The Vintage tee trend has become the new way of expressing your taste through badass merchandise.

Heard of Marilyn Manson? Nope. Know a member of Metallica? Nada! Doesn’t matter. Infamous graphics from bands like Metallica, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Guns n’ Roses and even Tupac are blowing up in this new vintage tee trend.

The t-shirts are reminiscent of the counter culture that was associated with that particular brand. Lets look at the different ways celebs are putting their spin on the vintage tee trend.

1. Oversized/Baggy

This works when you’re in your 20’s and/or you wake up with an IDGAFOS attitude.
This is a street style look so feel the need to layer under your baggy band shirt.
If you’d rather put a piece on top, pick a just-as-distressed denim jacket to match with super skinny rock n roll jeans.

Here is how the style Gods of the moment are rocking the baggy band t-shirt look.

justin bieber vintage tee trend

Justin Bieber in a Iron Maiden band tee

Kanye wears Queen Vintage Tee

Kanye wears Queen Vintage Tee

pharell vintage tee trend 2pac

Pharell in vintage Tupac Tee

2. True to Size

If you’re not in your 20’s chances are you actually did listen to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, The Who, Tupac, this automatically entitles you to own his trend, again.

*Remember, Dad’s– Kanye is a dad too.

Johnothan Chaban- vintage tee trend

Johnothan Chaban wearing a fake Kris Jenner tour tee

vintage tee trend kanye

Kanye West in Guns N’ Roses Tee

3. Python Show Style

For those who work hard, and play hard… who wants tickets?
Expert Tip: Roll your sleeves to give your boxy old band shirt more tailored look through the arms.

guns n roses vintage tee trend

Kellan Lutz (Twilight) wearing it 100% correct

One direction vintage tee trend

Harry Styles in Ramones Tee

David Beckham in T shirt

David Beckham in The Stone Roses Tee

The vintage tee trend is a great way of showing off your taste in nostalgic merchandise. But buying these ain’t cheap. Some vintage tees are going for over $300 USD on eBay.

So, unless you carefully stored your t-shirts from the 80’s… John Varvatos dropped a collection of vintage inspired tees just for you. These ones are made with stretchy super soft fabric that  (sorry to say it) might be better than the real thing.

Our personal favorite is the Metallica tee. It’s minimal enough to wear alone with jeans but still has an edge. Throwing this tee on gives your t-shirt an edge that steps up your everyday t-shirt game.

Shop Vintage Inspired Tee’s from John Varvatos

spring wardrobe fashion trends feature image

4 Looks to Incorporate Into Your Spring Wardrobe

Photos by Patrick Lacsina

1. Botanical Prints

These aren’t feminine florals. They’re brass botanical prints that make sure you don’t get lost in a crowd… after all it is a jungle out there.

spring wardrobe botanical prints

Outfit details: Lords and Fools Blazer $649 / Outclass Shirt $185 / Individual Seersucker Pant $185 / Anderson Belt $175 

2. 70’s Night Out

If you want to own the night, then go out with some swagger. And no decade had more swagger than the 70’s – bold peak lapels with even bolder prints, men were men and weren’t afraid to show off.

spring wardrobe 70s night out

Outfit details: NYFS Check Blazer $695 / Oscar Shirt $225 / Van Gils Pants $225 / Paradigma Tan Brogue $375 / Anderson Belt $198

3. 50’s Casual Style

The one thing guys need to learn is casual does not have to mean sloppy. You can be comfortable and look smart at the same time. Think Don Drapper in Hawaii. Trust us. Bowling shirts, polo’s and short(er) shorts will do more justice than logo shirts and board shorts ever will.

spring wardrobe 50s casual style

Outfit details: Dimattia Polo $150 / John Varvatos Shorts $138 / Anderson Belt $175

4. Lightweight Sweaters

Who wears a sweater in the summer? You can! Chilly nights on a patio are a great time to wear a light sweater or layered under a blazer instead of a t-shirt for smart casual style. Even better, if you’ve been working out… they hug and drape in all the right places.

spring wardrobe lightweight sweaters

Outfit details: LAB Sweater $225 / Haspel Seersucker Pant $288 / New Balance Retro Sneaker $100

mr steal your grandma feature image

Irvin Randle, an Older Gentleman Is Dubbed Mr Steal Your Grandma on Instagram

Sure, there is a new thing trending every day on Instagram and Twitter but this one we could not avoid.

Photographs of a 54-year-old gentleman in stylish outfits circulated around Facebook and Twitter as people asked: “Whose grandpa is this?” He even inspired a hashtag: #MrStealYourGrandma.

Social media seems to be a thing for the youth but Mr. Randle seems to show otherwise. There are a few things you can learn from this dapper man.

1. It never hurts to wear a suit

Mr Steal Your Grandma manages to be the best dressed at a more casual/social function by wearing a suit. He keeps it from getting too formal with no tie and white sneakers. He gets bonus points by adding some colour with his lapel pin and pocket square.

2. Don’t be afraid to keep your fit modern

One of the biggest reasons why his style is so on point is he keeps the fit of his outfits trim. Some of you might argue that he is in good shape but it’s crucial to keep in mind that even if you’re not at his level, oversized or ill-fitting clothes is never flattering. It really helps to dress for your body type and look for clothes with a modern fit.

3. A blazer goes a long way

We cannot stress enough what a blazer can do for your outfit. It instantly upgrades any outfit you have by bridging the gap between business and casual wear. It works for dates, brunches, drinks with the boys, weddings, just about anything that can use a little more effort and sophistication. Really, the list of why you should wear a blazer can go on.

4. When in doubt, tuck it in

If you’ve been following along with our blog for a while, you know we always suggest not to show up to an event with an untucked shirt. Sure Irvin could’ve worn his denim shirt untucked and it probably would’ve looked fine. However, he took it to the next level by button it up all the way and tucking it into a pair of slacks with a belt. Small details like this really add style and class to any outfit. If you have to be somewhere and you don’t know what to wear, we highly recommend this look.

5. Age is but a number

Last but definitely not least is that having good style is ageless. The ultimate lesson you can learn from Mr Steal Your Grandma is you’re never too young or too old to dress well, look good and do great things. Never let that restrict you from trying new things or wanting the best for yourself.


Some prom trends never die..

1. The kid with the hat

2. Over-staged engagement style prom photos



3. The very strict deux-chromatic colour palate… match or be banished to the unpopular table


…wait is she wearing square toes?

4. The SATIN vest that comes in every colour

… Every, Fucking, Colour.

5. The white PIMP suit



6.  That bro squad who came with matching suits and shades

7. The “borrowed from my dad” look

8. The waiter style black dress shirt is the only option to match those flashy satin vests

9. The Bad-ass car pose picture

10. Aaaand last but not least the big daddy P.I.M.P cane.

giphy (4)

Don’t let your son, nephew, cousin, or brother go to prom with a pimp cane. Send him to Gotstyle. Prom shoppers can enter to win our PIMP MY PROM contest .

Already suited up? Hashtag your prom photos with #gotstyleprom and be entered to win a $100 Gotstyle gift card.

Now… who wants to check out the embarrassing prom photos of the Gotstyle staff?



Cam Newton makes headlines for losing, but we think he won.

As a woman who splits 50/50 of my time between men’s and women’s style blogs, I notice a difference. Aside from a lack of Kardashian drama, I see that men don’t step out so much.

It’s true the last few years we’ve had a “resurgence of menswear.” Guys started embracing patterns, and colours… they embraced JOGGERS. Pants with elastics in the freaking cuff! You’re out there, you’re wearing them and you look AWESOME.

While musicians, actors and celebrity bloggers have lead the way, athletes have been late to the (pun) game. One small wrong move can make headlines and I imagine the locker room is less of a safe creative space and more of an old-fashioned feral boys room.

However, there is a noticeable rise of athletes stepping into the fashion scene.

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 08: Los Angeles Lakers small forward Nick Young attends the REVEAL Calvin Klein Fragrance Launch Party at 4 World Trade Center on September 8, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 08: Los Angeles Lakers small forward Nick Young attends the REVEAL Calvin Klein Fragrance Launch Party at 4 World Trade Center on September 8, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

LA Laker, Nick Young gets a ton of press for his style chops. He goes to NY Fashion week and basically bleeds YSL. He was even named the most stylish athlete by GQ in 2015.

I’m a fan of the dude, he kills it. But, it’s always easier to be fashion forward when you’re average size. At Gotstyle, it’s in our DNA to dress everybody not just sample size.  So you’ll understand why we’re all really impressed when we see bigger than average guys, like Cam Newton owning game day looks and schooling his teammates.

This guy is literally built like a football player and wears pants as tight as leggings. (But please don’t wear leggings). He has been featured on the cover of GQ and has a thing for glitter.

So Mr. Hockey butt and Cycle thighs, let this be your celebrity fashion icon!
You too can push your boundaries!

Here’s the secret.

The secret to pulling off fashion forward looks (when your built like a football player), the secret to ultra-tailored jackets, to “Pitti Uomo” like cropped suit pants, to pulling off foxtails and standing the fuck out for once is…


giphy (1)

You can fake it to make it or come to our expert team of stylists for a little boost. Our style appointments are free of charge and they will have you feeling Cam-Newton-Confident when you leave!

Sure, this guy lost the Superbowl but he won our hearts. Keep on Cam, keep on.

Cam Newton Superbowl 50

Image Source: Getty Images

Image Source:

Image Source:

Image Source: FTW! NFL

Image Source: FTW! NFL

Image Source: GQ

Image Source: GQ

Image Source: FTW! NFL

Image Source: FTW! NFL

Image Source: FTW! NFL

Image Source: FTW! NFL

Image Source: USA Today

Image Source: USA Today

Image Source: FTW! NFL

Image Source: FTW! NFL

Image Source: WWD

Image Source: WWD

Image Source: AP/David J Phillip

Image Source: AP/David J Phillip

Image Source: WWD

Image Source: WWD


What are Hybrid Blazers and How To Wear Them

Tis the season for Hybrid Blazers! WTF is a Hybrid Blazer you ask? As most of you Canadian readers will know, our weather is all over the damn place. You need to have a few jackets in rotation to be prepared. Enter The Hybrid Blazer. This jacket is there for you when you feel too bare in your t-shirt and need an extra layer. The biggest selling feature is it’s versatility. We like wearing our more casual Hybrid Blazer from Canadian brand Tokyo Smoke with joggers from John Varvatos and a Peace Collective T-Shirt for a comfortable and on point airplane outfit. When you want to dress it up try mixing casual fabrics with a more tailored pant, like these fleece pants from Hiltl.

Our top picks for Hybrid Blazers are from LAB, Circle of Gentleman and Tokyo Smoke. As far as fit goes we’re recommending Tokyo Smoke for the smaller guys, LAB for regular-athletic and Circle of Gentleman for the fuller build. Their jackets run up to a 46T. If you have any questions about fit send us an e-mail

Shop these Hybrid Blazer styles online:

Circleofgentleman-Hybrid-Blazer        Pal-Zaleri-Lab-Hybrid-Blazer

For more tips and tricks on how to style a Hybrid Blazer Watch this video.