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Here are 6 shirt and tie combos to make your mornings just a little bit easier.

Silence and Noise

One of the best ways to pick your ties is to pick a colour in the shirt and find it in the tie. In this example, the shirt was quite loud so we opted for the navy in a quiet micro-dot pattern. We’re adding texture but not introducing another loud pattern.

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Checks and Balances

Stripes and grid check work really well when the proportions are different. Large stripes on the tie overpower the smaller grid check in the shirt. The brown ties it all together.

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Grid Check Shirt by GOTSTYLE $165, Tie by Seaward & Stern $150

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Grid Check Shirt by GOTSTYLE $165, Tie by Seaward & Stern $150

Drawing the line

The stripe in this shirt is so subtle you might consider it a solid. The bold graphic print tie reminds us of those epic 80s school photos.

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Slim lines shirt by Oscar of Sweden $225, Tie by Seaward & Stern $150

Let your tie talk

Sometimes a hand stitched dress shirt like these ones from Stenstroms just need a perfect compliment. Tonal grey and blue work perfectly together. Use your colour wheel and pair with a complimentary colour.

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Purple shirt by Stenstroms $249, Seaward and Stern tie $150

Mens Dress Shirt and Tie

Blue shirt by Stenstroms $249, Seaward and Stern tie $150


Want to be a true sartorial star? Check out this article to understand your dress shirt fabrics.

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The Gotstyle, private label shirt collection was created for guys like you. Melissa explains why she created the Gotstyle shirt. 

One issue I kept seeing was tall guys with long arms unable to find a dress shirt that fit them properly without having to go to made to measure. Most dress shirt brands come in two sleeve lengths: regular which measure a 33-inch sleeve and long which measures a 35-inch sleeve. These guys all had a 35 – 37-inch sleeve length, so no matter how many brands I tried they were just that little bit too short. As soon as they washed or dry cleaned their shirt a few times it would shrink past the “acceptable” mark.  


Photo credit: Real Men Real Style

After I had enough guys coming through with the same issue, I decided if I can’t find a shirt that fit my guys, we’d make our own! I started working with one of our shirt suppliers; Lipson shirts.

They are based here in Toronto and have been making Canadian made dress shirts for over 50 years selling to all the top menswear stores across Canada and the U.S.

We developed our own body – using the slimmest fit that they had (which for us is our average fit) and extended the sleeve length on the long to 37 inches. Bingo! We got the fit that my guys were looking for. It has enough room to accommodate guys who work out (and those who don’t) and trim enough to show your shape (or make it look like you have some) with a sleeve length that worked.


Our trick in the store now when we see a tall guy come in with long arms, is to bet them that we have a shirt off the rack that will fit them. They always protest that no shirt every fits them off the rack, we get them to try our Gotstyle shirt… and of course we win the bet (and they buy the shirt!)

Fall Gotstyle Shirt Styles

Mens Dress Shirt & Tie

Gotstyle Dress Shirt, $165


Gotstyle Dress Shirt, $165

Mens Dress Shirt & Tie

Gotstyle Dress Shirt, $165


Gotstyle Dress Shirt, $165


Gotstyle Dress Shirt, $165


Gotstyle Dress Shirt, $165

Mens Dress Shirt & Tie

Gotstyle Dress Shirt, $165



Since blue became the new black, guys just can’t seem to get enough. Whether you’re looking for your first or adding to your roster, blue suits are a no-brainer. They are easy to wear, pair and are practically good for almost any occasion. From office wear, to your best friends wedding, the blue suit is for men what a black dress is to women.

Here are some of our latest Spring/Summer arrivals from LAB, Tiger of Sweden and Tombolini.

Photography by: Ishmil Waterman


Lab Pinstripe Super 110s Suit: $995


Tombolini Super 100s Windowpane Suit: $1295


Lab Tonal Plaid Super 130s Suit: $1195


Lab Solid Wool/Silk blend Pick Stitching Suit: $995


Lab Fine Stripe Suit: $995



Going back to what we’ve said before, accessories are sometimes the corner stone of a mans wardrobe. A subtle change in socks, laces, cufflinks and ties can make all the difference in the over all appearance of an outfit. In this article we illustrate the power of a well chosen accessory, the tie, by showcasing five classic shirts every man owns and transforming each with four tie options. Taking you from conservative minimalism to bold eccentricism these shirt and tie combos are a guaranteed home run.

#FoodForThought five classic shirts, over 20 different outfit combos.



How-To-Match-Your-Shirt-and-Tie-pink copy

Stenstroms Drop Stitch Shirt: $249 Ties Ted Baker, Seaward and Stearn: $95- $150



How-To-Match-Your-Shirt-and-Tie-Floral copy

Van Gils Beetles Revolver Print Shirt: $145 Ties by Ted Baker, Strellson, Seaward and Stearn: $95- $150



How-To-Match-Your-Shirt-and-Tie-White copy

Stenstroms Dress Shirt: $195 Ties by Ted Baker, Strellson, Seaward and Stearn: $95- $150



How-To-Match-Your-Shirt-and-Tie-Check copy

Stenstroms Shirt: $249 Ties by Ted Baker, Strellson, Seaward and Stearn: $95- $150



How-To-Match-Your-Shirt-and-Tie-blue copy

AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery

“If there is one consistent expression of a man’s sartorial acumen, it’s the way in which he pairs his shirt with his tie.” – Esquire

Colours, prints and patterns can be confusing on a regular day, so when it comes down to mixing them together, you can only imagine the sheer chaos. Learning to successfully match your shirts and ties is an undeniable art, fortunately, it’s one you can easily learn. Getting creative with your shirt and tie combinations is a great way to showcase your personal style and to separate yourself from your peers- especially if you work in an industry that requires you to wear one 5-days a week.

To get you started here are 5 tips and tricks you can employ to help you navigate this realm:

  1. Your tie (typically) should always be darker than your shirt
  2. Match a detail in the tie with the dominant colour of the shirt
  3. Always pair larger patterns with smaller ones. Avoid mixing patterns that have identical proportions
  4. Vary pattern type. Avoid having the same pattern appear in both your shirt and your tie
  5. When outfitting with a suit or blazer- ensure that 2 of the 3 items have the same colour scheme

Tiger of Sweden Steel Stripe Shirt (Blue & Brown): $159 Stenstroms Fine Stripe Dress Shirt: $249 Seaward & Stern Printed Ties: $150/each


Johnny Love Cross Check Flannel Shirt: $199 Benson Pattern Shirt: $125 Ted Baker Flannel Shirt: $195 Amanda Christensen Tie: $95/each


Oscar Of Sweden Floral Print Shirt: $189 Strellson Quentin-C Houndstooth Dress Shirt: $178 Ted Baker Small Floral Print Shirt: $195 Amanda Christensen Tie: $95/each


Mastai Ferretti Paolo Verri End-On-End Dress Shirt: $135 Horst Dress Shirt


Gotstyle Private Label Plaid Check Shirt: $165 Amanda Christensen Tie: 95 Gotstyle Top Twill Grid Check Dress Shirt: $165 Seaward & Stern Tie: $150 Stenstroms Mini Check Dress Shirt: $249


Real grooms, real style.

Sasha Ferkul June 17, 2014

It’s that time of year- and no matter your age, summer is the season of a million nuptials. Groom or guest, outdoor event or black tie affair, the proper attire is essential to good times. Our collection of suiting, footwear and accessories is straight-up cool and ensures the man of the hour and the crew that stand up with him look classic and confident. Say “I do” and surpass sartorial expectations.

Click through to see real-life Gotstyle grooms and groomsmen displaying their finery and looking swank- with the assistance of our personal hair girl, Pamela, our ultra talented tailor, Konstantine and our mind-reading, on-the-money wedding coordinator, Mallory.


AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery