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For the inaugural issue of the Gotstyle MAN and in celebration of our 10 year anniversary our founder Melissa Austria goes back in time to recall the varying moments when she met and fell in love with the 10 of her favourite Canadian menswear brands. Here they are (in no particular order).



When I first saw Vitaly jewelry in 2011, I immediately loved it. But I knew it was too fast for my guys. They were just getting into jewelry and a double ring would be too much for them. Fast forward two years and the men of Toronto have caught up to Shane and Jason. Their jewelry is edgy, masculine and well priced making it easy for the accessory newbie to get initiated.


When Dave came onto the menswear scene colourful socks were in their early stages of popularity and I was looking for another great colourful accessory line to add to our mix. I picked up other coloured laces, but the quality wasn’t up to snuff. Then I heard the story of Stolen Riches. They have been in the local industry for generations and got their start lacing our WW1 soldiers. I was also amazed at how Dave saved his family’s business from the brink of closing by revamping with coloured laces. I knew this would be a winner.


George Sully walked into our King Street store over 8 years ago selling his t-shirt line. But, he kept talking about a sneaker collection he was developing with his business partner Henry Wong. I’m no sneaker head, but I loved the clean aesthetics of their shoes and how passionate Sully was. We were one of the first stores to carry them and he’s still as passionate about them as he ever was.



Matteo’s collection was always tightly designed with great fabrics. I dabbled with the line for a few seasons unsure if it was the right look for us. Then I realized that he had one of the best fits in shirts and a great eye for fabrics that get better the more you wash them. Our once dabbles turned into an obsession for his entire collection that extended to pants and outerwear.



I was out at a charity event and saw this well dressed guy. When I took another look, I noticed his pocket square and that it was made of wood! I immediately approached him wanting to know where he had bought it. To my delight, Ayman said it was from his own company that he had started with his equally dapper business partner, Michael. They were always complaining that their pocket squares kept falling down when they were out, so they wanted to design a product that would always give a crisp pocket square look. The fact that it’s made out of wood also makes it very Canadian.


After many trips to Europe, I searched for many seasons to find the right portfolio briefcases. I soon found out that Ken was making exactly what I was looking for, and in our very own backyard. With design stints at Marc Jacobs and Robert Kellar and coming from FIT New York, these utilitarian, masculine, yet streamlined, portfolio cases really showcase Ken’s great design pedigree.



I found Half Wits when I was walking through the Agenda trade show in New York, which isn’t really my style since it’s more of a street style/urban show. I think it’s always good to look outside of where I would normally buy to get inspired. There I was walking through the aisles pretty quickly when a henley with a floral patterned cuff caught my eye. Upon closer inspection, I immediately noticed the designed in Canada stamp on the inside collar. If I’m going to bring in well priced, young and fun collections, I would rather buy them from Jesse, James and Mark who fit the bill perfectly.



David got started by sewing and designing his own clothes at an early age. I’ve always liked the pieces he was doing, but thought they were still too fast for our customers. When street brands like Zanerobe started selling out in store, I knew it was time to give Kollar Clothing a serious look. Their styles are on trend and comfortable with an edgy aesthetic. And, of course, I love the sweet spot price for my younger guys.


When the Monte and Coe boys (Ron, Andrew and Matt) walked into the Bathurst store in 2013, I was immediately struck by how well dressed they all were and by the fact that they were all carrying these cool duffle bags. I found out they were made in Canada with great fabric combinations and leather details, so we placed an order on the spot. And what do you know, our first delivery completely sold out. It’s the perfect bag for the man about town.

– LOFT 604 –

Willy first came into our King West store over 5 years ago; I loved his story. He had worked for some bigger design labels but wanted to build a brand that was closer to his design aesthetic – effortless, easy and stylish. I was sold on his chunky shawl collar sweaters with awesome horn buttons and rich cabled cardigans. He was also the first guy to offer luxe loungewear years before it was trendy.


Melissa, founder of Gotstyle prides her self on scouring the world for the best of the best to keep her clients happy. She carefully listens to their concerns and then delves deep into the market to find brands that will meet their needs.

Every season she does an audit on the brands that worked and those that didn’t and with that knowledge she brings in new brands to help strengthen our roster. This season is no different, For Spring 2015 we’re excited to announce the arrival of 6 incredible new brands that you’re going to love. From top tier world renowned heritage brands like Haspel and Kent & Curwen to home-grown talents like Krane and Kollar, these brands truly highlight the diversity of our portfolio and our commitment to always bringing you the best.

Get-To-Know-Haspel Founded in New Orleans in 1909, Haspel is the originator of the Seersucker suit and the official brand for former US presidents since Calvin Coolidge. Still owned by the Haspel family, the brand today has built on it’s iconic tradition in Summer Suits and expanded it’s roots in menswear to accessories and new products.

Haspel Rampart SS Embroidered Pattern Shirt (Blue, green, white): $195 Haspel Acacia Knit Cardigan: $395

Haspel Rampart SS Embroidered Pattern Shirt (Blue, green, white): $195 Haspel Acacia Knit Cardigan: $395


A true home-grown talent, Toronto native, Kollar Clothing, offers that coveted street-style aesthetic matched with a sophisticated edge. Each piece is made for the bold individual, to create a unique garment with details only a good eye can catch. Working with geometric shapes in unorthodox ways Kollar’s appeal truly lies within its simplicity. Simple rules and a basic set of folding maneuvers which lies in precision and discipline.

Kollar collections are proudly designed here in Toronto.

Kollar Clothing Block SS Button Shirt: $68 Kollar Clothing Block T-Shirt, Zip Back Detail (Red): $55 Kollar Clothing Block T-Shirt with Chest Pocket (Green): $55 Kollar Clothing Block SS Button Shirt (Blue): $68 Kollar Clothing Shorts w/ Drawstring (Brown): $80

Kollar Clothing Block SS Button Shirt: $68
Kollar Clothing Block T-Shirt, Zip Back Detail (Red): $55
Kollar Clothing Block T-Shirt with Chest Pocket (Green): $55
Kollar Clothing Block SS Button Shirt (Blue): $68
Kollar Clothing Shorts w/ Drawstring (Brown): $80

Get-To-Know-kent-and-curwen Since 1926, Kent & Curwen has been renowned for producing gentleman’s attire that combines sophisticated fabrics and impeccable tailoring with a modern twist. As a true heritage brand their pedigree expands a vast history. They are the official supplier of the rowing strip for the Oxford University Boat Club Crew, apparel sponsor for the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, official Olympics uniform sponsor, and sponsor of major golf tournaments worldwide. They are also responsible for introducing the iconic cricket sweater — the traditional sweater in white or cream with its distinctive striped v-neck set a global trend, and was adopted by film stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood such as Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Laurence Olivier, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., and C Aubrey Smith, who were members of the famous “Hollywood Cricket Club”.

Kent and Curwen Short Trench Cotton Jacket: $695 Kent and Curwen Engineered Rib Cardigan: $325 Kent and Curwen Reversible Print Bomber Jacket: $595 Kent and Curwen Poplin LS Shirt: $225

Kent and Curwen Short Trench Cotton Jacket: $695
Kent and Curwen Engineered Rib Cardigan: $325
Kent and Curwen Reversible Print Bomber Jacket: $595
Kent and Curwen Poplin LS Shirt: $225


Krane is a remembrance of vintage uniforms with an ode to modern industrial design. Old-school leather techniques meet a new-school design attitude in pursuit of innovative garments and accessories. Graphic details evolve and transform classic silhouettes in making bold statements that acknowledge the thoughts and aspirations of today’s contemporary male.

Krane products are completely made in Canada. The Krane Man and Krane Bag lines are manufactured in factories in Toronto, with the hand-work done in house.


Krane KASS Portfolio with Flap Close: $265


Krane TYNE Leather Zip Pouch: $175


Make It Simple But Significant. At Nigel Hall our passion has always been to create a line of modern menswear that uses the best in design, luxury fabrics and expert manufacturing.


Nigel Hall Cotton Flat Front Tapered Trouser (Navy, Tan): $185


Paving the way for menswear in this country, we’re proud to announce that we’re the first retailer in Canada to carry the exclusive limited edition Dickie bow tie. These made in Canada, handmade bow ties are not for the faint at heart, but rather for that discerning gentlemen looking to express his individuality and creativity through his wardrobe.

Who is The Dickie Shoppe?

Here’s Christopher Louis Philippe Chapheau founder/owner of The Dickie Shoppe explaining the birth of his company in his own words:

“My youth was highly influenced and guided by my French born, restaurateur father.  A man who was always immaculately dressed, and who had an undeniable impact on my desire to enter the world of men’s fashion.

Post-university life on the west coast didn’t satisfy my itch to be immersed in the high paced culture and fashion forward lifestyle Toronto provided so it wasn’t before long that my bags were packed and a one way ticket to Toronto was purchased. I arrived with no job, and nowhere to live, only knowing that this was the city where I wanted to leave my mark.  After three years and multiple jobs in the corporate life I knew it was time to take the leap and pursue my passions.

Thus, The Dickie Shoppe was born. Having no formal fashion education myself I teamed up with my close and highly talented seamstress friend, Vicky Bignell.  Having extensive training from the Coco Fashion Design Institute, she would help to bring our bow ties to life.”

The Products:

Each bow tie is hand crafted and limited edition (a few hundred being manufactured of each design at most).  Both Christopher & Vicky utilize a lot of antique fabrics that they source from around Toronto and the surrounding areas meaning each design is part of a unique and close knit family. Here’s a catalogue of all the styles we’ll be carrying at Gotstyle, with a mini descriptions explaining how each one is unique.

Photography by: Lane Dorsey 


“The professor”: $120

  • Beautiful brown tweed fabric
  • Pre-tied in a traditional double bow design
  • Thick gauge copper chain accent
  • Hand made locally  here in Toronto


“The woodpecker” (all brown): $150

  • Pheasant feathered bow tie
  • Sleek satin double bow backing
  • Pre-tied
  • Hand made locally here in Toronto


“The Peacock” (all brown, white accent): $150

  • Pheasant feathered bow tie with white woodpecker feather accents
  • Sleek satin double bow backing
  • Pre-tied
  • Hand made locally here in Toronto


“The J.W.”: $100

  • Double sided burlap bow tie with antique western patterned fabric
  • Extremely limited quantities due to the antique fabric sourced
  • Pre- tied in a traditional double bow design
  • Hand made locally here in Toronto


“The Victoria”: $100

  • Antique blue floral fabric
  • Pre-tied in a modern triple bow design
  • Extremely limited quantities due to antique fabric sourced
  • Hand made locally here in Toronto
AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery
ITem Of The Week

Inspired by ‘70s style active wear, Champion’s reimagined (with a little help from Todd Snyder) line is classic athleticism made modern. The brand’s slick pocket sweatshirt is a surefire hit. Supremely soft cotton, side gussets for comfort and raglan detail work the sporty trend- pair with rolled chinos and kicks for a completely current look.

New Arrivals

Last year during our SS ’14 buying trip we came across a great young Toronto brand called Outclass. Founded by designer Matteo Sgaramella, Outclass is a Made In Canada brand that focuses on creating contemporary pieces that are durable, polished and crafted to stand the test of time. With classic

As a Canadian business that always looks to support great local brands and businesses we’re really excited to announce that we’re officially carrying Outclass this SS ’14. Here’s a little taste of what we’ve got new this spring.


AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery
New Arrivals

Hook and Furl is a Made in Canada brand that produces unique hand-made lapel pins designed to enhance your look with an extra flash of colour, a hint of whimsy, and a lot of charm and sophistication. When Mark designed the first prototypes for his own use, his goal was to create something that simply added that finishing touch to his outfit. In doing so he inadvertently, as most great startup developed a product that offers a great alternative to the traditional lapel pin we’re so used to seeing.

Hook and Furl pins are all hand-made and fashioned with a wide range of colourful feathers, a wooden button, and bright threads making each piece unique and different form the last. With a price point of only $45/each they are extremely affordable and make for a great holiday stocking stuffer for any discerning gentlemen on your list.


AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery