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Photographed and written by Alexander Whitfield

Just John is a local artist, curator, rapper, writer and all around entrepreneur. Since April 2016, Blank Canvas has become a bubbling gallery for music and art in Toronto. We sat down with him to get to know who he is, what he does and the current artistic state of Toronto.

Who is Just John?

Just john is definitely a peculiar name for an artist in the lane he’s in. I wanted to know the significance of the “Just”, was it a representation of a humble demeanor? “It goes along with my humble demeanor, yes, but the point of it at first was because when I had a dance crew I’d always put myself into the background. Just john was the first embodiment of my identity. I was really embracing myself for who I am and what I believe in. It is who I am as a human being with my story through dance, and now I tell my story through music. The “Just” also represents good, fair and of course “just”.”

It comes from the idea of being true to who you are and John is just who I am as a being. You know my eccentric, groovy, vibey self. And being true to myself and not knowing how to be anyone else but myself.


“And I’m just representing myself with my music, and that’s why I think my music is very free that way. Cause you can’t put me in a box. You know I could be whoever. “


I Love Ugly academy shirt ls w chest pocket $115, Neuw Denim iggy skinny black Jean $190 garment project

What is Blank Canvas to you?

“I want Blank Canvas to be a conduit of the Renaissance happening in Toronto right now. I want it to be a safe place for artists to come together and cultivate no matter what they do, or where they’re from or what level of art they’re at.


John is wearing the Apollo Button Up Shirt by Kollar Clothing $88, Goodstock Beach Short by Globe $85, Legend Leather Sneaker by Garment Project $290, sunglasses by Spitfire $85 and John’s personal Bape tote bag

I’m in a different hustle. I want to be the representative to let other people know it is realistic for you to live off doing what you love. I want to be a reference point for that.”

In the last year alone, Just John has been featured on CP24, Complex Magazine, Toronto Guardian and more. The art gallery has already been perused by some of the big upcoming artists in Toronto.


Black Spitfire sunglasses- $88 I Love Ugly academy shirt ls w chest pocket $115, Neuw Denim iggy skinny black Jean $190 garment project – Classic white leather low top sneakers $257 nixon watch $150

 “I want to be that representative to let other people know it is realistic for you to live off doing what you love.”


Inspiration and purpose are key to the life of Blank Canvas. There have been many times where John has had the door shut on him, but his vision keeps him stable to stay persistent.

“You think of places like Andy Warhol’s factory you know? Spots like that where people come together to cultivate and collaborate, it’s healthy for the city, and it keeps me inspired too. Inspiration and purpose are key to the life of Blank Canvas. It’s about purpose and vision, a lot of people like to have a vision. But there’s no purpose. Once you find why you’re doing what you’re doing your vision will always be clear.


“Inspiration and purpose are key”

Now 23, dressed down in an I love ugly painted shirt accompanied by Nixon and spitfire accessories. “I always loved [brand] I love ugly” I have this one black screen printed shirt I love!“


“My style is pretty minimal, I stay with versatile pieces. I choose my clothing with the mindset in which if I were to close my eyes at 5 am in the morning or in the day, or at night, and put on my clothes would I still feel like myself? Can I still do what I need to do, I can pick up this artwork and put it back down, or run to the beer store. Comfort is first now; it wasn’t really like that [before] for me but definitely now, comfort is first.”


Black Spitfire sunglasses- $88 I Love Ugly academy shirt ls w chest pocket $115, Garment project – Classic white leather low top sneakers $257 nixon watch $150

What the future holds?

Currently, Just John is taking care of his baby, Blank Canvas, overseeing the vibe at Omit Limitation and completing his next music project. This fall you can expect the renaissance boy project (his second musical release), and check out Just John’s anti-establishment charged song “ignorant youth”. “In the future, I want to open up a gallery in New York, further down the road, I want to open up a venue space with an arcade at the front.“


I Love Ugly – Calugi artwork print shirt ss $120


queens plate outfits

The Queen’s Plate is the longest continuously run stakes race in North America.

The races have attracted A-list celebrities & government officials from across the globe not to mention all levels of the monarchy including the Queen.

Going to the races has always been about making a scene which is why dressing appropriately is so important.

There is no “official” dress code for the Queen’s Plate, but that doesn’t give you the license to wear some tattered jeans and a tee! The Gotstyle man knows that dressing up isn’t a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle – Dress Better. Do Better!

What To Wear:

Generally speaking, you should think dandy, colourful, fun, and British. You’ll be surrounded by lush green lawns in an almost Alice In Wonderland type setting. It’s basically a classy AF costume party.


  • Try to mix and match patterns. The rule of thumb for pattern mixing is that the size scale of your pieces should be different. (Big check blazer, small check shirt).
  • Go bold! Ever wondered when you were going to be able to wear those impulse (pink, green, red, blue) pants again? Have a bright suit that you’ve been wanting to let out of the closet? This is your time to let them out!


  • Accessories! This event is all about “peacocking”. The bolder you go the more attention you’re bound to get. The best way to do this is with hats, scarves, bright ties and pocket squares. Stick to three to avoid looking too costumey, and the same rules apply to pattern mixing here.
  • Millinery: You’ll see a lot of this at The Queens plate. Bold Hats for men and crazy fascinators/hats for women. This year the official milliner of the Queen’s Plate is David Dunkley.


  • Wear funky shoes! Sneakers just won’t do for an event like this. You need a classic shoe in a bold or neutral colour. Something like these brogue oxford shoes. A well-made shoe in a fun pattern that still respects classic menswear.

The Gotstyle man knows that dressing up isn’t a one-time thing, it’s a lifestyle. We put together some more inspiration for your outfit. Thanks to David Dunkley for the hat & fascinators.

Here are four looks from Gotstyle that would rock the Queen’s Plate!

what to wear to queen's plate outfit 1

Outfit Details: Conor is wearing a hat by David Dunkley, GS Launch white dress shirt $95, Moods of Norway dress pants $139.50, Gotstyle double monkstrap leather dress shoes $295, Gotstyle suspenders $25 and Jin Quin skinny tie $20

Sophie is wearing the Keepsake fitted mini dress $260 and Tiger of Sweden heels $240

what to wear to queen's plate outfit 4

Outfit Details: Conor is wearing a hat by David Dunkley, Haspel Gravier seersucker blazer $650 and pants $195, Ted Baker print shirt $169, Paradigma fancy brogues $375, Anderson’s stretch woven belt $160 and Doro lapel pin $19

Sophie is wearing the Velvet Lace off the shoulder dress $218 and Tiger of Sweden heels $249

what to wear to queen's plate outfit 4

Outfit Details: Haspel Gravier seersucker blazer $650 and pants $195, Ted Baker print shirt $169, Anderson’s stretch woven belt $160 and Doro lapel pin $19

what to wear to queens' plate outfit 2

Outfit Details: Conor is wearing a Weekend Offender nash brid print shirt $115, Vito solid cotton short $89, Tiger of Sweden Hoyt cotton blazer $384 and Van Gils trilby hat $115

Sophie is wearing an Ecru sleeveless silk blouse $225 and Ted Baker floral party skirt $289

Check Out Last Year’s Outfit Inspiration Below

Vito Cotton Twill Pant: $88 Shop Now
Sand Cotton Linen Blazer: $550 Shop Now
Franco Negretti Print Shirt: $168
Matteo Massimo Paint Splattered Shoe: $475 Shop Now

Tiger Of Sweden Pieter Print Shirt: $199
Moods Of Norway Oluf Pinstripe Linen Jacket: $398
Moods Of Norway Pinstripe Linen Shorts: $165
Jin Qun Silk Pocket Square: $20
Tiger of Sweden Vince Raffia Leather Shoe: $229 Shop Now
John Varvatos Straw Fedora: $85 Shop Now

Van Gils Elvy Windowpane Jacket: $495
A. Christensen Linen Pocket Square: $45
Tiger Of Sweden Herris Pants: $229
Ted Baker Bachh Stripe Floral Shirt: $198 Shop Now
Matteo Massimo Two Tone Cap Toe Shoe: $275 Shop Now

A Christensen Tie: $95 Shop Now
Stenstroms Check Shirt: $228
Tombolini Cotton Suit: $795
Tombolini Cotton Vest: $225
Prime Bergamo Box Calf Shoe: $375 Shop Now

Tiger Of Sweden Herris Pants: $199 
Haight & Ashbury Ashton Shirt: $120
Tiger Of Sweden Bowtie: $85
Gsus Honeycomb Blazer: $276 Shop Now
Matteo Massimo Monk Strap Shoe: $450 Shop Now

Dibi Knit Tie: $55 Shop Now
Gotstyle Gingham Shirt: $165 
J Brand Tyler Slim Jean: $ 218
Blue Industry Half Lined Blazer: $275
Matteo Massimo Brogue Shoe: $275 Shop Now

10 year best dressed feature image

Gotstyle’s 10 Year Anniversary’s Best Dressed

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary last summer at the Audi downtown dealership in Toronto. It was also in celebration and debut of the first issue of Gotstyle Man. The party featured a live band and a collection of influential guest at the fashion show; this fashionable event filled the room with many well-dressed men.

There were many dapper and unique looks, everyone came in their best dressed, but there are some who stood out from the rest. We love a good tuxedo, suit and colour combination. Click through our gallery to see if you made the list. Don’t forget to get your tickets for our upcoming Gotstyle Man Issue #3 Party. Proceeds go to support the local charity, The Remix Project.




5 ways to elevate office style

Cover photo credit: Van Gils

You know the guy that’s a little bit too obvious about being on a 5 day work wardrobe rotation? Don’t let that guy be you. It may be easy to get caught in the trap of wearing a boring office uniform, but dressing for success is key to showing professionalism and ambition. Switching up your style and taking things to the next level can be easy. I’m here to help with 5 ways to elevate your office style.

When it comes to suits, great fit matters over everything. Even if you don’t wear a suit every day, it’s important to have a perfectly tailored suit in your repertoire for meetings, presentations, and events. Think of your best suit as your go-to for when you need to step things up —  and nothing will fit (and look) better than a suit made expressly for you.

For details on the made to measure process, pricing, and advantages, Gotstyle’s tailor extraordinaire Konstantine has got you covered.

The easiest way to elevate your office style is to add new accessories to your existing office wardrobe. It’s simple addition by, well, addition. Lapel pins, pocket squares, tie bars, shoe laces, and even work bags are all ways you can add pops of style and colour.

Hook + Albert Red Polka Dot Flower Lapel Pin: $30

A Christensen Red Paisley Printed Pocket Square: $45

Weber Slim Office Tie Bar
Weber Slim Tie Bar: $40

Sully Wong Burgundy Leather Laces
Sully Wong Burgundy Leather Laces: $35

Uri Minkoff Fulton Leather Briefcase: $438

A vest is a simple way to class up any office look. Wear it with one of your standard 2 piece suits to add complexity, texture, and contrast. Or, just roll up your sleeves and wear it over a well fitted dress shirt as a more casual look (this looks good on literally every guy).

contrast office vest
Photo Credit

One thing to watch out for: don’t try to match a new vest colour to an existing suit. Unless you have the exact same fabric, it won’t work, and will look off. The solution? Go with a contrast vest, and introduce a new colour to the suit entirely. It’s an unexpected look that shows off your style chops. Grey and blue (like in the photo above) always pair well, and can be used interchangeably between vest and suit.

Circle of Gentlemen Kenyon Herringbone Shawl Double Breasted Vest: $175

If you don’t normally wear a tie, step up your office style and wear one! There’s no better way to show you mean business.

If your office is casual or you don’t see yourself as a “tie guy,” try a knit or textured tie as a casual midway point between your usual laidback style and something that’s too formal.


The Common Folk Yarakucho Indigo Dye Houndstooth Tie: $100

Wearing a suit with boots is an awesome way to switch up a stale office rotation, but you need to do it right. If your suit fits well (which it should), the boots you pair with it need to be sleek and slim fitting. You want the outfit to look well put together and intentional — and not like you haven’t changed yet from your morning commute. The best way to achieve this? Chelsea boots.

gq suit office chelsea boots
gq office chelsea boots

Both of these looks (courtesy of GQ) add some rocker edge to a suiting look, without being too chunky or out of place. It’s a menswear power move, and you can totally pull it off. Reserve this look for fall and winter, and make sure to match your belt and boots to keep everything tied together.

Ready to step things up? Gotstyle’s stylist team has got you covered. Book your appointment today at 416-260-9696 or info@gotstyle.ca.

A great blazer is one of the most reliable and versatile pieces in any guy’s wardrobe. The classic way to wear a blazer is similar to a suit jacket — with a dress shirt and tie — but slightly less formal (the jacket isn’t a matching set with the suit pants). The differences between a blazer, sport coat, and suit jacket can be subtle, but they’re important to know.

Think you’ve got the classic blazer look covered? Great. Let’s step up your style to the next level, and explore 5 new looks to make the most of your awesome blazers that have been trapped in the confines of nine to five.


double breasted navy blazer look
Tiger of Sweden Navy Double Breasted Peak Lapel Blazer: $599, Stenstroms Slimline Basic Dress Shirt: $195, Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Organic Dry: $179, Gotstyle Double Monkstrap Wingtip Shoe: $225

A double breasted blazer with dark denim is a modern power look any guy can pull off. The double breasted blazer is bold, so pair it with a solid colour dress shirt and let the blazer do the talking. Always keep the inside button and upper outside button fastened when standing. The only time you shouldn’t do up a button is if your blazer has multiple rows of buttons on the centre. If that’s the case, the same rule as with single breasted blazers applies — leave the bottom button undone.

Make sure that when wearing jeans with dress shoes the jeans are well tapered at the bottom, like on our model above. This will add height and slim down your look. If the front cuff of your jeans covers either of the monkstraps, it’s a sign the cuffs are too wide.

It may not be what you’re used to, but trust me, tapered lower legs are the way to avoid the dreaded “dad jean flare” you may not even realize you’ve been rocking. Once you wear one pair of properly tapered jeans and see the difference, you’ll never go back.


black blazer single breasted notch lapel Strellson Black STC Travel Jacket: $598, John Varvatos Grey Eyelet Henley Shirt: $98, Nudie Jeans Grim Tim Organic Dry: $179

Throw your best dark blazer on over a designer tee, jeans, and military style boots to pull off a Justin Theroux inspired rocker look. Some tips to make sure you do it right:

  • Treat this as a casual look. A t-shirt with a blazer is cool. A t-shirt with a blazer when everyone else is wearing a suit? Not so cool.
  • Make sure your jeans are tapered right. Come on man, we already talked about this.
  • Let your boots develop some character.
  • Leave the blazer unbuttoned — with a t-shirt, better to keep it casual.
  • The t-shirt should hit just below your belt.
  • Avoid tight tees. When wearing a t-shirt with a blazer, try not to look too…slick. I like to gently tug on the collar of my shirts before wearing them under a blazer. A bit of a slouchy look is perfect. You’re not wearing this to a black tie event anyways, so it’s cool to grunge up this particular blazer look.


blue blazer athleisure joggers
Van Gils Blue Pindot Blazer: $550, John Varvatos Green Striped Hoodie: $180, Zanerobe Black Sureshot Chino: $125, Sully Wong x Gotstyle Camo Shoes: $125

Here’s where a blazer can be useful as a transitional layering piece. Pair a casual, natural shoulder blazer like this one with a hoodie, joggers, and luxe sneakers for a super comfy outfit that will turn heads. In the right way.

Make sure the hoodie is thin. Not just any hoodie will work — too thick and it won’t layer nicely with a properly tailored blazer. As much as you love your college sweater, save it for the couch and opt for a sleeker fitting piece.

Seize this opportunity to wear your coolest, boldest sneakers (as long as they match what you’re wearing above the ankles). Joggers were made popular by sneakerheads because they show off a guy’s kicks — so go all out! An eye-catching pair like these ones from Sully Wong elevate the look from good to great.

gotsyle x sully wong camo sneakers

Sully Wong x Gotstyle Camo Shoes: $125


preppy blue blazer look polo swims Gotstyle Navy Wool Notch Lapel Blazer with Metal Buttons: $695, Selected Homme Charcoal Skinny Fit Stretch Chino: $95, Swims Navy Sport Loafer: $100, Taft No-Show Socks: $60 (4-pack)

This preppy spring/summer look works best with a navy blazer. Start with a polo, tucked or untucked (I prefer untucked, but either can work). Roll up your blazer sleeves a bit, even cuff your pants at the ankle if you feel like it. Slim fit chinos are a must, especially when your loafers tie in to the rest of the outfit as well as these ones do.

Pro tip: when going “sockless,” wear no-show socks. The exact same look is achieved, minus the blisters and lingering stink. You’re welcome.


preppy blue blazer look polo swims Without Prejudice Charcoal Flannel Blazer with Elbow Patches: $525, Blue Industry Purple One pocket Crew Neck Knit Sweater: $105, Horst Black Ceratex Herringbone Knit Pants: $128

This is a great transitional layering outfit for fall days when you don’t quiiite need a jacket yet, or the end of winter when you’ve ditched your parka for the season. The different textures (fuzzy flannel on the blazer, herringbone pattern pants) complement well and are way comfier than you’re used to for a look this sharp. The thin crew neck sweater under the blazer gives you some flexibility on whether to button or unbutton.

Last thing — show some cuff. Having that sweater peek out from both the chest and sleeves may not be something everyone notices, but those who do will appreciate the attention to detail.

Ready to pull the trigger on your new blazer look? Our team of stylists is here to help, with private appointments and free wardrobe consultations. Book your appointment today at 416-260-9696 or info@gotstyle.ca.

Remember to bring your blazer(s) with you when you shop. Try layering them with different pieces, and see what works best for you!

dress shirt fabrics

Last week we discussed 9 major patterns every man should know. Today we will explore dress shirt fabrics. Understanding the difference between some of these fabrics will not only help you flex your sartorial intellect but allow you to find the ideal dress shirt fabric for your needs.

Also check out our new Gotstyle Launch program which features a line of dress shirts, trousers, suits and leather shoes. Everything you need to build your wardrobe.

Before we break down the 10 major dress shirt fabrics, it is important to point out the fundamentals of what makes a great fabric.

Step one:  Identifying the core: is it cotton, man-made fibers or silk? Ideally, you want to stick with cotton as it is the undisputed king of dress shirt fabrics. A finely woven cotton fabric has all the properties a man could want from a garment worn close to the body: good heat and moisture conduction, durability, smoothness, and the ability to take shape when ironed.

Man-made fibers, on the other hand, don’t offer the same comfort as a cotton shirt but do have their own set of advantages. They are often wrinkle and stain resistant and can be ideal for budget minded individuals. Lastly, there is silk, often associated as a luxury fabric, silk offers that high sheen and light drape. It is great for bathrobes and boxers shorts but not necessarily for a shirt. The maintenance costs are high and long term durability low.

Step two: Know your ply. Ply is how many yarns are twisted together to make a single thread. Dress shirt fabrics are most often two-ply or single ply. Two-ply fabrics are generally superior to single-ply fabrics.

Step three: The count. Thread count indicates the size of the thread in the fabric and therefore how many threads per square inch and is often referred to with a number like 50s, 80s, 100s, 120s, 140s 160s, etc up to 200s. For example, 140s means there are 140 hanks (1 hank = 840 yards) of yarn in one pound. Higher numbers mean that the threads are finer which results in a softer, smoother and lighter fabric.

Step four: The finish. Often overlooked, the finish of the fabric is the production process used to actually mill the fabric. A 2-ply 200s fabric sounds impressive but if it’s made with low quality cotton by a dubious manufacturer then it is no better and probably worse than a 1-ply 50s fabric made by a reputable mill.

 10 Dress Shirt Fabrics

Oxford Shirt Fabric

Oxford Shirt Fabric

  • Similar to pinpoint oxford- slightly heavier thread and looser weave
  • Slightly rougher texture but is more durable than most fabrics
  • Symmetrical basket weave where one yarn may cross two yarns
  • Originally developed for sports, the oxford shirt is great as a casual button down shirt


  • Woven fabric produced on the dobby loom
  • Characterised by small geometric patterns and extra texture in the cloth
  • Very similar to Jacquard, although technically different
  • Many dobby fabrics have stripes woven into them, although some are solid colors
  • The solid colors tend to have a faint stripe or dotted patterns woven in the same color as the base cloth


  • A sturdy cotton twill textile- possibly coarser twill.
  • Typically softer, lighter versions of the fabric then that of your jeans
  • Great for casual wear


  • A plain weave fabric with a colored warp and a white weft
  • Generally made with heavier yarns for a rugged,  blue-collar workwear appeal
  • Great for casual wear


  • A dense, plain woven cloth, historically made of wool
  • A tightly woven fabric with a very simple over-under weave and slight sheen
  • Great for dressy occasions
  • Highly weatherproof and hard wearing


  • Is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness
  • Typically fuzzy in feel otherwise known as brushed twill or brushed melange
  • Great for cooler weather like Fall/Winter
  • Ideal for casual wear


  • Special type of construction in which each yarn is a combination of fibers that are dyed and not-dyed
  • Generally very thin and very smooth luxurious fabrics with a particular soft finish
  • These different colored cotton fibers are woven together for a feathered, intentionally inconsistent, somewhat organic look.


  • Pinpoint (also referred to as pinpoint oxford) has a similar weave as oxford cloth but uses a finer yarn and tighter weave
  • More formal than oxford cloth, but less formal than broadcloth
  • Pinpoint fabrics are generally not transparent and are slightly heavier and thicker than broadcloths
  • Great choice for business shirts


  • Made from a plain weave of fine yarns, creating a thin, soft, smooth, long-lasting fabric
  • Thin and breathable – great for under jackets or blazers
  • Can be slightly transparent due to it’s thinness
  • Does well with retaining smoothness after being ironed
  • Sometimes described as broadcloth (technically different, but pretty much the same)


  • Distinctive diagonal weave
  • Soft, and a bit thicker and warmer than poplin
  • Has a tendency to wrinkle easily for some
  • Works under a jacket, but not quite as breathable as poplin
  • Seems to be difficult to remove stains from twill