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I.Am is an exciting new line from urban pop icon, Will.I.Am. It’s fashion forward, classic old world style with Will.I.Am’s unique futuristic flare. Great for casual weekends, nights out, social evening events, and an easy getaway from the blazers & tees. Exciting pieces for every man, from the funky vest for the hipster guy to wool sweaters for the more classic inspired gentlemen.

I.Am vests, (left: $225, right: $250), I.Am henley, $95.

I.Am sweater, $175

I.Am sweater, $195

Staff Picks for November

November 27, 2010

Michael – Goorin Hats ($55 to $65)
An easy choice for Michael, since he’s the one who did the buying to bring the Goorin Hats in. It’s functional for both casual and formal wear and a good alternative as an every day hat. The knit hats are extremely warm and a great gift for its accessory price point.

Joa – Marshall Artist Jacket ($250)
Melissa C – Marshall Artist Cardigan ($125), Jacket ($195)
Great fabrics and detailing, including the leather zipper pockets. And reasonably priced!

Christine – Gold Lab Jacket ($195)
The perfect sweater coat on those milder days. The fur lining makes this jacket very cozy to wear and admire.

Veronica – Gold Lab Jacket ($275)
Not into the Canada Goose this winter? Veronica is into a major fur phase, and this jacket from Gold Lab has a 100% rabbit fur trim with army detailing. Great mixture of textured leather, buckle detail, and a wool peacoat material. It’s your casual and night out on the town coat.

Lindsay – I.Am vest ($250)
Everyone needs a lot of rock star in them for the holidays. This waxed cotton vest works great with a dress shirt or t-shirt, and a pair of jeans or dress pants. Plus the line is by Will.I.Am, and Lindsay is a huge BEP fan. Stand out at your Christmas parties!

Vylan – John Varvatos Jeans ($205), Shirt ($170), and T-Will Belt ($150)
The every day man needs an every day outfit. These slim, straight leg jeans use a coated denim that’s stiff (but not construction paper, raw denim stiff) in a deep brown, gasoline colour with whiskers. A great alternative to your usual denim, and pairs well with black work boots.

The black Varvatos shirt feels like your oldest, favourite shirt. In a washed baby corduroy, it includes detail on the zipper and epaulets. It’s also short enough to wear untucked.

For fall, Bustle released two unique vests that showcased a great amount of detail. The vest above (pictured left) features a lapel with a silver trim, a chain, and a subtle damask print. To the right, the black vest is double breasted with a chain, epaulettes on each side, and a purple damask print on the back to give it an edge. Both are priced at $275.

One of the jackets we picked up from Bustle this season has a high lapel and a trim fit. The dark shade of black coincides with what’s hot this season!

See the rest of Bustle’s Fall 2010 collection from their runway show at LG Fashion Week:

Photos courtesy of BlogTO and LG Fashion Week

Haight and Ashbury has been a fan favorite of the store since the beginning – offering great styling, impeccable workmanship at affordable prices (his shirts were usually all below $100). Over the years the collection has expanded to include vests, sportcoats, pants and accessories.

Eco, the creative director, who was born in East Africa, spent his formative years in London, England and you can really see the British influence coming through in his collection. Inspired by visits to his friends country estates and remembering the sharply dressed men in warm tweeds, rich cords and sturdy fabrics from his youth. Think country squire meets the modern man with updated silhouettes and outstanding details (leather trims, contrast fabrics).

Cold Method is one of our hot new brands from Spring that we found from Amsterdam – and they’re back for more this Fall. Check these preview shots! Clean lines, slim fits and tailored construction that you don’t find in sportswear items. Blazers retail for $375, vests $175, pants $165, wovens $135

Are you man enough to wear this?

On the weekend I started re-watching How to Make it in America, the new, highly addictive HBO series. The show focuses on Ben and Cam, two up-and-comers with dreams to make it big with their streetwear line, Crisp NYC. It’s only 8 episodes in, so you have time to jump on the bandwagon!

In the second episode, Ben and Cam run into legendary clothing designer John Varvatos, who politely offers them a chance to sit and talk with him. The guy is midas – on screen, off camera, and in his work.

Much like the show, the new Varvatos-wear is just as addictive. We’ve happily carried the fashion forward brand for years, based on great styling & details, perfect fit and quality construction. New in store are a whole assortment of shirts, vests, jackets, sweaters, blazers, and pants for this fall. Be sure to stop in and take a look!