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Gotstyle’s Guide to Denim

Sasha Ferkul May 29, 2014

Denim is denim is denim. Or is it? The style pack has a long-standing, never-ending, die-hard fixation with the rugged, cotton twill textile. It rules the realm of cool- the constant search for perfect fit, fade and wash and actually finding it easily compares to diving for buried treasure- just more rewarding. Gotstyle’s Guide to Denim makes the challenge much less demanding.

  • Photographer: Joel Esposito
  • Stylist: Shaeleigh Afton


Style Tips

The most sartorially adventurous will attack spring’s major print and pattern trend with the ferocity of a lion. For the less aggressive, not inclined to commit to head-to-toe botanical, tie-dye and dots, Gotstyle has devised four implausibly easy ways to add hints of motif to masculine looks for any age.

Click here to view the Print & Pattern Lookbook.


AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery
New Arrivals

What’s to say about denim that hasn’t already been said. Fact remains that there isn’t a single person in the world that doesn’t own a pair of jeans if not several. They are the go-to garment for many men and with the evolution of work casual attire, where and when you can wear jeans has also evolved. From day time walks with your dog to an evening out on the town, the world of denim is virtually limitless which is why we’re excited to showcase our latest arrivals for Fall.


AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery, Online