Celeb Style

When it comes to airport style, it’s easy to tell apart the novices from the pros who know how to travel right. Don’t be that guy with the terrible airport style. You know the one… wearing a t-shirt from the last location he visited tucked into jean shorts. With high socks and sneakers that should’ve… [Read More]

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5 Men’s Holiday Style Looks

November 29, 2016

5 Men’s Holiday Style looks borrowed from celebrities Donald Glover, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Will Smith and Nick Jonas Consider the holiday season your time to literally shine. Say yes to metallic dinner jackets, bold AF lapels (if you’re not scarred from the 80’s) and make a statement damn it! This week we took a look at our… [Read More]

If you’ve ever wondered what to wear to a film festival we have the answer. You can’t actually wear jeans and a t-shirt to a movie this time of year. If you’re going anywhere in Toronto this week you better bring your style A-game. With a week full of events, movie screenings, celebrity sitings, and… [Read More]


Donovan Bailey, Jamaican Canadian Olympic athlete sat down with us and played 20 Questions… It’s been 20 years since Donovan Bailey won the 100m race in world record time. Not only did he win a gold medal, he held the world record title for 3 years. He has been inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame… [Read More]


Long shirts and Justin Bieber, you’ve been warned. Until recently, I couldn’t even get my boyfriend to listen to Justin Bieber. But since the release of his Purpose album, he like so many others caught the “Bieber Fever.” Dressing like him, well that’s what I’m working on next. Did you know some websites track everything this guy wears?… [Read More]