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Footprints to 6ixess 6ixess Academy x Sully Wong Launch the Wolf Sneaker CTA’s, 6ixess Academy have partnered up with Canadian business and fashion leaders for the ultimate collaboration. The Wolf Sneaker – conceptualized by the students, is brought to life by Sully Wong. Students at the Central Toronto Academy have been hard at work with… [Read More]

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If you don’t know about Baldessarini, it’s time to get familiar. The luxury menswear line hails from Germany and is named after its creator Werner Baldessarini. The fall/winter collection explores the nature, local people, and traditions of Germany. It’s an exciting mix of nomadic roots and the modern gentleman today. We see a lot of… [Read More]

One of the most sentimental things a man can own is a watch. A quality watch can last decades. Hamilton watches first started to make watches for the American railroad in 1892 so that the trains would start arriving on time. They were also asked to create watches for the very first American airmail postal service… [Read More]″>Dem

Long shirts and Justin Bieber, you’ve been warned. Until recently, I couldn’t even get my boyfriend to listen to Justin Bieber. But since the release of his Purpose album, he like so many others caught the “Bieber Fever.” Dressing like him, well that’s what I’m working on next. Did you know some websites track everything this guy wears?… [Read More]

Hardy Amies

Hardy Amies The house of Hardy Amies opened in 1945 on Savile Row which is located between Bond St. and Regent St. in Mayfair, London. The row, as it is commonly known, is famous for producing the highest quality tailoring since 1730. These tailors have a history of distinguished clientele- hand making suits for the royal family and celebrities… [Read More]


For the inaugural issue of the Gotstyle MAN and in celebration of our 10 year anniversary our founder Melissa Austria goes back in time to recall the varying moments when she met and fell in love with the 10 of her favourite Canadian menswear brands. Here they are (in no particular order). – VITALY –… [Read More]