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You don’t want to sleep on this because Gotstyle is back with our epic made-to-measure suiting event. Starting Jan 30th – Feb 15th save upwards of $300 on your custom MTM to measure suit, and get some amazing add-ons as our compliments. Here’s how it works, get your choice of a custom black, charcoal or navy suit and we’ll throw in a custom white dress shirt, choice of cufflinks, choice of black tie or bow tie and a white pocket square all for a special package price of $1725 $1395.


**This offer is by appointment only at our Bathurst location: 416.260.9696


Meet Our Master Tailor: Konstantine Malishevski

Master craftsman Konstantine Malishevski’s intensity for his chosen profession is unmatched. The native Ukrainian (who speaks the precise English of old) is an encyclopedia on the subject of tailoring, effortlessly rocking any discussion on the finer points of suiting, fabrics and finishes.

His experience is ultra varied, interesting, and runs from running his own atelier to textile buying to executing unparalleled made-to-measure services. After completing two-and-a-half years of study (plus a two year internship) at one of the most prestigious institutes in his home country- eight months of which were devoted to learning to sew by hand, Konstantine relocated to Canada. Retailers were soon captivated by his unique skills, seriously rare in the North American market. 

Konstantine’s grasp of technical construction would impress anyone on Savile Row. He describes himself as “old- school, but hip” and champions longevity and personal style in suiting. He always works collaboratively, communicating with clients, recognizing that their participation is key to the success of GS’s MTM program. The end result defines perfection- on a completely individual level.

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Why Made-To-Measure with Neale and Maxim

Sasha Ferkul September 16, 2014

Variety is often referred to as the spice of life; we come in all shapes and sizes- and at Gotstyle so does suiting. Thanks to the skill of our Made-to-Measure tailor and a massive library of fabrications (all British or Italian), common problems with fit are fixed with precision. GS staff members Neale (with one slightly longer leg) and Max (who won’t buy off the rack for many reasons) worked with Konstantine to address their specific issues. The result was custom suiting that lent their unique frames perfect proportion. It’s power disguised as clothing.


“Many people go the MTM route because they may have certain body concerns, for me it’s quite simple- I’m just extremely picky. When it comes to my suits, I’m very specific on the type of fit, cut, style I’m looking for. Needless to say I rarely, if ever find a off-the-rack suit that works for me without some serious alterations. With the made-to-measure process I have the ability to customize every inch of my suit, giving me the ultimate creative freedom to create my perfect suit.” – Maxim


“Having worked in the menswear industry for years I’ve realized that made-to-measure is the only way to go for me. I have tried off-the-rack and always find that I end up spending as much in alterations as I do on my suits. I have prominent shoulder blades, a fuller chest, a larger seat (code for ass) but a trim waist and to top it off I apparently have one leg slightly longer than the other. Do tell me what off-the rack suit is going to fit me? None. My made-to-measure suits are by far one of my best investments. They feel like a second skin and move with me, whether I’m standing, sitting, walking or tearing up dance floor.” -Neale


Nestled quietly between the energetic Golden Globes and world renowned Oscars, the SAG Awards are quite often the “forgotten event of the awards season” – Huffington Post. For those of you unfamiliar, the Screen Actors Guild Awards aka SAG Awards is the only televised awards shows to exclusively honour performers. It presents thirteen awards for acting in film and television and focuses on both individual performances as well as entire ensembles. If you didn’t catch the show here’s a link to some of the key highlights from the evenings festivities.

Now that you’ve caught up, let’s focus on the things are really matter, red carpet style. This year we saw an impeccable collection of men who got it right! From hollywood legends like Michael Keaton and Matthew McConaughe to fresh faces like Jim Parsons and Eddie Redmayne- these men truly set the standard for red carpet perfection.

Here is our picks on this years Best Dressed Men At The 2015 SAG Awards.


You’ve recommitted yourself to the gym AGAIN, a healthier lifestyle AGAIN, promised to actually use the juicer you bought last year, given up alcohol AGAIN, all in the name of a brighter new year. So why not re-visit these style resolutions and add them to your list to really STEP IT UP A NOTCH?

Every year sees the rise and fall of many trends and styles, some great, some questionable and some down right awful. Which is why we’ve put together a list of our top style resolutions to help guide you to greener pastures this year and EVERY YEAR TO COME. Follow these fundamentals and you’ll be on track to having the most stylish year ever (OR INEVITABLY FIND YOURSELF HERE AGAIN NEXT YEAR).

Cleand Up Shop

Clean Up Shop

Step one to a healthy and stylish 2015 is to purge all the crap you’ve been hoarding from yesteryears. Those raggedy pit stained tees, toss ‘em! Those sad lifeless dress shirts with the permanent collar stains, burn them! How about those salt stained dress shoes that were once black but aren’t, burry them! Last but not least, if you can’t fit into it you need to let it go!

Marry A Tailor

Marry A Tailor

Well not literally, but the secret weapon behind any and all well dress men is their tailor. No more missing buttons, sloppy hems, boxy silhouettes, make today the day that you take all your ill fitted pants, blazers, shirts and coats to your tailor and get them fixed. Oh and it wouldn’t hurt to get a few of those pieces dry cleaned at the same time.



It would seem that throughout the last couple years the term “transitional wear” went from being a good thing to becoming the biggest fashion conundrum. The idea of having pieces in your wardrobe that allow you to transition from one social engagement to another is undoubtedly a good thing, however that doesn’t imply or suggest that EVERYTHING in your wardrobe should be multifunctional.

Compartmentalizing your closet for different occasions while including a few transitional pieces is key to a well balanced wardrobe. Investing in a diverse wardrobe will not only make you look a million times better but also help increase the lifespan of your garments, while keeping them looking fresh and new.

back to basics

Back To Basics

No matter how many trends come and go, or how big or small your wardrobe gets, investing and re-investing in key basics is a must. As they say, the devil is in the details and a wardrobe is only as good as its foundation. Update your suits and blazers, invest in some fresh denim and chinos, and who can forget those classic cardigans, tees & henleys. We also recommend taking the time to re-evaluate your accessories. Don’t forget about your shoes, socks, belts and ties. They need loving too.

Own Your Style

Own Your Style

Often we see the rise and fall of some incredibly “creative” styles – unfortunately, these fads often take some casualties. On that note, there is absolutely nothing wrong with jumping on the “trend” train as long as you “own” it. Owning your style speaks to your attitude when dressing a particular way and is the fundamental building block behind some of our favourite style icons. Understanding your personality, body and attitude is the real key behind having incredible style. Don’t copy the likes of Tom Ford, Kanye, Pharrell, and Nick Wooster if you don’t possess the attitude and confidence to match their style. Instead, take elements from things you like and adapt them to your own comfort level. You’ll feel better and trust us when we say that you’ll look better too.

Style Tips

Spring cleaning is something most people talk about but few actually take the time to implement. We can’t stress enough how important “Spring Cleaning” is for the health of your wardrobe and your personal style. Here’s Melissa, Founder of Gotstyle with another style tips video to walk you through some key tips and tricks every guys should know when endeavouring to do a closet clean up.



Pitti Uomo, where real men wear real clothes. Year after year, season after season sartorial gents from around the globe descend up Florence in one of the biggest and best displays of menswear the world has ever seen…and to partake in Italy’s biggest menswear trade fair. “The streets are blanketed with beards and impeccably tailored suits. The Pitti menswear scene quickly breaks down like a high-school cafeteria: There are the menswear mainstays, like Milanese boutique owner Lino Ieluzzi, the rugged types with topknots and shearling jackets, and the eccentrics, like one particularly colorful man wearing mismatched shoes.” – The Cut

Here are some of our favourite people and styles from this past weeks Pitti Uomo 87.

Source: Tommy Ton, NYMag, GQ, Lee Oliveira

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Unlike other retailers, Sale season at Gotstyle isn’t about ugly leftovers it’s about giving our clients quality merchandise at unbeatable prices. Zanerobe, Tiger of Sweden, Strellson, Moods of Norway, these are just some of the brands that are currently on sale. And to top it off, we’re giving you an additional 20% off all sale merchandise! If that ain’t a deal, we don’t know what is. To show you exactly how incredible this promo is we got our stylists to put together some of their favourite Sale outfits to give a glimpse into our amazing selection. 

  • Staff-picks-sale-outfit-Casual Rella Scotts Cuff Hat Wool/Cashmere Original $59 Now $33.04
  • Lyle & Scott Wool Blend Jacket: Original $295 Now $165.60
  • Johnny Love Cotton Flannel Shirt: Original $199 Now $112
  • Zanerobe Sureshot Chino: Original $130 Now $72.80
  • Base London Cook Fur Lined Casual Hiking Boot: Original $248 Now $138.88 Staff-picks-sale-outfit-Social
  • Tiger of Sweden Shirt: Original $149 Now $83.44
  • Hilton Wool Blend Coat: Original $478 Now $267.68
  • Tiger of Sweden Merino Wool Crew Neck Sweater: Original $169 Now $94.64
  • Hudson Fenway leather boot: Original $268 Now $150.08
  • Staff-picks-sale-outfit-Formal
  • Moods of Norway Stein Tonning Wool Jacket: Original $449 Now 287.36
  • Tiger of Sweden Denzel Mini Dot Shirt: Original $199 Now 111.44
  • Strellson Pindot Virgin Wool Pants: Original $198 Now $110.88
  • Prime Shoes Patent Leather Shoes: Original $475 Now $266