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New Arrivals

Lipson shirtmakers are truly the masters of their craft, a legacy affirmed in their 30 years Canadian history and embedded in the visible craftsmanship in their shirts. Given that Lipson is Canada’s oldest and most respected shirting company it only made sense to work with them directly to produce our exclusive Gotstyle private label shirts. These shirts hold several key features that are unique to Gotstyle. For starters Founder, Melissa Austria has personally spent the better part of the last 7 years perfecting/tweaking the fit and style of these shirts. She hand-picks every aspect from the fabrics, prints, collars, cuffs, even the buttons, ensuring that our customers get the best every season.

Aside from the frills and fancies, what makes our shirts unique is the fit. Most shirts today come in what we called a graduated scale, which essentially means that the sleeve/body proportions increase equally with the neck size. The bigger the neck the bigger the body proportions. If you are tall and slender or have an athletic body, this type of “scaling” doesn’t necessarily work. Which is why our Gotstyle shirts are cut in a manner that they maintain their modern silhouette even when you get to larger neck sizes. We clearly want you looking great no matter your size. In addition, with most in-market brands only offering a 33/35 inch sleeve length there isn’t much option for those guys with the really long arms. Fortunately for you all our Gotstyle shirts also come in a “Tall” options that offers a 37 inch sleeve length!

Check out these great new arrivals and start planning that Spring wardrobe.


Style Trends

All good things must come to an end, and with that we get ready to wrap up our stay in NYC and bid farewell to the big apple. But before we make our way to the airport there is still one matter of business that we needed to attend and that was the Mrket ShowBy far one of the better trade shows we’ve attended this season, Mrket definitely offered a curated collection of vendors that really alined well to our brand and customers. This became evident when we started noticing that almost all our vendors were exhibiting at the show. We had the boys from Lipson, PYA Patrick Assaraf, Seaward & Stearn, Without Prejudice, Loft 604, Hook & Albert, Oscar of Sweden, just to name a few, all present and showing their latest collections.

Here is yet another snap shot/behind the scenes look into our last day in New York. Till we meet again New York.

All images taken with the Samsung Galaxy Camera courtesy of @SamsungCanada.




There is no denying the fact that shirts and ties alike are a key component in any mans wardrobe as they can easily compliment both a casual or formal look. Hence investing in a variety of styles will not only keep you looking fresh but also allow you to be ever ready for any occasion.

AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery, Online
Aside from being known for our clothes, we’d like to think that we know a thing or two about throwing some awesome parties. So, when we announced that we were ready to celebrate the grand opening of Gotstyle Distillery, having a celebration only seemed fitting. With over 7000 square foot retail space our new The Distillery District location was the perfect venue. As for the theme, we went pantone! In celebration of spring, latest fashion trends and our sheer love of colour, going pantone was the only logical choice.  
And we all know, no fashion party is complete without some great food, music, alcohol, and fashion show! We had cocktails by Martini Club sponsored by Belvedere, Moet, Hennessy and Glenmorangie. Food was catered by Treeline, who incorporated our theme into their fresh and colourful hors d’oeuvres menue which included chilled shrimp, seared tuna, gazpacho, white chocolate dipped strawberries and french macaroons. Music was provided by DJ Matt Bryce from House Of Class, and our Spring fashion show featured both mens and womens spring looks available at Gotstyle. 
With over 400 guests in attendance from top clients, key members of the media, tastemakers, and bloggers, this party not only featured some of the best dressed people in the city but as one guest put it served as “the official start of Spring”.

Check out our photo albums from the night on our Facebook page:

Pantone Party Event Photos

Gotstyle’s Pantone Party Photobooth