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2016 Fall Must-Haves

Melissa’s 2016 Fall Must-Haves List

If you’re not much of a reader or you like everything you need to know on one page. This is it. This is a list of the 2016 fall trends and investments you shouldn’t ignore.

1. The Topcoat (Overcoat, wool coat, car coat)


Outfit details: Selected Homme – Crew Neck Melange Sweater $120, Tiger Of Sweden – Jil Extra Slim Windowpane Flannel Blazer $599, Hardy Amies – Check DB Overcoat $1495, John Varvatos – Sid Crepe Chelsea Leather Boot $358, Neuw – Iggy Skinny Slim Fit Tapered Jean $199

This is key to your fall/winter wardrobe. We’ve made an overcoat video and blog post dedicated to the importance of having an overcoat. It’s ideal for those who want to look super sleek in their suit.

It’s an easy go-to transitional outerwear piece that makes any outfit look more put together. Try it with joggers, jeans or chinos. Don’t be afraid! This is an investment piece that never goes out of style so get one in wool for warmth and a neutral colour for versatility. Once you’ve gotten a classic overcoat, feel free to go for a more statement one.

Melissa’s note: Start wearing a real man coat. I see too many men walking around while it’s zero degrees out and shivering in their suits looking unprofessional. And a parka just doesn’t look good. We have four seasons in Canada and we need a coat for each season.

2. The Leather Jacket


Outfit details: Philippe Dubuc – Slouchy Oversized Rolled Collar Sweater $325, Neuw Denim -Classic Perfecto Berlin Leather Jacket $698, Zanerobe – Ripped Scrambler Denim $240 

It goes without saying that almost everyone turns to their reliable leather jacket when the weather gets a little chilly. But when was the last time you updated yours?

Real, good quality leather jackets are known for their longevity but it may be time to take a long hard look at your own and see if it needs to be upgraded. A modern cut really goes a long way.

Not only is it a good staple piece to have, it can really speak to your style and personality.

Melissa’s note: Leather is back and a lot of guys who bought one was in the 90s so now it’s time to update one. If you don’t have one this is the year to buy one. It’s an investment piece that will last you years.

3. The Bomber Jacket


Outfit details: Outclass – Aztec Flannel Shirt $209, Selected Homme – Bomber Jacket $275, Neuw  – Ray Tapered Slim-Straight Jean $198

Onto a more trendy piece: the bomber jacket. Bombers can come in a variety of styles, colours, and cuts to fit your own personal style. It doesn’t require as much investment as the previous outerwear so you can have a bit more fun with it.

Melissa’s note: This is your perfect weekend jacket that you can throw over t-shirts and jeans.

4. The Zip Layering Piece


Outfit details: Ted Baker – Bruno Quilted Baseball Jacket $215Baldessarini – Patch Pocket Jersey Blazer $750, Zanerobe – Sureshot Chino $130

This layer is crucial for unpredictable weather. The mornings are brisk, the afternoon is scorching and then when you leave work, it’s in between. To save you from freezing OR sweating, wear layering separates so you can take it off if needed.

Melissa’s note: For guys who complain they get hot all the time, layering pieces are ideal. No matter where you are, it allows you to remove or add a layer to maintain the perfect comfort level. Style is not at the sacrifice of your comfort.

5. The Check Pants


Outfit details: Oscar Of Sweden – Micro Geo Paisley Print Shirt $225, Hardy Amies – Wool/Cashmere Patch Pocket Blazer $685, Hardy Amies – Multi Color Check Trouser $395, Gotstyle – Sleek Chelsea Leather Boot $295

Now the WOW piece in your closet should be two or three patterned pants. Where do you start? With checked trousers. If you don’t want it to be too loud, go for one in darker or more neutral shades. It’s meant to reflect your personality and your personal style so you can kind of run with it.

Keep it balanced by pairing it with solid colours. A good rule to follow is to let one thing speak for you in your outfit.

Melissa’s note: Most guys have a ton of patterned and check shirts in their closet. A new update is going for solid sweaters/shirts. Add excitement to your outfit with check bottoms.

1. Dress shoes are an investment, protect them with a pair of Galoshes.

2. A lightweight bomber has become a staple in every man’s closet.

3. Get a G-Lab for the times you’re fighting the elements. Wind, rain or snow, it’s got your back.

4. A unique and very versatile piece.

5. Yes, distressed denim is still a thing and these are badass.

6. Classic, lightweight and looks great on everyone.

7. A fresh take on the floral/botanical print.

8. It’s time to accept that it’s pretty much sweater season.

9. Stop wearing your parka with your suits. Wear an overcoat.


10. Step up your sweater game with a sweet quilted one.

11. Kollar Clothing adds cool details to a classic bomber jacket.

12. Represent your neighbourhood.

13. Easy, lightweight layering piece.

spring wardrobe fashion trends feature image

4 Looks to Incorporate Into Your Spring Wardrobe

Photos by Patrick Lacsina

1. Botanical Prints

These aren’t feminine florals. They’re brass botanical prints that make sure you don’t get lost in a crowd… after all it is a jungle out there.

spring wardrobe botanical prints

Outfit details: Lords and Fools Blazer $649 / Outclass Shirt $185 / Individual Seersucker Pant $185 / Anderson Belt $175 

2. 70’s Night Out

If you want to own the night, then go out with some swagger. And no decade had more swagger than the 70’s – bold peak lapels with even bolder prints, men were men and weren’t afraid to show off.

spring wardrobe 70s night out

Outfit details: NYFS Check Blazer $695 / Oscar Shirt $225 / Van Gils Pants $225 / Paradigma Tan Brogue $375 / Anderson Belt $198

3. 50’s Casual Style

The one thing guys need to learn is casual does not have to mean sloppy. You can be comfortable and look smart at the same time. Think Don Drapper in Hawaii. Trust us. Bowling shirts, polo’s and short(er) shorts will do more justice than logo shirts and board shorts ever will.

spring wardrobe 50s casual style

Outfit details: Dimattia Polo $150 / John Varvatos Shorts $138 / Anderson Belt $175

4. Lightweight Sweaters

Who wears a sweater in the summer? You can! Chilly nights on a patio are a great time to wear a light sweater or layered under a blazer instead of a t-shirt for smart casual style. Even better, if you’ve been working out… they hug and drape in all the right places.

spring wardrobe lightweight sweaters

Outfit details: LAB Sweater $225 / Haspel Seersucker Pant $288 / New Balance Retro Sneaker $100

Long shirts and Justin Bieber, you’ve been warned.

Until recently, I couldn’t even get my boyfriend to listen to Justin Bieber. But since the release of his Purpose album, he like so many others caught the “Bieber Fever.”

Dressing like him, well that’s what I’m working on next.

Did you know some websites track everything this guy wears? Canadian clothing and advertising company Faded Lifestyle and One Method found out when he started wearing their clothes and they’re site blew the f*ck up.

How ecstatic to know we’d be bringing in these two lines because that’s all he’s been wearing lately. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but he’s been seen wearing it, like a lot. Ultimately meaning I’m a little bit closer to dating JB.

Screenshot 2016-04-28 15.50.11 Screenshot 2016-04-28 15.49.57 Screenshot 2016-04-28 15.50.04

BUT Bieber isn’t the only reason we’re backing these new lines. Their signature extended length bamboo long shirts are 100% made in Canada and comfy-as-heck. They are the layering staple your closet has been missing!! Girls too!

But why?
Well, layering isn’t new, and the length could be attributed to hip-hop.  (Dem Franchise Boyz, anyone?) This look is probably not for you if you’re over 35. They’ve been suuuper modernized since their last outbreak in the 2000’s. The body is cut slimmer and they’re much tighter in the sleeve. The shirts neckline is deep which makes it perfect for flexing those pecs, collar bones, and tats.

What do I wear with them?
These long shirts look best when you pair them with drop crotch pants and joggers. Anything with a mid rise-regular rise will look like you don’t get it. Double up, wear two at a time. One shorter and one longer. Put your short sleeve over a long sleeve. The shirts are all designed with a raw hem and can be cut to your desired length, or even asymmetrically if you’re into that.

How do I get in on the trend if I’m vertically challenged?
You caaaaan do it but keep your shirt lengths proportionate to your body, meaning shorter layers. Plus if you can throw on a bomber on that hits at your waist it will break you up nicely.

How do I know if I’m doing it right?
As soon as you stop caring! Nonchalance inspires the look; it’s grungy and effortlessly cool. Own it!


Shop Their Collection Online

5 ways to elevate office style

Cover photo credit: Van Gils

You know the guy that’s a little bit too obvious about being on a 5 day work wardrobe rotation? Don’t let that guy be you. It may be easy to get caught in the trap of wearing a boring office uniform, but dressing for success is key to showing professionalism and ambition. Switching up your style and taking things to the next level can be easy. I’m here to help with 5 ways to elevate your office style.

When it comes to suits, great fit matters over everything. Even if you don’t wear a suit every day, it’s important to have a perfectly tailored suit in your repertoire for meetings, presentations, and events. Think of your best suit as your go-to for when you need to step things up —  and nothing will fit (and look) better than a suit made expressly for you.

For details on the made to measure process, pricing, and advantages, Gotstyle’s tailor extraordinaire Konstantine has got you covered.

The easiest way to elevate your office style is to add new accessories to your existing office wardrobe. It’s simple addition by, well, addition. Lapel pins, pocket squares, tie bars, shoe laces, and even work bags are all ways you can add pops of style and colour.

Hook + Albert Red Polka Dot Flower Lapel Pin: $30

A Christensen Red Paisley Printed Pocket Square: $45

Weber Slim Office Tie Bar
Weber Slim Tie Bar: $40

Sully Wong Burgundy Leather Laces
Sully Wong Burgundy Leather Laces: $35

Uri Minkoff Fulton Leather Briefcase: $438

A vest is a simple way to class up any office look. Wear it with one of your standard 2 piece suits to add complexity, texture, and contrast. Or, just roll up your sleeves and wear it over a well fitted dress shirt as a more casual look (this looks good on literally every guy).

contrast office vest
Photo Credit

One thing to watch out for: don’t try to match a new vest colour to an existing suit. Unless you have the exact same fabric, it won’t work, and will look off. The solution? Go with a contrast vest, and introduce a new colour to the suit entirely. It’s an unexpected look that shows off your style chops. Grey and blue (like in the photo above) always pair well, and can be used interchangeably between vest and suit.

Circle of Gentlemen Kenyon Herringbone Shawl Double Breasted Vest: $175

If you don’t normally wear a tie, step up your office style and wear one! There’s no better way to show you mean business.

If your office is casual or you don’t see yourself as a “tie guy,” try a knit or textured tie as a casual midway point between your usual laidback style and something that’s too formal.


The Common Folk Yarakucho Indigo Dye Houndstooth Tie: $100

Wearing a suit with boots is an awesome way to switch up a stale office rotation, but you need to do it right. If your suit fits well (which it should), the boots you pair with it need to be sleek and slim fitting. You want the outfit to look well put together and intentional — and not like you haven’t changed yet from your morning commute. The best way to achieve this? Chelsea boots.

gq suit office chelsea boots
gq office chelsea boots

Both of these looks (courtesy of GQ) add some rocker edge to a suiting look, without being too chunky or out of place. It’s a menswear power move, and you can totally pull it off. Reserve this look for fall and winter, and make sure to match your belt and boots to keep everything tied together.

Ready to step things up? Gotstyle’s stylist team has got you covered. Book your appointment today at 416-260-9696 or info@gotstyle.ca.

A great blazer is one of the most reliable and versatile pieces in any guy’s wardrobe. The classic way to wear a blazer is similar to a suit jacket — with a dress shirt and tie — but slightly less formal (the jacket isn’t a matching set with the suit pants). The differences between a blazer, sport coat, and suit jacket can be subtle, but they’re important to know.

Think you’ve got the classic blazer look covered? Great. Let’s step up your style to the next level, and explore 5 new looks to make the most of your awesome blazers that have been trapped in the confines of nine to five.


double breasted navy blazer look
Tiger of Sweden Navy Double Breasted Peak Lapel Blazer: $599, Stenstroms Slimline Basic Dress Shirt: $195, Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Organic Dry: $179, Gotstyle Double Monkstrap Wingtip Shoe: $225

A double breasted blazer with dark denim is a modern power look any guy can pull off. The double breasted blazer is bold, so pair it with a solid colour dress shirt and let the blazer do the talking. Always keep the inside button and upper outside button fastened when standing. The only time you shouldn’t do up a button is if your blazer has multiple rows of buttons on the centre. If that’s the case, the same rule as with single breasted blazers applies — leave the bottom button undone.

Make sure that when wearing jeans with dress shoes the jeans are well tapered at the bottom, like on our model above. This will add height and slim down your look. If the front cuff of your jeans covers either of the monkstraps, it’s a sign the cuffs are too wide.

It may not be what you’re used to, but trust me, tapered lower legs are the way to avoid the dreaded “dad jean flare” you may not even realize you’ve been rocking. Once you wear one pair of properly tapered jeans and see the difference, you’ll never go back.


black blazer single breasted notch lapel Strellson Black STC Travel Jacket: $598, John Varvatos Grey Eyelet Henley Shirt: $98, Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Organic Dry: $179

Throw your best dark blazer on over a designer tee, jeans, and military style boots to pull off a Justin Theroux inspired rocker look. Some tips to make sure you do it right:

  • Treat this as a casual look. A t-shirt with a blazer is cool. A t-shirt with a blazer when everyone else is wearing a suit? Not so cool.
  • Make sure your jeans are tapered right. Come on man, we already talked about this.
  • Let your boots develop some character.
  • Leave the blazer unbuttoned — with a t-shirt, better to keep it casual.
  • The t-shirt should hit just below your belt.
  • Avoid tight tees. When wearing a t-shirt with a blazer, try not to look too…slick. I like to gently tug on the collar of my shirts before wearing them under a blazer. A bit of a slouchy look is perfect. You’re not wearing this to a black tie event anyways, so it’s cool to grunge up this particular blazer look.


blue blazer athleisure joggers
Van Gils Blue Pindot Blazer: $550, John Varvatos Green Striped Hoodie: $180, Zanerobe Black Sureshot Chino: $125, Sully Wong x Gotstyle Camo Shoes: $125

Here’s where a blazer can be useful as a transitional layering piece. Pair a casual, natural shoulder blazer like this one with a hoodie, joggers, and luxe sneakers for a super comfy outfit that will turn heads. In the right way.

Make sure the hoodie is thin. Not just any hoodie will work — too thick and it won’t layer nicely with a properly tailored blazer. As much as you love your college sweater, save it for the couch and opt for a sleeker fitting piece.

Seize this opportunity to wear your coolest, boldest sneakers (as long as they match what you’re wearing above the ankles). Joggers were made popular by sneakerheads because they show off a guy’s kicks — so go all out! An eye-catching pair like these ones from Sully Wong elevate the look from good to great.

gotsyle x sully wong camo sneakers

Sully Wong x Gotstyle Camo Shoes: $125


preppy blue blazer look polo swims Gotstyle Navy Wool Notch Lapel Blazer with Metal Buttons: $695, Selected Homme Charcoal Skinny Fit Stretch Chino: $95, Swims Navy Sport Loafer: $100, Taft No-Show Socks: $60 (4-pack)

This preppy spring/summer look works best with a navy blazer. Start with a polo, tucked or untucked (I prefer untucked, but either can work). Roll up your blazer sleeves a bit, even cuff your pants at the ankle if you feel like it. Slim fit chinos are a must, especially when your loafers tie in to the rest of the outfit as well as these ones do.

Pro tip: when going “sockless,” wear no-show socks. The exact same look is achieved, minus the blisters and lingering stink. You’re welcome.


preppy blue blazer look polo swims Without Prejudice Charcoal Flannel Blazer with Elbow Patches: $525, Blue Industry Purple One pocket Crew Neck Knit Sweater: $105, Horst Black Ceratex Herringbone Knit Pants: $128

This is a great transitional layering outfit for fall days when you don’t quiiite need a jacket yet, or the end of winter when you’ve ditched your parka for the season. The different textures (fuzzy flannel on the blazer, herringbone pattern pants) complement well and are way comfier than you’re used to for a look this sharp. The thin crew neck sweater under the blazer gives you some flexibility on whether to button or unbutton.

Last thing — show some cuff. Having that sweater peek out from both the chest and sleeves may not be something everyone notices, but those who do will appreciate the attention to detail.

Ready to pull the trigger on your new blazer look? Our team of stylists is here to help, with private appointments and free wardrobe consultations. Book your appointment today at 416-260-9696 or info@gotstyle.ca.

Remember to bring your blazer(s) with you when you shop. Try layering them with different pieces, and see what works best for you!