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“A gentlemen does things no gentleman should do in a way only a gentleman can”

– Burke Edmund –

Say hello to Gents, a new men’s lifestyle brand offering consumers the highest quality products with a fashionable and sophisticated design aesthetic. Launching with men’s luxury baseball caps and a custom-build experience. Gents provides consumers with items of luxurious, relaxed comfort and personal style.

The Director’s Cap (which is what we carry in black and blue) has been spotted on Hollywood types like DiCaprio and Pattinson and is quite possibly the best ball cap you’ll ever wear. It’s made of brushed cotton, has a flexible band, a well curved and proportioned brim, and has “no air-gap” which essentially means that it sits right where it should, midway down your brow, with just enough room leftover for a nice pair of shades.

Gents 2012 Campaign

Behind the Scenes of the 2012 Gents Campaign

Hats have been a staple in most street style features for the past decade and no one understands this culture better than Goorin Brothers. Whether you’re into the everyday ball cap, 6-panel flatcap or the classic fedora, there is a style that’s just right for you. Goorin Brothers, follow a timeless approach to the art of hat making one that has spanned over four generations, so suffice it to say they know a thing or two about making great hats. 

Now, we recognize that there are a lot of men that want to wear hats but are never sure which style best compliments their features and style. Fear not, Goorin Brothers have a great guide that will make this process easy and seamless. Check out their “Hat Fit Guide” which takes you step by step through the fitting process. Learn how to measure your head, how to pick the right style for your face and how to integrate the style into your wardrobe and while you are at it, take a look at their glossary, to expand your vernacular on everything hats.

Goorin Hammond Square Crown Flip Up Fedora: $40

Goorin Conor Smith 6 Panel Flatcap: $50

Gooring Contrast Flatcap: $50

Goorin Streetwise Paper Straw Fedora: $75

Goorin Picture Show Everday Baseball Cap: $50

Yesterday we gave you a run down of what to buy The Man Who Means Business. But what do you buy for that guy who’s ahead of the game in fashion, gadgets, and surfs the blogs daily for the latest cool stuff?

• • •

Moose Knuckle Jackets

The winter jacket war continues in Toronto, between the Canada Goosers, the Moose Knucklers, and the endless number of jacket preferences in the city. Our clear winner is Moose Knuckles – it’s warm, down filled, fitted to his proportions, and has a sweet silver logo on the side (that beats a 25 cent patch any day). Read more about them here. Stand out from the crowd of geese and let his Moose Knuckle out!

• • •

Marshall Artist

I remember back in the spring, Melissa was raving about this new line she had ordered in for the Fall/Winter called Marshall Artist. Catchy name, I know. Reasonably priced, their workwear style pieces range from shirts and cardigans to sweaters and jackets. Expect lots of plaid, earth tones, and fine detailing. It’s also a layerer’s wet dream. Read more about them here and here. Cardigans and sweaters are $110 to $125, jackets are $195 to $295.

• • •

Goorin Bros Hats

Don’t know their shirt size? You can always get them a one size fits all gift. Like a hat from Goorin Bros. Choose from a variety of styles such as fedoras, newsboy caps, and ball caps with the furry ears. And they’re affordable, ranging from $50-65 per chapeau. Need more photos? We’ve got ’em.

• • •

Paul Smith’s Berling

Available at Spectacle

The faded brown coloring on this is vintage inspired yet very current. The frame shape is modern yet incorporates the key hole bridge that has been around forever. In short this shade is a mix of old and new making it a great wear for cross generations of people.
– Spectacle

• • •

Olympus PEN E-PL1

Available at The Source and other major electronics retailers

If you’ve wondered which camera we’ve been using to take shots of the clothes for the past few months, you’re looking right at it. The Olympus PEN E-PL1 is a 12-megapixel digital SLR camera with detachable lenses. It’s slimmer than your average DSLR because it’s mirror-less, and is capable of taking high definition video. We even used it to film our Ask a Stylist segments. If you’re looking for a flawless, techie gift, this is the one.

The Olympus E-PL1 12.3MP digital camera gives you the power of a DSLR and the simplicity of a point-and-shoot. Stylishly-designed, this compact digital camera lets you toggle back and forth between capturing stills and taking video all with one finger. Olympus has image stabilization built right into the body of this digital camera so any of the interchangeable lenses will deliver blur-free images. iAuto mode automatically identifies what you’re shooting and adjusts settings for you to capture the best result depending on the situation.

Too much out of your price range? We saw this Digital Mix Master iPod Dock that looks like a 1980’s boombox for $69 (regular $119). Hot deal.

• • •

Tomorrow we’ll visit what makes The Socializer, and what kind of gifts you can get him!

Staff Picks for November

November 27, 2010

Michael – Goorin Hats ($55 to $65)
An easy choice for Michael, since he’s the one who did the buying to bring the Goorin Hats in. It’s functional for both casual and formal wear and a good alternative as an every day hat. The knit hats are extremely warm and a great gift for its accessory price point.

Joa – Marshall Artist Jacket ($250)
Melissa C – Marshall Artist Cardigan ($125), Jacket ($195)
Great fabrics and detailing, including the leather zipper pockets. And reasonably priced!

Christine – Gold Lab Jacket ($195)
The perfect sweater coat on those milder days. The fur lining makes this jacket very cozy to wear and admire.

Veronica – Gold Lab Jacket ($275)
Not into the Canada Goose this winter? Veronica is into a major fur phase, and this jacket from Gold Lab has a 100% rabbit fur trim with army detailing. Great mixture of textured leather, buckle detail, and a wool peacoat material. It’s your casual and night out on the town coat.

Lindsay – I.Am vest ($250)
Everyone needs a lot of rock star in them for the holidays. This waxed cotton vest works great with a dress shirt or t-shirt, and a pair of jeans or dress pants. Plus the line is by Will.I.Am, and Lindsay is a huge BEP fan. Stand out at your Christmas parties!

Vylan – John Varvatos Jeans ($205), Shirt ($170), and T-Will Belt ($150)
The every day man needs an every day outfit. These slim, straight leg jeans use a coated denim that’s stiff (but not construction paper, raw denim stiff) in a deep brown, gasoline colour with whiskers. A great alternative to your usual denim, and pairs well with black work boots.

The black Varvatos shirt feels like your oldest, favourite shirt. In a washed baby corduroy, it includes detail on the zipper and epaulets. It’s also short enough to wear untucked.

What’s New: Goorin Hats

October 13, 2010

New Goorin Hats are in stock for fall! Our resident cool hat provider for the men of Gotstyle are a great complimentary piece to your outfit, whether you’re the earth tone/tweed kinda guy or the mysterious man in the black jacket. Hats are priced between $40 and $60.