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New Arrivals 2017

We’ll be adding to this list on a regular basis so you can see what’s new at Gotstyle! Bookmark and check back often so you don’t miss anything. You can also visit our what’s new section online.

If you can’t find something online find us in livechat.

Hardy Amies

Hardy-Amies-Suit1 Hardy-Amies-Suit2 Hardy-Amies-Suit3

Shop Hardy Amies Online and In-store.


Haspel-New-Arrivals1 Haspel-New-Arrivals2 Haspel-New-Arrivals3 Haspel-New-Arrivals4

Ted Baker

Ted-Baker-Spring-1 Ted-Baker-Spring-2 Ted-Baker-Spring-3 Ted-Baker-Spring-4 Ted-Baker-Spring-5 Ted-Baker-Spring-6


Shop The Ted Baker Flyte Polo

Ted-Baker-Spring-8 Ted-Baker-Spring-9

Find Ted Baker online and in store.


An unconventionally chic way of dressing that draws inspiration from the world of denim and streetwear, enriched with vintage flair and bon-ton to create a contemporary and distinctive style, always elegantly balanced and trendy, is what defines INDIVIDUAL. The INDIVIDUAL collections offer a total look with classic and innovative garments to mix and match with freedom and personality, creating a wardrobe suitable for different settings and always hip.

Individual-Clothing-Brand1 Individual-Clothing-Brand2 Individual-Clothing-Brand3 Individual-Clothing-Brand4 Individual-Clothing-Brand5 Individual-Clothing-Brand6 Individual-Clothing-Brand7 Individual-Clothing-Brand8 Individual-Clothing-Brand9

Find Individual in store.

Gotstyle & NYFS

Gotstyle-Suits-1 Gotstyle-Suits-2 Gotstyle-Suits-3 Gotstyle-Suits-4 Gotstyle-Suits-5 Gotstyle-Suits-6 Gotstyle-Suits-7 Gotstyle-Suits-8 Gotstyle-Suits-9

Shop these Sportcoats & Blazers from Gotstyle NYFS brand in store

Olliver Grey

Designed with the modern man in mind. Olliver Grey is crafted for those who don’t mind being noticed. All blazers are Italian made with Italian fabrics.


Kollar Clothing

Featured on Complex Magazine this critically acclaimed Canadian brand is complete streetstyle goals. Shop the full collection online or in store. Most notably known for their distressed denim that and elongated layered tees that always sell out.

kollar clothing spring 2017

Without Prejudice

One of our best fitting UK brands.

  • Sizes 40-48
  • Prices start at $595


Shop these styles in store, find a store.

Cardinal of Canada

Montreal brand Cardinal of Canada defines quality with…

  • Italian fabrics
  • Hand sewn armhole
  • Half canvas construction
  • Sizes 40-46
  • Prices start at $595


Shop these styles in store, find a store.

Oscar of Sweden

Prices for Oscar of Sweden dress shirts start at $225. Shop this brand in store only.



Prices for Stenstroms dress shirts start at $225. Shop this brand in store only.


Blue Industry

Blue Industry is a Danish brand known for their shirts with a perfect fit. This means that as you size up, the fit of the body stays slim so you avoid looking boxy! This shirt will fit most body types but are an even bigger closet staple for guys with long arms and round bellies!

A Fish Named Fred

At A Fish Named Fred we are convinced life’s simply too short to be average. That is why we create colourful and original designs in order to stand out and impress. A Fish Named Fred is a fresh, sharp and quirky brand. No more averageness, be proud and stand out!

Barney Cools

Lobsters, pineapples and outlandish prints yell ‘Let’s party’ while the subtle yet luxury basics whisper sweet nothings in your ear. See the full Barney Cools collection here.

Nudie Jeans

Two new washes of Nudie Jeans in stock. Shop online or in store.

Nudie Jeans MD - Denim Nudie Jeans - Lean Dean Dry Slow Dark Denim - Gotstyle The Menswear Store

Nudie Lean Dean Dark Denim

Nudie Jeans MD - Denim Nudie Jeans - Grim Tim Hidden Blue Denim - Gotstyle The Menswear Store

Nudie Grim Tim Blue Denim


Everyones favourite jogger is back. We’ve restocked and added new colours for the blockshot, sureshot, sharpshot, and salerno. See the full Zanerobe collection here.


All of Odean’s shirts are made in Romania and are slim fit.

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Ordean Dress Shirt $195

Sand Copenhagen


SAND Dress Shirt $225


SAND Dress Shirt $225


SAND Dress Shirt $225


SAND Dress Shirt $225

Van Gils SS17

new arrivals 2017 van gils vest
Van Gils – Elov DB Solid Waistcoat $195

new arrivals 2017 van gils brown blazer
Van Gils – Ellis Solid Blazer $450

new arrivals 2017 van gils check blazer
Van Gils – Evor Multi-Check Blazer $650

new arrivals 2017 van gils ombre blazer
Van Gils – Estavan Ombre Blazer $695

new arrivals 2017 van gils jacket
Van Gils – Dirlon Lightweight Overcoat $495

Van Gils – Devon Patch Pocket Nylon Blazer $395

Van Gils – Evor Patch Pocket Jersey Blazer $595

Van Gils – Ellington Multi Print Shirt $185


Left: Van Gils – Extreme Pin Stripe LS Shirt $185 / Right: Van Gils – Denim Wash LS Shirt $165

Van Gils – Ellington Floral Print LS Shirt $235

Van Gils – Fortress Merino Wool Cardigan $225

newarrivals-vangils-12 newarrivals-vangils-13 newarrivals-vangils-14
Van Gils – Barlow Merino Wool-Blend Contrast V-Neck Sweater $145

Van Gils – Ellington Multi Print LS Shirt $185

Van Gils – Gallus Suede Leather Double Monk Strap Brogue Shoe $495

One of the most sentimental things a man can own is a watch. A quality watch can last decades.

Hamilton watches first started to make watches for the American railroad in 1892 so that the trains would start arriving on time.

They were also asked to create watches for the very first American airmail postal service and in 1942, they stopped all consumer production to create watches for the army as part of their uniform. They produced a total of one million timepieces. This started their relationship with the army and their “Khaki Collection”. To add to their list of firsts, they created the first electric watch and LED digital watch.

first article of digital watch hamilton watches

An article featuring the first digital watch

Elvis Presley wore Hamilton watches’ Venture style in the film Blue Hawaii in 1961. Since then, they have provided watches for Hollywood movies such as Lethal Weapon 4, Fight Club, Independence Day, Men in Black, and more.

American Spirit. Swiss Precision. 

Not only does Hamilton have a great history, the watches are expertly made in Switzerland. They are constantly upgrading and on the leading front of innovation. Watches come in two movements, quartz and automatic. Quartz means that it is battery powered, and needs replacing when it runs out. Automatic watches power themselves by winding up with every wrist movement.

Every watch has a two-year international warranty so it can be repaired anywhere in the world. Straps can be purchased separately and every watch’s strap is interchangeable. The watch face is made out of sapphire crystal which is so scratch-resistant that only a diamond can scruff it up.

guy with tattoos short sleeve shirt

Short Sleeve Shirt Trend

July 12, 2016

Summer 2016’s Short Sleeve Shirt Trend is simple, easy, and versatile.

We’re going to show you four different ways to wear the same shirt. The best part? The short sleeve shirt trend works for every body type!

Realistically the short sleeve shirt is not so much a trend as it is a summer essential. Why? You need shirts that are easy to wear, and that go with anything. Avoid the basic dude t-shirt and shorts uniform! Last week we talked about The Hawaiian Shirt. This week we put the spotlight on another revived classic, The Short Sleeve shirt.

Melissa Austria (Founder & Buyer) picked out one of her favorite short sleeve shirts. This one is The Malibu shirt from Tiger of Sweden.

Here’s why we love it.

  • It comes in neutral colours: white, navy and black, making it easy to style.
  • It’s lightweight and has stretch to it. (Lightweight + Stretch = Comfortable.)
  • It fits most guys. Yes, it’s one of our slim brands, but because of the stretch, big guys can wear this shirt too!
  • It’s so versatile. It can be dressed up or down for almost any occasion.

Check out how our team styled the Malibu shirt from Tiger of Sweden.

Black short sleeve shirt with black denim Matt is wearing the Malibu Short Sleeve Shirt by Tiger of Sweden $139, Nick Slim Straight Denim by $218, Classic Low-Top Leather Sneaker by Garment Project $257 and watch by Nixon

White short sleeve shirt with suit Graham is wearing the Malibu Short Sleeve Shirt by Tiger of Sweden $139, Super 130s Window Pane Notch Lapel Suit by Gotstyle $895, Linen Pocket Square by Armstrong & Wilson $65, sunglass by Spitfire $80

Tiger short sleeve shirt worn by Max
Max is wearing the Malibu Short Sleeve Shirt by Tiger of Sweden $139, Axel Slim Trouser with White Dot Twill by Moods Of Norway $299, Multi Stretch Woven Belt by Anderson’s  $190, Classic Low-Top Suede Sneaker by Garment Project $257

tiger-short-sleeve-shirt-neale Neale is wearing the Malibu Short Sleeve Shirt by Tiger of Sweden $139, Seersucker Pant by Individual $185, Multi Cotton Stretch Belt by Anderson’s $175, Tie by Common Folk $110, Tie Bar by Gentlemen of the North $30, Leather Loafers by Ted Baker $220, Hat by Van Gils $115


ofSky Design Feature Image

Get Your Hands On Some ofSky Design

You know how the saying goes: the devil is in the details. Adding accessories gives your outfit character. Many men feel like wearing jewellery is too feminine. On the contrary accessories up your perception of taste.

New to Gotstyle is ofSky Design.

Each piece is handcrafted in Toronto.  One of our favourites is the triple wrap gunmetal-plated bracelet. It has a magnetic clasp. It is a flexible go-to bracelet for any occasion. For a more luxe look, try the hand-braided leather bracelet which has a badass snake clasp. The selection is available for purchase in stores.



If you’ve been paying attention, the city of Toronto is definitely on a new wave. With the likes of Justin Bieber, Drake, the Blue Jays and most importantly to note the Raptors. After their game 7 win against the Pacers, they’ve advanced into round 2 of the series. It’s been almost FIFTEEN years since they’ve reached this far in the playoffs. This is an achievement that any fellow Torontonian, Raptors’ fan or not, feels proud of. The second round against the Miami Heats has everyone on the edge of their seats.


In support of the Raptors, Peace Collective has created a limited edition Toronto Vs. Everybody tee in white and purple. It’s a great way to show off your love for the Raptors and support a local Toronto brand. Peace Collective has established an iconic platform among Canadians and continues to raise awareness to the community in many different ways. Get yours today in store and online.

Shop Peace Collective

Peace Collective raptors tee

465-peace-collective-navy-torontovseverybody 465-peace-collective-black-tee

Neuw Denim

In the modern day, denim is not just an article of clothing in our closets. A pair of denim grows with us, moulds to us and experiences life with us. With that, we want to give you the best partner for your adventures. We would like to introduce you to Neuw Denim, an Australian brand that really embodies the denim culture. Owners Par Lundqvist, Richard Bell and Stephen Little share a strong passion for producing the best of the best. There’s a focus on every detail, from fabrication, fit to the finish.

As always, everything in store is curated with the Gotstyle Man in mind. From the brand, we selected two fits: the Iggy Skinny and Lou Slim. Both appropriately named after rock ‘n’ roll legends- a big influence on denim culture as a whole.

The Lou Slim fit has a regular rise with a slim fit and straight leg. The bottom opening is 12″ with an inseam of 34″. This style is inspired by the jeans worn by Lou Reed while recording Velvet Undergound’s debut album.

The Iggy Skinny fit has a regular rise and as the name suggests, a trim fit. The bottom opening is 6” with an inseam of 32”. This style is inspired by the jean worn by Iggy Pop on the cover of his 1977’s album “The Idiot” and the punk rock movement.