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Tonic Blooms is a Toronto florist we really like.

We polled the office and while many of us “don’t want anything” for valentines day, we still expect something. Human Nature, am-i-right?

BUT wait. Don’t rush to your local grocery store for 12 dozen roses and a plush teddy bear just yet. Those grab and go floral arrangements look last minute, they’re not fresh, and they come in plastic. Your S/O will appreciate the effort of using a local florist.

Tonic Blooms is a Toronto based company. They’re fairly new but already changing the way we think about flower delivery.

Valentines Day arrangements come wrapped in their signature denim (a vase option is also available) and are bundled with Squish candies, Chocolates  by Brandon Olsen or CXBO (Hand made in Toronto), or body balm by Toronto’s The Chic Canuck.

Their arrangements are well priced and tiered, ensuring an arrangement for any budget. Their blooms are delivered on demand at no extra cost, and shipping is always free.

Valentines Day Packages: The XO, The Bella, The Rosie

Valentines Day Packages: The XO, The Bella, The Rosie

The whole package is Instagram heaven, and you’ll be the one to thank.

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This code expires Feb 11/17

About Tonic Blooms


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We founded Tonic Blooms with the simple goal of
bringing joyfulness back to sending flowers.

Although sending flowers has been around since as long as we can remember, whenever we needed flowers delivered, and fast, we were consistently disappointed and often frustrated. We felt that the entire gifting experience was broken, which was a shame since sending and receiving flowers should be nothing but sunshine and lollipops.

By rethinking the flower delivery business model and launching Tonic Blooms, we are devoting all our energy to ensure that those who send and those who receive Tonic Blooms are delighted from start to finish.

We start with selecting locally sourced blooms of the highest quality and freshness, so that your Tonic Blooms last as long as they should. Then, we curate and offer a selection of seasonal designs that are sure to impress and delight.

What you see is what we send.

We offer what you want, when you want it, at a price that can’t be beat. That’s why Tonic Blooms are delivered on demand at no extra cost. Two-hour delivery is free within their on-demand zone, and same-day shipping in the rest of the GTA is available for an additional fee.

Order your blooms today.



Valentine’s day can be a stressful time for some, between figuring out what to get, what to wear and where to go one can…well, lose it. To help you stay stress free and to focus on what really matters, your mate, we’ve put together this great valentine’s day gift guide for him & her. There’s enough choice here to match the pickiest of dates at price points your wallet is sure to love.





  • Cuchara Inouk Necklace: $98
  • Ganni Brighton Form-Fitting Body Suit: $110 $55
  • Dolce Vita Yani Pump: $250
  • Leigh and Luca Digital Stripe Scarf: $275 $49
  • StyleStalker Heartbreaker Lace Tee: $135 $67.50
  • John & Jenn Burn Out Knit: $149
  • Standing O Beaded Bracelet: $35
  • Benjamin Jay Victoria Lace Leggings: $138
  • Wolf Circus Quartz Triangle Necklace: $75

Stuck in a jam, forgot to get something for your beau, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. There’s still time to get a great Valentine’s Day gift for that special woman in your life — and not look like you bought it last minute. To help ease your last-minute V-Day panic we’ve put together a fail safe gift guide curated by our women for your woman. These items offer a wide range of options and styles hand-picked by our stylist guaranteed to make you look like a star.




Valentines Day is around the corner, and to help get you in that v-day spirit we shot this quick editorial featuring one of the biggest trends in mens fashion this season, a burgundy suit. Aside from its obvious v-day colour connotation, a burgundy suit is a refreshing essential in any mans wardrobe. Capable of making a statement both dressed up and down, the burgundy suit is versatile, stylish and perfect for those special occasions.


AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery,
Staff Picks

Dear Gentlemen,

It’s a proven fact that women love a well dressed man, even men love a well dressed man. But regardless of your sexual persuasion it is an unequivocal fact that dressing better results in doing better, especially when attracting some romantic interest. Whether you’re celebrating Valentines day for the first time or re-kindling your love, dressing up is a must. Don’t get us wrong, “dressing up” need not imply defaulting to something extremely formal, by “dressing up” we merely mean making that extra effort in looking your best for that special somebody.

Check out what some of our stylists picked as their go-to Valentines Day outfit either for themselves or their significant others.


In lieu of Valentines Day, we at Gotstyle are giving away a Free pair of Happy Socks with any purchase of $100 or more. These aren’t any ordinary pair of Happy Socks, they are the exclusive Valentines Day edition socks specially designed by NYC artist Curtis Kulig. Drop by either our Bathurst or Distillery District locations to check them out along with some other great Valentines Day gift ideas.