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Tonic Blooms is a Toronto florist we really like. We polled the office and while many of us “don’t want anything” for valentines day, we still expect something. Human Nature, am-i-right? BUT wait. Don’t rush to your local grocery store for 12 dozen roses and a plush teddy bear just yet. Those grab and go floral arrangements look… [Read More]

1. Dress shoes are an investment, protect them with a pair of Galoshes. 2. A lightweight bomber has become a staple in every man’s closet. 3. Get a G-Lab for the times you’re fighting the elements. Wind, rain or snow, it’s got your back. 4. A unique and very versatile piece. 5. Yes, distressed denim is still… [Read More]

We’re pretty into leather jackets right now. They  can be thrown over anything They instantly make your t-shirt and jeans outfit look bad-ass. A great one lasts forever. The downside? Leather jackets cost almost a month’s rent. BUT buying the right leather can last for over 10 years. Remember that a more classic moto style… [Read More]

10 items you need

  1. Because nothing says Toronto more than a praying raccoon and the number 6. 2. The perfect casual transitional jacket. 3. What’s better than a classic brogue shoe? A classic brogue boot. 4. Upgrade your casual crew neck sweater. 5. The most motivating t-shirt you’ll ever own. 6. The backpack that will fit everything you need… [Read More]

graphic tees that speak for you

Graphic Tees That Speak for You

September 14, 2016

Graphic tees have had a bit of a bad rep with cheesy slogans and overly loud branding. Luckily they’ve been rescued and revived with cheeky remarks and badass images. We like graphic tees that speak for you before you even open your mouth and support brands or cultures that we appreciate. Burning Tees Collaboration Graffiti,… [Read More]

queens plate outfits

The Queen’s Plate is the longest continuously run stakes race in North America. The races have attracted A-list celebrities & government officials from across the globe not to mention all levels of the monarchy including the Queen. Going to the races has always been about making a scene which is why dressing appropriately is so important. There… [Read More]