to point out the fundamentals of what makes a great fabric.

Step one:  Identifying the core: is it cotton, man-made fibers or silk? Ideally, you want to stick with cotton as it is the undisputed king of dress shirt fabrics. A finely woven cotton fabric has all the properties a man could want from a garment worn close to the body: good heat and moisture conduction, durability, smoothness, and the ability to take shape when ironed.

Man-made fibers, on the other hand, don’t offer the same comfort as a cotton shirt but do have their own set of advantages. They are often wrinkle and stain resistant and can be ideal for budget minded individuals. Lastly, there is silk, often associated as a luxury fabric, silk offers that high sheen and light drape. It is great for bathrobes and boxers shorts but not necessarily for a shirt. The maintenance costs are high and long term durability low.

Step two: Know your ply. Ply is how many yarns are twisted together to make a single thread. Dress shirt fabrics are most often two-ply or single ply. Two-ply fabrics are generally superior to single-ply fabrics.

Step three: The count. Thread count indicates the size of the thread in the fabric and therefore how many threads per square inch and is often referred to with a number like 50s, 80s, 100s, 120s, 140s 160s, etc up to 200s. For example, 140s means there are 140 hanks (1 hank = 840 yards) of yarn in one pound. Higher numbers mean that the threads are finer which results in a softer, smoother and lighter fabric.

Step four: The finish. Often overlooked, the finish of the fabric is the production process used to actually mill the fabric. A 2-ply 200s fabric sounds impressive but if it’s made with low quality cotton by a dubious manufacturer then it is no better and probably worse than a 1-ply 50s fabric made by a reputable mill.

 10 Dress Shirt Fabrics

Oxford Shirt Fabric

Oxford Shirt Fabric

  • Similar to pinpoint oxford- slightly heavier thread and looser weave
  • Slightly rougher texture but is more durable than most fabrics
  • Symmetrical basket weave where one yarn may cross two yarns
  • Originally developed for sports, the oxford shirt is great as a casual button down shirt


  • Woven fabric produced on the dobby loom
  • Characterised by small geometric patterns and extra texture in the cloth
  • Very similar to Jacquard, although technically different
  • Many dobby fabrics have stripes woven into them, although some are solid colors
  • The solid colors tend to have a faint stripe or dotted patterns woven in the same color as the base cloth


  • A sturdy cotton twill textile- possibly coarser twill.
  • Typically softer, lighter versions of the fabric then that of your jeans
  • Great for casual wear


  • A plain weave fabric with a colored warp and a white weft
  • Generally made with heavier yarns for a rugged,  blue-collar workwear appeal
  • Great for casual wear


  • A dense, plain woven cloth, historically made of wool
  • A tightly woven fabric with a very simple over-under weave and slight sheen
  • Great for dressy occasions
  • Highly weatherproof and hard wearing


  • Is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness
  • Typically fuzzy in feel otherwise known as brushed twill or brushed melange
  • Great for cooler weather like Fall/Winter
  • Ideal for casual wear


  • Special type of construction in which each yarn is a combination of fibers that are dyed and not-dyed
  • Generally very thin and very smooth luxurious fabrics with a particular soft finish
  • These different colored cotton fibers are woven together for a feathered, intentionally inconsistent, somewhat organic look.


  • Pinpoint (also referred to as pinpoint oxford) has a similar weave as oxford cloth but uses a finer yarn and tighter weave
  • More formal than oxford cloth, but less formal than broadcloth
  • Pinpoint fabrics are generally not transparent and are slightly heavier and thicker than broadcloths
  • Great choice for business shirts


  • Made from a plain weave of fine yarns, creating a thin, soft, smooth, long-lasting fabric
  • Thin and breathable – great for under jackets or blazers
  • Can be slightly transparent due to it’s thinness
  • Does well with retaining smoothness after being ironed
  • Sometimes described as broadcloth (technically different, but pretty much the same)


  • Distinctive diagonal weave
  • Soft, and a bit thicker and warmer than poplin
  • Has a tendency to wrinkle easily for some
  • Works under a jacket, but not quite as breathable as poplin
  • Seems to be difficult to remove stains from twill

Shirts are the fundamental building block in any mans wardrobe. Whether you’re a suit and tie kindda guy or a casual jeans and chinos, having a diverse collection of shirts is a must! With our latest arrivals from top brands like Oscar of Sweden, Van Gils, Blue Industry, SAND and Paolo Verri there’s enough choice even to satisfy the pickiest of shoppers. Here’s are some of our latest new arrivals for Spring/Summer 2015


Van Gils Rose Printed Shirt: $195


Blue Industry Contrast Geo Dot Shirt: $140


Paolo Verri Bright Stripe Shirt: $145


Oscar of Sweden Micro Hearts on Grid Shirt: $198


Stenstroms Medium Grid Check Shirt: $249


Van Gils Beetles Revolver Print Shirt: $145


Blue Industry Solid Shirt With Contrast Chest Pocket: $145


Van Gils Speck Coloured Shirt: $185


Paolo Verri Bright Stripe Shirt: $145


Blue Industry Contrast Check Shirt: $159


Blue Industry Chambre Polka Dot Shirt: $159


SAND Mini Floral Geo Print Shirt: $195


Oscar of Sweden Solid Dress Shirt:$198


Van Gils Fluorescent Fleck Shirt: $195


Van Gils Mini Floral Print Shirt: $185


Blue Industry Micro Geo Print Shirt: $145



Style Tips

Let’s start by agreeing that whoever said that men shouldn’t or can’t wear colourful trousers was probably colour blind because if you think that coloured pants make you look any less of a man then you’ve seriously got it backwards. From celebrity hotshots, to athletes, to GQ’s best dressed, everyone is embracing this growing trend, correction style, and it’s about time you did too. This isn’t about jumping on a “trend” but rather embracing a style aesthetic that has been around for generations and North American needs to catch up.

Not matter the occasion, formal, business, social or casual, coloured trousers are easy to style and are guaranteed to help you stand out from the pack. Check out these great looks for inspiration on how you can incorporate this style in to your closet.