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new brands at gotstyle feature image

New brands have been added to our arsenal. We’ve made some trades, shuffled the team and added in some new players for the season.

Here are some of the great new brands you can discover at Gotstyle.

new brands weekend offender2

Printed Polo $95

Weekend Offender

Country: Britain, UK
Playing Since: 2004
Position: Everyday casual for hard partying blokes
Body type: Medium to athletic build
Known for:
– Celebration of UK youth culture
– No nonsense functional clothing with a twist (like the jacket that comes with a hidden toothbrush)
– Started in a small Welsh town, now with flagship stores in London

new brands haspel

Seersucker Suit $795, Flamingo Shirt $250, Deadringers Pin $20, Seaward & Stern Pocket Square $75


Country: New Orleans, USA,
Playing since: 1909
Position: Elegantly dressed summer outings and vacation abroad
Body type: Medium to big build
Known for:
– Invented the cotton seersucker suit
– Fun embroidered short sleeve shirts with flamingos, hula girls or palm trees on them
– Haspel has been worn by Gary Grant, Gregory Peck and every president since Coolidge.

new brands circolo

Plaid Sport Coat $698, Textured Sweater $265


Country: Italy
Playing Since:
In the minor leagues for 30 years developing fabrics and textiles for other top brands, joined the majors under his own label 3 years ago
Position: Luxury casual wear
Body type: Med to bigger build
Known for:
– Dyed and printed fleece made into soft unconstructed blazers
– Super soft, worn in fabrics that you want to live in
– Fabrics are woven and made in Italy
– Essentials for everyday life

New brands gotstyle italia

Gotstyle Italia Suit $795


Gotstyle Italia

Country: Italy
Playing Since: Rookie year
Position: Smart suits
Body type: Medium to athletic build
Known for:
– Made in Italy
– Using Barbers fabrics (one of the oldest fabrics mills in the world, making the best fabrics in the world)
– Half canvas construction
– Fits hockey thighs!

bar raval fix me a drink

Photographer: Ishmil Waterman
Words: Nicole Pimentel

Bar Raval is known to be the hotspot in Toronto, specifically little Italy. The Sangria is to die for and watching the two owners in action is worth every last penny.

Bar Raval drink #1 Drink shot John Varvatos Blazer $498 / Aviator Nation T-shirt $98

Bar Raval is the place to get a cocktail in Toronto. There is a distinct dynamic between Mike Webster and Robin Goodfellow, Co-owners, and Barmen of Toronto’s much hyped, Gaudi-esque Spanish pintxo bar – Bar Raval. If you have ever had the pleasure of catching these two behind the bar together, you realize the two in action is synonymous watching two dancers effortlessly execute their craft. They move in unison, they’re charming, professional and well, just down right fun to watch.

With countless awards and cocktail competitions under their belt, there is no doubt these two can whip up an expertly crafted cocktail on the fly, to suit any palette. We asked them to make us two of their favorites, and they undeniably delivered two unique and distinctly memorable cocktails. Here they show us how to make The Naughty Nurse and Speak of the Devil.

Bar raval outfit

Right: Individual Blazer $250, Pullin T-shirt $55, Zanerobe Sureshot $125,Outclass Trainer $395. Left: John Varvatos Blazer $498 / Aviator Nation T-shirt $98 / Zanerobe Sureshot $110 / Garment Projects Sneakers $290

Speak of the Devil:

– 1.25oz Godderham and Worts whisky
– .9oz Guerra Dry Vermouth
– .25oz China China

Stir over ice in mixing glass until properly chilled, strain into chilled 10oz
Old Fashioned glass with ice. No garnish.

Bar raval drinks

The Naughty Nurse:
– 1oz Lot 40 Rye
– 0.5oz White Port
– 0.5oz Campari
– 0.5oz Cinnamon Grenadine
– 1oz Lemon Juice
– 2 dash Angostura
– 2 dash Peychaud’s

Shaken with ice until bone cold, served over cracked ice in a Collins glass.

how to wear a dinner jacket at every age feature image

A dinner jacket exemplifies class and refinement. A well fitting dinner jacket steps any man up from feeling like Seinfeld to Don Draper.

Watching Downton Abbey you can’t help but marvel at how men used to dress for dinner. Full tuxedo’s, tails and white dinner jackets, showed respect for the company they were keeping and the meal placed before them. Though we will never get back to that level of elegance, a dinner jacket should still be an important part of every man’s well-dressed wardrobe. Wearing a dinner jacket with a tuxedo shirt and black pants is a given, but for every age, it can add new life to your evening out. Dinner Jackets communicate elegance and panache, we styled four looks to inspire how you dress for your evening events:

In your 20’s

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y night, it’s game night! You’ve got 3 hours to mingle, get a number or maybe even a date home. If you want to make it easier for yourself, throw on a dinner jacket with your jeans and shirt, then sit back.

Shawl collar tuxedo Jacket

Gotstyle Shawl Collar Blue Tuxedo Jacket $795 / Selected Homme Band Collar Shirt $85 / Zanerobe Scrambler Pant $200. / A. Christensen Printed Pocket Square $45 / Gotstyle Blue Suede Shoes $295

In your 30’s

It seems like every week there is a new charity function to attend, but you relish working the room both for business and pleasure. The ladies always up their game at these events and you aim to match. Stand apart from the other guys all dressed in black with a bold color tuxedo jacket paired with a printed shirt and pants (because you can).

Burgundy peak lapel dinner jacket outfit

NYFS Tuxedo Jacket $775 / Sand Circles Shirt $225 / Hiltl Floral Painted Pants $259 / Gotstyle Double Monk Strap Shoe $295

In your 40’S

This year you’re doing the big European trip, unlike your 20’s, no hostels, only high-end boutique hotels. You’ve worked hard and you’ve earned this luxury vacation. Don’t come off as a bad tourist, look like a local and pack a dinner jacket. Chic casual is instantly achieved. Wear a sneaker to stay modern and comfortable on your trip.

Navy Blue dinner jacket outfit with sneakers.

Sand Contrast Trim Evening Jacket $850 / Sand Solid Polo Shirt $150 / Haspel White Seersucker Pant $195 Anderson Belt $175 / Garment Project Sneakers $257
In your 50’s

In your 50’s good habits are hard to break, this o.g. knows he’ll never go wrong with classic style. He’s comfortable knowing he’ll be the best-dressed guy in the room. But adds some fun with his shoe game.

Off-white shawl collar dinner jacket outfit

Gotstyle White Tuxedo Jacket $795/ Stenstroms White Tuxedo Shirt $265 / Strellson Black Pants $228 Black Bowtie $55 / Black Pocket Square $35 / The Carry-On Cocktail Kit / Tiger of Sweden Dress Slippers / Anderson’s Pebbled leather belt $160

Photographed and written by Alexander Whitfield

Just John is a local artist, curator, rapper, writer and all around entrepreneur. Since April 2016, Blank Canvas has become a bubbling gallery for music and art in Toronto. We sat down with him to get to know who he is, what he does and the current artistic state of Toronto.

Who is Just John?

Just john is definitely a peculiar name for an artist in the lane he’s in. I wanted to know the significance of the “Just”, was it a representation of a humble demeanor? “It goes along with my humble demeanor, yes, but the point of it at first was because when I had a dance crew I’d always put myself into the background. Just john was the first embodiment of my identity. I was really embracing myself for who I am and what I believe in. It is who I am as a human being with my story through dance, and now I tell my story through music. The “Just” also represents good, fair and of course “just”.”

It comes from the idea of being true to who you are and John is just who I am as a being. You know my eccentric, groovy, vibey self. And being true to myself and not knowing how to be anyone else but myself.


“And I’m just representing myself with my music, and that’s why I think my music is very free that way. Cause you can’t put me in a box. You know I could be whoever. “


I Love Ugly academy shirt ls w chest pocket $115, Neuw Denim iggy skinny black Jean $190 garment project

What is Blank Canvas to you?

“I want Blank Canvas to be a conduit of the Renaissance happening in Toronto right now. I want it to be a safe place for artists to come together and cultivate no matter what they do, or where they’re from or what level of art they’re at.


John is wearing the Apollo Button Up Shirt by Kollar Clothing $88, Goodstock Beach Short by Globe $85, Legend Leather Sneaker by Garment Project $290, sunglasses by Spitfire $85 and John’s personal Bape tote bag

I’m in a different hustle. I want to be the representative to let other people know it is realistic for you to live off doing what you love. I want to be a reference point for that.”

In the last year alone, Just John has been featured on CP24, Complex Magazine, Toronto Guardian and more. The art gallery has already been perused by some of the big upcoming artists in Toronto.


Black Spitfire sunglasses- $88 I Love Ugly academy shirt ls w chest pocket $115, Neuw Denim iggy skinny black Jean $190 garment project – Classic white leather low top sneakers $257 nixon watch $150

 “I want to be that representative to let other people know it is realistic for you to live off doing what you love.”


Inspiration and purpose are key to the life of Blank Canvas. There have been many times where John has had the door shut on him, but his vision keeps him stable to stay persistent.

“You think of places like Andy Warhol’s factory you know? Spots like that where people come together to cultivate and collaborate, it’s healthy for the city, and it keeps me inspired too. Inspiration and purpose are key to the life of Blank Canvas. It’s about purpose and vision, a lot of people like to have a vision. But there’s no purpose. Once you find why you’re doing what you’re doing your vision will always be clear.


“Inspiration and purpose are key”

Now 23, dressed down in an I love ugly painted shirt accompanied by Nixon and spitfire accessories. “I always loved [brand] I love ugly” I have this one black screen printed shirt I love!“


“My style is pretty minimal, I stay with versatile pieces. I choose my clothing with the mindset in which if I were to close my eyes at 5 am in the morning or in the day, or at night, and put on my clothes would I still feel like myself? Can I still do what I need to do, I can pick up this artwork and put it back down, or run to the beer store. Comfort is first now; it wasn’t really like that [before] for me but definitely now, comfort is first.”


Black Spitfire sunglasses- $88 I Love Ugly academy shirt ls w chest pocket $115, Garment project – Classic white leather low top sneakers $257 nixon watch $150

What the future holds?

Currently, Just John is taking care of his baby, Blank Canvas, overseeing the vibe at Omit Limitation and completing his next music project. This fall you can expect the renaissance boy project (his second musical release), and check out Just John’s anti-establishment charged song “ignorant youth”. “In the future, I want to open up a gallery in New York, further down the road, I want to open up a venue space with an arcade at the front.“


I Love Ugly – Calugi artwork print shirt ss $120


fashionable guys

 Landing on the best-dressed list is easy when you shop with us.

Here is an assortment (in no particular order) of the best-dressed people at the Gotstyle SS16 Magazine Launch party. For everyone who could not attend our party or who was living under a rock, sorry, you missed a great party. Toronto’s finest came out in abundance.

1. Love the fit of the suit, plus the pop of yellow. Solid!

0073GOTSTYLE @ AUDI 2016-9535

2. This is how you do jeans and a blazer right! The slight distressing on the jeans adds a contemporary edge to it too.

0143GOTSTYLE @ AUDI 2016-9646

3. Great blazer pattern! The light grey pants are a great touch to complete the summer outfit.

0145GOTSTYLE @ AUDI 2016-9651

4. Unique style at its best, The gold coil necklace was a crowd favourite.

0155GOTSTYLE @ AUDI 2016-9664

5. The fabric and the fine pattern of this suit is extraordinary.


6. You gotta stand in the middle when your white suit looks this spectacular.


7.These guys in the green blazers were on point especially the camouflage tie with the blue tie bar, nice touch!

8. A standout piece, this gentleman’s jacket is beautiful. Nicely done.


 9. Short sleeve dress shirt, a smart choice for when the party gets hot.


10. Off white suit looking dapper


11. These two are serious #couplegoals. See how they’re working together but not “matching”? Extra points for the shades in the breast pocket.


12. The shades, the beard, the blazer, winning over and over Sir!


13. One of the sharpest gentlemen in the building. This patterned tuxedo number gives a sophisticated flare. Adjust that pocket square with pride young man!


14. Accessories are necessities. This gentleman has it down. The pocket square, lapel pin, and glasses top the double breasted blazer flawlessly.


15. Colour overload. These ladies looked absolutely spectacular!


16. Modern and classic in one picture. To the right, Gotstyle Stylist Graham showing you, youngin’s how to rock a DB.


17. Floral for the win. This is why we champion the floral dress shirt.


18. Ladies love this season’s biggest trend: the sweater weight polo.


19. This woman looks fabulous in her romper and this gentleman pulls off the smart casual deconstructed blazer effortlessly.


20. The man of the hour. Kevin Pillar broke up his Gotstyle Italia suit with distressed denim. The blue plaid makes a bold fashion impact and the distressed jean adds a contemporary edge.


21. Gorgeous outfit and a gorgeous woman.


22. Classic style. This ensemble should be your go-to summer look. A navy blazer, white chinos and a brown driving shoe. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!


23. These guys went for it– and wait did he just make socks and sandals look cool?

0223GOTSTYLE @ AUDI 2016-9771

24.  Minimal at its finest. Sully from Sully Wong kept it simple with a powder-blue blazer navy trousers.


25.  When you dress well enough, your friends wanna show you off.


26. Gentlemen, have you met the new blue? We love pairing this blue with it’s best, compliment– white and a perfectly folded pink pocket square. Amen.


Pictures from the party can be seen here and here.

say no to square toed shoes

This is a public announcement: stop wearing square toed shoes!

We are still shocked to see that men refuse to get rid of their beloved square toed shoes. Today, we’re here to lightly pat you on the back and say “Sir, it’s time to throw them out and never look back.” The harsh reality is that square toed shoes aren’t fashionable and will never be.

Let’s be honest, first impressions are everything. You’re being viewed from top to bottom and having square toed shoes at that bottom, is not the best look to go for. Here are 10 reasons why you should get rid of them and not show up at our party with them. Please, check out our Gotstyle shoes for better options.


1. It gives your feet a weird shape

Will Smith wearing square toed shoes

Photo credit: Complex Magazine

2. It looks cheap (sorry.. not sorry)

Tying square toed shoes

Photo credit: 40 Over Fashion

3. Even celebrities don’t look good in them

celebrity wearing square toed shoes

4. You look like you belong in the 90’s

bad blazer, bad square toed shoes

5. No outfit goes with square toe shoes


6. You automatically have no style


7. You look like a pilgrim



8. No one will take you seriously

Square toe shoes bad

Photo credit:

9. You’re not Steven Tyler

steven tyler

10. No one actually thinks they look good

Square toed shoes wrong

Photo credit: Real Men Real Style

…instead show up rocking these bad boys