• Stephen Clark

    Is that still the way I should roll up my sleeves when wearing a shirt that doesn’t have detailing on the inside cuff?

    • reggie

      With or without the details on the inside of the cuff, you should definitely roll it this way. There’s probably less emphasis on the amount of inside cuff to show though if there aren’t any details.

      Thanks Stephen! See you soon.

  • Jay Cherun

    Great Tip!! All my Zinberg, Sand, Poggianti etc.. shirts have really cool cuffs and I always hide the detailing when I roll up the sleeves. I agree that the one flip roll looks awful, so this is a great way of doing it. Thanks!

    • reggie

      No prob Jay! Great selection of shirts, by the way.

  • Jay Cherun

    Thanks, got a few from you guys. Love the new store!

  • Roger

    I remember seeing this video when it first came out… but just found it again… and thank goodness for that… I couldn’t remember how the folding worked and spent 20min yesterday trying to re-invent it! Now I’ve found the video… I’ll be doing it (properly) tonight! Thanks!!

    • reggie

      Thanks again Roger, lets try to save you another 20 minutes next time 🙂 If there are any style tip requests you may have, I can see if Melissa can shoot another video of it.

  • zach

    First off. Thanks for this vid. Always wondered how to do this.

    Second, what’s the song playing in the background? Sounds sooo cool.

    • gotstyle

      @zach – Thanks, glad you found it useful! Off the top of my head I’m not sure (it’s been a while since I made this video), but let me dig through my archive of instrumentals and find out for ya.