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You can never have too many white dress shirts, and lucky for you, ours are on sale! Shop our sale white dress shirts – now 30% off!* We’ve listed 10 reasons why you should own one. You can’t really go wrong. *excluded from our extra 40% off sale. SHOP OUR SALE WHITE DRESS SHIRTS

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new arrivals 2017

Gotstyle New Arrivals 2017

January 9, 2017

New Arrivals 2017 We’ll be adding to this list on a regular basis so you can see what’s new at Gotstyle! Bookmark and check back often so you don’t miss anything. You can also visit our what’s new section online. If you have questions about a style or fit find us in livechat. Nudie Jeans… [Read More]


Our list of the best celebrity style over 40. These guys are proof that being 40+ doesn’t mean you can’t have great style! Here are their secrets to looking stylish after 40. Patrick Dempsey – Age 51 Stick to what you know, you can tell that a great pair of pants and a great pair of… [Read More]


Mens Light Weight Jackets 35+

February 14, 2017

When shopping for mens light weight jackets look for one that is not too puffy (like your Canada Goose), and not like your overcoat. Need a lightweight jacket for when the weather is hovering around  -1 and +5? A jacket that will keep you warm but not overheated when you’re indoors.  You also don’t want… [Read More]


If you don’t wear a white dress shirt everyday you might want to start after reading this. Ever wonder why Don Draper kept a drawer full of them?  (among other reasons) they’re essential. With so many to choose from, and ways to wear them we’ve summed up 10 reasons you need more. Shop Our Selection Here 10…. [Read More]


Tonic Blooms is a Toronto florist we really like. We polled the office and while many of us “don’t want anything” for valentines day, we still expect something. Human Nature, am-i-right? BUT wait. Don’t rush to your local grocery store for 12 dozen roses and a plush teddy bear just yet. Those grab and go floral arrangements look… [Read More]


The V-Neck sweater. Once a staple of men’s fashion left to die in the back of your closet only to be brought out again for awkward family dinners. Well, they’re back baby! …with a twist. The twist, as with any trend re-introduction always makes or breaks the piece. In this case, the “v” should be more angular. Think… [Read More]