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John Varvatos 2017 collection is now available at Gotstyle online and in store.

This collection is always known for their Rock and Roll and vintage vibe all in one. Although their models are skinny and young this is a brand coveted by average sized celebrities (John Legend, Wayne Gretzky, Nick Jonas) and by our 35+ big and tall guys the most.

Our Favourite Pieces are the Vintage Band Tee’s and this Military Patch Work Jacket.



This John Varvatos Camo Leopard Print hoodie is a close second.

camo leopard print


Learn how to rock the John Varvatos Collection by following Gotstyle on instagram @shopgotstyle or chat with a stylist.

New Arrivals 2017

We’ll be adding to this list on a regular basis so you can see what’s new at Gotstyle! Bookmark and check back often so you don’t miss anything. You can also visit our what’s new section online.

If you can’t find something online find us in livechat.

Hardy Amies

Hardy-Amies-Suit1 Hardy-Amies-Suit2 Hardy-Amies-Suit3

Shop Hardy Amies Online and In-store.


Haspel-New-Arrivals1 Haspel-New-Arrivals2 Haspel-New-Arrivals3 Haspel-New-Arrivals4

Ted Baker

Ted-Baker-Spring-1 Ted-Baker-Spring-2 Ted-Baker-Spring-3 Ted-Baker-Spring-4 Ted-Baker-Spring-5 Ted-Baker-Spring-6


Shop The Ted Baker Flyte Polo

Ted-Baker-Spring-8 Ted-Baker-Spring-9

Find Ted Baker online and in store.


An unconventionally chic way of dressing that draws inspiration from the world of denim and streetwear, enriched with vintage flair and bon-ton to create a contemporary and distinctive style, always elegantly balanced and trendy, is what defines INDIVIDUAL. The INDIVIDUAL collections offer a total look with classic and innovative garments to mix and match with freedom and personality, creating a wardrobe suitable for different settings and always hip.

Individual-Clothing-Brand1 Individual-Clothing-Brand2 Individual-Clothing-Brand3 Individual-Clothing-Brand4 Individual-Clothing-Brand5 Individual-Clothing-Brand6 Individual-Clothing-Brand7 Individual-Clothing-Brand8 Individual-Clothing-Brand9

Find Individual in store.

Gotstyle & NYFS

Gotstyle-Suits-1 Gotstyle-Suits-2 Gotstyle-Suits-3 Gotstyle-Suits-4 Gotstyle-Suits-5 Gotstyle-Suits-6 Gotstyle-Suits-7 Gotstyle-Suits-8 Gotstyle-Suits-9

Shop these Sportcoats & Blazers from Gotstyle NYFS brand in store

Olliver Grey

Designed with the modern man in mind. Olliver Grey is crafted for those who don’t mind being noticed. All blazers are Italian made with Italian fabrics.


Kollar Clothing

Featured on Complex Magazine this critically acclaimed Canadian brand is complete streetstyle goals. Shop the full collection online or in store. Most notably known for their distressed denim that and elongated layered tees that always sell out.

kollar clothing spring 2017

Without Prejudice

One of our best fitting UK brands.

  • Sizes 40-48
  • Prices start at $595


Shop these styles in store, find a store.

Cardinal of Canada

Montreal brand Cardinal of Canada defines quality with…

  • Italian fabrics
  • Hand sewn armhole
  • Half canvas construction
  • Sizes 40-46
  • Prices start at $595


Shop these styles in store, find a store.

Oscar of Sweden

Prices for Oscar of Sweden dress shirts start at $225. Shop this brand in store only.



Prices for Stenstroms dress shirts start at $225. Shop this brand in store only.


Blue Industry

Blue Industry is a Danish brand known for their shirts with a perfect fit. This means that as you size up, the fit of the body stays slim so you avoid looking boxy! This shirt will fit most body types but are an even bigger closet staple for guys with long arms and round bellies!

A Fish Named Fred

At A Fish Named Fred we are convinced life’s simply too short to be average. That is why we create colourful and original designs in order to stand out and impress. A Fish Named Fred is a fresh, sharp and quirky brand. No more averageness, be proud and stand out!

Barney Cools

Lobsters, pineapples and outlandish prints yell ‘Let’s party’ while the subtle yet luxury basics whisper sweet nothings in your ear. See the full Barney Cools collection here.

Nudie Jeans

Two new washes of Nudie Jeans in stock. Shop online or in store.

Nudie Jeans MD - Denim Nudie Jeans - Lean Dean Dry Slow Dark Denim - Gotstyle The Menswear Store

Nudie Lean Dean Dark Denim

Nudie Jeans MD - Denim Nudie Jeans - Grim Tim Hidden Blue Denim - Gotstyle The Menswear Store

Nudie Grim Tim Blue Denim


Everyones favourite jogger is back. We’ve restocked and added new colours for the blockshot, sureshot, sharpshot, and salerno. See the full Zanerobe collection here.


All of Odean’s shirts are made in Romania and are slim fit.

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Sand Copenhagen


SAND Dress Shirt $225


SAND Dress Shirt $225


SAND Dress Shirt $225


SAND Dress Shirt $225

Van Gils SS17

new arrivals 2017 van gils vest
Van Gils – Elov DB Solid Waistcoat $195

new arrivals 2017 van gils brown blazer
Van Gils – Ellis Solid Blazer $450

new arrivals 2017 van gils check blazer
Van Gils – Evor Multi-Check Blazer $650

new arrivals 2017 van gils ombre blazer
Van Gils – Estavan Ombre Blazer $695

new arrivals 2017 van gils jacket
Van Gils – Dirlon Lightweight Overcoat $495

Van Gils – Devon Patch Pocket Nylon Blazer $395

Van Gils – Evor Patch Pocket Jersey Blazer $595

Van Gils – Ellington Multi Print Shirt $185


Left: Van Gils – Extreme Pin Stripe LS Shirt $185 / Right: Van Gils – Denim Wash LS Shirt $165

Van Gils – Ellington Floral Print LS Shirt $235

Van Gils – Fortress Merino Wool Cardigan $225

newarrivals-vangils-12 newarrivals-vangils-13 newarrivals-vangils-14
Van Gils – Barlow Merino Wool-Blend Contrast V-Neck Sweater $145

Van Gils – Ellington Multi Print LS Shirt $185

Van Gils – Gallus Suede Leather Double Monk Strap Brogue Shoe $495

shawl collar sweaters feature image

The Shawl Collar Sweater Is Back.

If you want a quick, easy way to upgrade your old sweater routine try a shawl collar sweater. Shawl collar sweaters have been rocked by James Bond to Steve McQueen. They manage to always add a bit of sophistication whether you dress it up or dress it down. Next time you go out, trade your crew neck in for a shawl collar.

Celebrities In Shawl Collars

What you should remember:

Shawl collars are known to be flattering to stockier, heavy set physiques thanks to the rolled, rounded shape which frames the face. The long, curved lapels also help create a leaner, trimmer silhouette.

Our expert menswear stylists have put together four looks with their favorite shawl collar sweaters that are in store and online now.

Hover over the photos to see the details.


Pairing a turtleneck with a shawl collar cardigan is classy as f*ck.

Put a twist on it with a sleek bomber and ripped denim. This is a good outfit for hitting the bar with your friends, that first coffee date, or a casual brunch. Need a dressier option? Wear the same sweater/turtleneck combo with a blazer.


Shawl collar… collars, come in different sizes.

Smaller collars make layering easier. Try over a button down and under a blazer for a no brainer weekend outfit. Swap your jeans for chinos or trousers for a dinnertime look.


Chunkier knits have more character and just feel definitely cozier.

Thicker knits aren’t as easy to layer under, so don’t force it. Avoid looking bulky by wearing just the sweater and a t-shirt underneath. We’d recommend this look for casual office days or weekend brunch!


Thinner collar? Add a tie.

This is a good look for office casual, smart casual or business casual. The sweater has a thinner collar so it can be worn with a tie. This makes it a good alternative to wearing a blazer OR if you need to wear a blazer, you can do so without it getting bulky. The trousers have an elastic cuff making it a tad more relaxed and casual. If it’s not appropriate for your office, simply trade it in for a pair of chinos or dark denim.

31 Looks To Copy In October

September 28, 2016

Fall brings the feeling of new, but still finding inspiration every morning can be a task. Problem solved! Bookmark this page for one look every day set to inspire you.

Up date your wardrobe, adopt a new style, get some new pieces and kill it this October.

1. Get yourself a peacoat, put it over everything.


2. Fake a 3 Piece suit with a cardigan in a similar colour.


3. A big, bad, bold jacket.


4. Try flannel under your suit, with a knit tie to match.


5. Bold jacket, classic details.


6. Replace your blazer with a denim jacket.


7. Work a beanie in with your peacoat in the mornings for a mix of practical and fashionable.


8. Leave your tuxedo pants at home, steal Goldmember’s Chelsea boots.


9. Layer knits under a quilted short jacket.


10. Wear a shearling coat like you would your blazer.


11. Try a double breasted jacket.


12. Match your outerwear to your suit.

Weson Wells for Esquire Magazine; www.westonwells.com

Weson Wells for Esquire Magazine; www.westonwells.com

13. Pattern clash with a scarf.


14. Try short over long with a cropped jacket over your suit.

Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn Winter 2012

15. Get back to basics with blue and brown.


16. Tie your denim waist side for the added look of layers.


17. Let your suit do the talking with a crisp white spread collar.


18. Try out the “air tie” with a single double breasted jacket.


19. This is how you get away with denim on Fridays.


20. Invest in some good gloves, preferably touch screen.


21. Rollneck + charcoal grey suit.


22. Funky shearling (this is the year of the shearling, btw).


23. Bring green back to the red carpet.


24. Treat your double breasted jacket like you would your a casual jacket then add suede chelsea boots.

Kanye West leaving his apartment in the city Featuring: Kanye West Where: Manhattan, New York, United States When: 06 May 2014 Credit: TNYF/WENN.com

Credit: TNYF/WENN.com

25. A burnt orange peacoat and joggers will win us over every time.


26. Yes, the hoody is back but no we’re not about to drop 2k on one.


27. Expand your colour scheme and try some baby pink, mix with light denim or khaki green.


28. The Canadian tuxedo, but add an overcoat.
















29. Try a royal colour combo, for a major impact skip the collared shirt and do a rollneck.


30. Super swagged out look with monochrome layers and a trucker hat.  justin-bieber_glamour_15jan16_rex_b

31. This look is a perfect example of how to use lines to lengthen the body.



buckman slacks feature image

Buckson Slacks are the perfect pair for the modern man.

Buckson Slacks is my new favorite pant. Just off the first touch, I could tell that Buckson pays attention to quality. The slacks are proudly made in Canada (yeah eh), and the fabric is organic cotton made in Italy.

Quick side note, organic cotton is a telltale sign of a brand that cares. From pesticides and insecticides used on the plants, harvesting cotton can be extremely harmful to a cotton farm’s surrounding environment. Organic cotton is a more expensive option to make sure the cotton is sustainably made. When it comes to pants there’s a trifecta of quality, fit, and style that needs to be assessed. I love these pants because it hits all of these points.

I just talked about the quality so let’s talk fit. There are 3 major fits for the Buckson slacks; the classic buck, the hockey buck, and the skinny buck.

Buckman-Slacks-Black-2 Buckman-Slacks-Black-3

The Classic Buck: After trying on the classic I fell into jean love. The classic fit pant is slim all the way through with just a tad of lycra. From trying them on, I understood that they will make a great slack to break-in over time and keep on reserve as a closet staple. The fit is slim (not skinny) through and thigh and lower leg. This is the perfect standard slack.Whether you pair it with a graphic tee or a button-up with a blazer, it gets the job done.

Buckman-Slacks-22   Buckman-Slacks-28

The Hockey Buck: The hockey buck is the most comfortable of the three. There is more room through the waist. Your football players can spread out across the field a little bit more in this pant. The difference between the classic and the hockey is very subtle. There is more room in the waist but it still fits slim and maintains comfort.

Buckman-Slacks-33   Buckman-Slacks-14

The Skinny Buck:
As the name states the skinny buck is slimmer. The fit in the thigh remains the same but the knee to cuff tapering has less width than the other two fits. While trying them on I realized several small details in the jeans that all of them have. Buckson gives the selvedge denim detailing a twist with blue stitching instead of the traditional burgundy.

The styling goes along with the fabric and fit. The fabric selection is modern and minimal, hues stay toned down and not too vibrant which is accessible to guys like me. The fabric is super soft and the details are minimal yet present for those with a keen eye.

All in all, Buckson presents a great assortment of slacks for the modern man. The fit, quality, and style is for any man that’s got style.

new brands at gotstyle feature image

New brands have been added to our arsenal. We’ve made some trades, shuffled the team and added in some new players for the season.

Here are some of the great new brands you can discover at Gotstyle.

new brands weekend offender2

Printed Polo $95

Weekend Offender

Country: Britain, UK
Playing Since: 2004
Position: Everyday casual for hard partying blokes
Body type: Medium to athletic build
Known for:
– Celebration of UK youth culture
– No nonsense functional clothing with a twist (like the jacket that comes with a hidden toothbrush)
– Started in a small Welsh town, now with flagship stores in London

new brands haspel

Seersucker Suit $795, Flamingo Shirt $250, Deadringers Pin $20, Seaward & Stern Pocket Square $75


Country: New Orleans, USA,
Playing since: 1909
Position: Elegantly dressed summer outings and vacation abroad
Body type: Medium to big build
Known for:
– Invented the cotton seersucker suit
– Fun embroidered short sleeve shirts with flamingos, hula girls or palm trees on them
– Haspel has been worn by Gary Grant, Gregory Peck and every president since Coolidge.

new brands circolo

Plaid Sport Coat $698, Textured Sweater $265


Country: Italy
Playing Since:
In the minor leagues for 30 years developing fabrics and textiles for other top brands, joined the majors under his own label 3 years ago
Position: Luxury casual wear
Body type: Med to bigger build
Known for:
– Dyed and printed fleece made into soft unconstructed blazers
– Super soft, worn in fabrics that you want to live in
– Fabrics are woven and made in Italy
– Essentials for everyday life

New brands gotstyle italia

Gotstyle Italia Suit $795


Gotstyle Italia

Country: Italy
Playing Since: Rookie year
Position: Smart suits
Body type: Medium to athletic build
Known for:
– Made in Italy
– Using Barbers fabrics (one of the oldest fabrics mills in the world, making the best fabrics in the world)
– Half canvas construction
– Fits hockey thighs!