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Staff Picks

Dear Gentlemen,

It’s a proven fact that women love a well dressed man, even men love a well dressed man. But regardless of your sexual persuasion it is an unequivocal fact that dressing better results in doing better, especially when attracting some romantic interest. Whether you’re celebrating Valentines day for the first time or re-kindling your love, dressing up is a must. Don’t get us wrong, “dressing up” need not imply defaulting to something extremely formal, by “dressing up” we merely mean making that extra effort in looking your best for that special somebody.

Check out what some of our stylists picked as their go-to Valentines Day outfit either for themselves or their significant others.



Finding the right blazer for your body type can be a challenge on the best of days, especially when there are so many trends and styles in the market. To help guide you through this terrain men’s style expert Sharad Mohan (Founder of Freshly Educated Men) teamed up with Anokhi Media to create this great how-to tutorial shot on location at our Distillery District and featuring some of our great new Fall arrivals.



It seems that men only operate in extremes. Before men rarely believed in getting anything altered, today, they expect vendors to be able to redesign the garment onsite. Realize the difference between made-to-measure vs off-the-rack, while the former allows for unlimited tweaks and alterations the later doesn’t. It is for this that we put together this tutorial to help you navigate the world of suit alterations.

Why is it that when the weather gets warmer men forget everything they’ve learned about style. Shirts are left untucked, brogues are traded for dirty sneakers and lets not even mention sportcoats and blazers. Well, actually lets talk about that last one. If we haven’t emphasized enough blazers and sport coats are an essential part of any mans wardrobe. Having said we can only image that the reason men refuse to wear them in the summer is because they get too hot. To those men we offer you this great tutorial from Founder Melissa Austria who explains all the different options available, allowing you to stay stylish and cool all summer long.