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SUIT is a great line from Copenhagen that we have been carrying for a few seasons. I love the the brand because it offers those modern, clean lines that the Danes are so good at doing. The fit is trim but with longer arms (so if you are tall and lanky this is the perfect collection for you!). The look is henley’s in stripes meant to be layered under the lower scooped sweaters, knits with shirt details and slim plaids with elbow patch details.

Henley’s $85 – 95
Sweaters $110 – 115

We’ve posted our gift guide for The Socializer, The Man Who Means Business and The Youthful Trendsetter. So what if he doesn’t fall under any of them, or maybe he takes a piece from each pie? He’s obviously The Jack of All Trades, and we know just the thing for him.

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Henleys by Sunday Rocks and Wes Misener

We’ve been promoting henleys for almost the entire year (even before GQ got to it), so it only makes sense we’d slip it in the gift guide. It’s time to take a break from the crew necks and v-necks, and opt for something that is a great pairing piece, is 75-100% bamboo (read: good on your skin), and is substantially manly. You have a few different brands to choose from: Sunday Rocks is 100% bamboo material, while Wes Misener is 75% bamboo but a little thicker. They’re $95 each, and we’ve got more you can pick through too.

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Vfrass Scarves

Vfrass scarves have been a must-have for almost every guy that’s come through the doors this season. They’re available in a ton of colour combinations and easily affordable. It’s time to retire the black and grey scarves and brighten up a friend’s day. Priced from $35 to $55.

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Happy Socks

Like the Vfrass scarves, his socks might need a splash of colour too. If you haven’t received the memo, black socks (and white, eeep) do absolutely nothing for the suit he’s wearing. A nice suit and a pair of $1 socks? That’s like a Lexus with plastic seat covers. Happy Socks add another dimension to your outfits and is a conversation piece on its own. And it’s only $15.

• • •

Eyewear by Oliver Peoples

Available at Spectacle

Every man needs an aviator in their collection and this model by Oliver Peoples is one of the best designs out there. Incorporating OP’s VFX polarized lens and a rugged yet sleek shape the Patten quite possibly the perfect aviator.
– Spectacle

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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Available at The Source and other major electronic retailers

Unless you’ve been living under a styrofoam rock for the past few months (or just don’t care about video games), Call of Duty: Black Ops was the biggest launch in video game history. Every guy loves it. So why not drop a copy (on XBOX 360 or PS3) into his stocking stuffer?

The biggest action series of all time returns. Call of Duty: Black Ops is an entertainment experience that will take you to conflicts across the globe, as elite Black Ops forces fight in the deniable operations and secret wars that occurred under the veil of the Cold War.

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We hope you enjoyed our four part Holiday Gift Guide. Feel free to cycle back to the previous blog posts to see what kind of guy he falls under!

I.Am is an exciting new line from urban pop icon, Will.I.Am. It’s fashion forward, classic old world style with Will.I.Am’s unique futuristic flare. Great for casual weekends, nights out, social evening events, and an easy getaway from the blazers & tees. Exciting pieces for every man, from the funky vest for the hipster guy to wool sweaters for the more classic inspired gentlemen.

I.Am vests, (left: $225, right: $250), I.Am henley, $95.

I.Am sweater, $175

I.Am sweater, $195

Henleys have been the topic of conversation this year on both the Gotstyle blog and GQ. The ideal piece in any man’s wardrobe when the discussion of layering takes place.

New for fall are henleys from Sunday Rocks. The 100% bamboo fabric is anti bacterial, meaning it doesn’t need much washing as it fights odour and bacteria for you. The wicks keep you warm when it’s cool, and cool when it’s warm out. It’s your perfect layering piece because hey, Sundays do rock. Priced at $95.

Also in for fall are henleys from Suit. 100% cotton with a mandarin style, tuxedo front. Priced at $85.

Few months ago we posted two articles on our blog: One on Henleys, the other on Denim Jackets. On this month’s issue of GQ, both pieces were featured items. Who says Gotstyle isn’t ahead of the trends?

For a fraction of the cost listed on GQ, new for fall are henleys from Sunday Rocks made from Bamboo (super soft!). Priced at $95

Read our article on henleys from February.

For fall we also have great denim jackets from Religion, another must have item that can go casual (worn over t-shirt and jeans) to dressy (white oxford shirt, knit tie and dress pants)

Read our article on Religion denim jackets from July.

Just received some of our new favorite fashion basic “the henley” from Sunday Rocks. They are made from 100% Bamboo fiber, so they are highly absorbent and breathable (perfect for those hot summer nights) they feel like silk on your skin (you’ll be touching yourself all day!) and is grown without pesticides and is self sustaining (so you can feel good about helping the environment). A stylish and simple way to upgrade your wardrobe. $95