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When it comes to airport style, it’s easy to tell apart the novices from the pros who know how to travel right.

Don’t be that guy with the terrible airport style. You know the one… wearing a t-shirt from the last location he visited tucked into jean shorts. With high socks and sneakers that should’ve been left in 1997. A rolling suitcase that could double as a coffee table. You’re better than that.

Airport style is surprisingly easy. The key to success? Focus on clean, comfortable, and versatile fits. Let’s check out some well-executed travel looks and break down how to do airport style right.

David Beckham


A seasoned travel vet, Beckham nails this functional & comfortable airport look. Notice how he skips the large baggage for a knapsack and duffle — both easy to carry-on and a huge time saver when you land. A comfy crewneck sweater works well with his slim denim. He tops off the look with the smartest move of all: chelsea boots that slide on and off with ease. Shoelaces and airport security do not mix.

Shop the Look

Vitaly – Classic Crew Sweater with Ribbing ($99)

vitaly tan crewneck sweater

Gotstyle – Sleek Chelsea Leather Boot ($295)

chelsea boot gotstyle black

Idris Elba

idris elba

Comfortable? Versatile? Check and check. Elba keeps his baggage light with a simple backpack. A Henley and light wash denim makes for a clean, masculine airport style that takes all of 0.2 seconds to put together. Don’t overthink it — this is perfect.

Shop the Look

PYA – White Long Sleeve Henley ($95)

Nudie Jeans – Lean Dean Indigo Spirit Denim ($239)

Lean Dean Indigo Spirit

Rains – MSN Backpack ($110)

Ryan Reynolds

ryan reynolds airport style

Sensing a trend here? Reynolds skips the suitcase in favor of a carry-on duffle. The Canadian keeps his outfit minimal: well-cut chinos and a v-neck sweater. Comfortable for a long flight and fresh enough to confidently step out afterward.

Shop the Look

Monte & Coe – Wool Felt Duffle Bag with Leather Trim ($489)

monte and coe duffle bag

John Varvatos – Knit V-Neck Sweater ($125 – on sale)

Aziz Ansari

aziz ansari airport style

We’ll give Aziz a pass on the big suitcase (his flight was transatlantic). On his way back from Italy, Ansari kills this classy/casual airport look. Loafers and lightweight chinos embody sharp Italian style while remaining comfortable and functional for a long flight. A simple t-shirt and low-key accessories add some polish. This look works for literally any guy.

Shop the Look

Clae – Navy Winston Loafer ($150)

Blue Industry – Beige Cotton Chino ($155)

Got any airport style questions? Let us know in the comments below!

Our list of the best celebrity style over 40.

These guys are proof that being 40+ doesn’t mean you can’t have great style! Here are their secrets to looking stylish after 40.

Patrick Dempsey – Age 51


Stick to what you know, you can tell that a great pair of pants and a great pair of boots is key for Patrick’s look.  Try the: Buckson Slacks and this Geox Chelsea Boot.

Buckman Slacks MS - Bottoms - Chinos Buckson Slacks - Skinny Buck - Gotstyle The Menswear Store Geox MF - Casual Shoes Geox - Brayden Waterproof Leather Chelsea Boot - Gotstyle The Menswear Store

Daniel Craig – 48 daniel-craig-most-stylish-men-over-40-5

Daniel Craig is a classic man. He works essential menswear pieces, like the brown shoe and true blue denim into his look for clean and easy outfits.

For more on essential menswear pieces watch this video.

Toe Cap Derby Leather Dress Shoe - gotstylemenswear - 2

Robert Downey JR – 51


Robert Downey has fun and that’s what we love about him. For his look try incorporating one punchy item. It shows you’re confident, and at 51 you better be.

Ryan Reynolds – 40


Ryan is definitely not a suit and tie guy, he wears jeans and is almost always wearing a great outerwear piece.

If you’re a t-shirt guy, invest in jackets to pull everything together. For Ryan approved denim try the Lean Dean by Nudie.

Nudie Jeans MD - Denim Nudie Jeans - Lean Dean Dry Slow Dark Denim - Gotstyle The Menswear StoreJohn Varvatos - Hattan Low Top Sneaker - gotstylemenswear - 1

Sting – 65 years


After 50+ years you’ve developed your signature style. Sting, a clear lover of silver, knits, tight jeans and skinny scarves.

Try This: If you like Sting’s style try brands like John Varvatos. The brand is worn by almost every artist from your youth, with tight– but not ball-crushingly tight, jeans.

John Varvatos - Bowery 4 Way Stretch Denim - gotstylemenswear - 1John Varvatos - Admirals Jacket - gotstylemenswear - 2

Idris Elba – 44


If you’re the kind of guy who has always loved fashion you don’t have to lose it because you’re getting older. The secret is to stay in great shape, invest in quality fashion pieces. You’ve gotta avoid fast fashion like Zara altogether.

We like Hardy Amies for luxe overcoats and Paradigma for funky, well made shoes.

Brogue Derby Suede Dress Shoe - gotstylemenswear - 1Hybrid Suede/Leather Brogues - gotstylemenswear - 1

Who do you think has best celebrity style over 40? Did we miss anyone? Follow @shopgotstyle on Instagram for daily style inspiration.

how to dress for the holidays feature image

5 Men’s Holiday Style Looks

November 29, 2016

5 Men’s Holiday Style looks borrowed from celebrities Donald Glover, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Will Smith and Nick Jonas

Consider the holiday season your time to literally shine. Say yes to metallic dinner jackets, bold AF lapels (if you’re not scarred from the 80’s) and make a statement damn it!

This week we took a look at our favourite red carpet celebrity style moves and re-created them with pieces we’ve got in store.

Donald Glover – Entertainment One Party

Pairing black and navy is no longer unacceptable which makes it a style TKO. If you want this to work you need a smoking slipper. Any dress shoe would destroy the casual element to this look. 

how to dress for the holidays look 1

Tom Hardy – TIFF Red Carpet

This look is classic in nature but it’s the accessories that say “Don’t f*ck with me.” What else would you expect from Mr. Hardy? Go light on the shirt and reeeally add contrast with the accessories. Finishing with a black chelsea boot is non-negotiable.

how to dress for the holidays look 2


NYFS – Plaid Check Vest $250
NYFS – Plaid Check Suit $989
Available in store


Nick Jonas – MVAs

So you’re not really into blazers? Do a bomber jacket instead. You have to tuck in your shirt. If the pleat scares you, opt for a classic fitting style instead of your trim dress pants.

how to dress for the holidays look 3


Inimigo – Reversible Camo Jacket $295
Available in store

Idris Elba

So simple. This is such a boys night out look. Velvet smoking jacket and wide as the smile on her face lapels make sure you’re the star of the night. Pair with an equally stylish friend and own the night.

how to dress for the holidays look 4


NYFS – Tuxedo Jacket w Contrast Peak Lapel $725
Available in store

Will Smith – Movie Red Carpet

The party suit. It’s bold, it’s check, and sometimes it’s got the vest to match. Tip: If you find a suit that doesn’t have a matching vest put a cardigan of similar colour underneath. And if you’re a frequent reader you already know not to put a dress shirt underneath your suit.

how to dress for the holidays look 5


Gotstyle – Contrast Windowpane Suit (on sale) $696.50
Available in store


Hardy Amies – Wool/Cashmere Knit Turtleneck Sweater $685
Available in store

Shop online or in store!

31 Looks To Copy In October

September 28, 2016

Fall brings the feeling of new, but still finding inspiration every morning can be a task. Problem solved! Bookmark this page for one look every day set to inspire you.

Up date your wardrobe, adopt a new style, get some new pieces and kill it this October.

1. Get yourself a peacoat, put it over everything.


2. Fake a 3 Piece suit with a cardigan in a similar colour.


3. A big, bad, bold jacket.


4. Try flannel under your suit, with a knit tie to match.


5. Bold jacket, classic details.


6. Replace your blazer with a denim jacket.


7. Work a beanie in with your peacoat in the mornings for a mix of practical and fashionable.


8. Leave your tuxedo pants at home, steal Goldmember’s Chelsea boots.


9. Layer knits under a quilted short jacket.


10. Wear a shearling coat like you would your blazer.


11. Try a double breasted jacket.


12. Match your outerwear to your suit.

Weson Wells for Esquire Magazine; www.westonwells.com

Weson Wells for Esquire Magazine; www.westonwells.com

13. Pattern clash with a scarf.


14. Try short over long with a cropped jacket over your suit.

Burberry Prorsum Menswear Autumn Winter 2012

15. Get back to basics with blue and brown.


16. Tie your denim waist side for the added look of layers.


17. Let your suit do the talking with a crisp white spread collar.


18. Try out the “air tie” with a single double breasted jacket.


19. This is how you get away with denim on Fridays.


20. Invest in some good gloves, preferably touch screen.


21. Rollneck + charcoal grey suit.


22. Funky shearling (this is the year of the shearling, btw).


23. Bring green back to the red carpet.


24. Treat your double breasted jacket like you would your a casual jacket then add suede chelsea boots.

Kanye West leaving his apartment in the city Featuring: Kanye West Where: Manhattan, New York, United States When: 06 May 2014 Credit: TNYF/WENN.com

Credit: TNYF/WENN.com

25. A burnt orange peacoat and joggers will win us over every time.


26. Yes, the hoody is back but no we’re not about to drop 2k on one.


27. Expand your colour scheme and try some baby pink, mix with light denim or khaki green.


28. The Canadian tuxedo, but add an overcoat.
















29. Try a royal colour combo, for a major impact skip the collared shirt and do a rollneck.


30. Super swagged out look with monochrome layers and a trucker hat.  justin-bieber_glamour_15jan16_rex_b

31. This look is a perfect example of how to use lines to lengthen the body.



The 2016 VMA awards was full of risks.

But taking risks is what fashion is all about… right? All you need is the confidence to pull it off… right? Sort of. Except when you do any of these things. Here is a list of winners and (mostly) losers of last night’s 2016 VMA awards.

1.Did Lance Bass borrow a jacket from his NSYNC days? Lance Bass

2. IDK, Maybe we just aren’t ready for this UK Steam Punk Vibe


3. 2 chains, 2 Gucci pieces, 2 aboriginal patterns. Is he doing 2 much?


4. Cute, I think my girlfriend also has this… Aritzia?


5. Not so fat, Joe. Stuck in the 90s


6. Proof that Future is a young Jimmy Hendrix, style God.


7. Did you ever hear that you can never be over educated or underdressed? Guys, when your girlfriend looks this hot you need to step it up.


8. Everything about this fit is a win   sub-buzz-31234-1472426495-1

9. A lesson in the wrong amount of cuff


10. How much glam is too much glam? [Pictured]


11. Jaden Smith in the Simpsons crazy cat lady’s coat, and a sheer undershirt.


12. #WIN #BomberSZN… Oh yeah, this is the right amount of glam sub-buzz-27355-1472429348-1

13. P Diddy – Gentlemen assuming you don’t want to look like the male oracle from the matrix, please keep your arm holes attached.

2016 VMA's diddy

14. What was up with all these tanks under suits?

2016 Vma's

15. Desiigner going no shirt rocker, peach isn’t that bad of a colour but a simple white shirt -with not too much cuff- would have looked awesome.

2016 VMA's Desiigner

16. Nick Cannon – Apparently Nick Cannon got an all white memo. As well, a matching turban,  JusReign fan are we?

2016 VMA's nick

ESPYS 2016 Red Carpet Style

We look at the ESPYS 2016 Red Carpet for some style inspiration

What do we see on the ESPYS 2016 red carpet? We see people’s personal shine through. We see less of the traditional black tuxedo and more colours and patterns. It excites us because we like to see people push their boundaries and embrace new and different styles. We took a look and picked out a few of our favourite outfits from the ESPYS 2016 red carpet.

Take your tux game to the next level by going double breasted. Those embroidered slippers are just the cherry on top.


Coloured suits make a dapper statement. Paired that with a 3-piece suit? Top notch.

Matthew Wilkas, Gus Kenworthy

Matthew Wilkas, Gus Kenworthy Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

 The t-shirt and tux look is tough to pull off. But he keeps it laidback and cool with man and sneakers.

Iman Shumpert Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Iman Shumpert
Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Sometimes you wear designer, sometimes you wear designer and bring the designer with you!


Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

We always appreciate a well-fitted double-breasted sportcoat


Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Andrew Hawkins brings a streetwear vibe to a dinner jacket with an untucked band collar shirt, gold chain, and killer slippers.

Andrew Hawkins Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Andrew Hawkins Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

This look won’t work on everyone but it’s one hell of a suit.

Marcedes Lewis Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Marcedes Lewis
Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

A coloured dinner jacket always adds a good pop of colour

Richard Sherman Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Richard Sherman
Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

The point guard of the season: Kyrie Irving assassinating in a sweet suit.

Kyrie Irving in Givenchy Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Kyrie Irving in Givenchy
Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Steph Curry rocking that navy velvet dinner jacket. Fire.

Stephen Curry Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Stephen Curry Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

A burgundy suit done right.

Jessie T. Usher Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Jessie T. Usher
Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

DeAndre Jordan showing us how to rock an olive suit.

DeAnde Jordan Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

DeAnde Jordan
Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Russel Wilson and Ciara looking like a power couple!

Russell Wilson & Ciara Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Russell Wilson & Ciara
Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Keeping it classy with a navy 3-piece suit.

Scott Dixon Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Scott Dixon
Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Dwayne Wade in a sweet navy tux with a contrast lapel.

Dwayne Wade in Givenchy Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images

Dwayne Wade in Givenchy Photo: Alberto E Rodriquez Getty Images