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say no to square toed shoes

This is a public announcement: stop wearing square toed shoes!

We are still shocked to see that men refuse to get rid of their beloved square toed shoes. Today, we’re here to lightly pat you on the back and say “Sir, it’s time to throw them out and never look back.” The harsh reality is that square toed shoes aren’t fashionable and will never be.

Let’s be honest, first impressions are everything. You’re being viewed from top to bottom and having square toed shoes at that bottom, is not the best look to go for. Here are 10 reasons why you should get rid of them and not show up at our party with them. Please, check out our Gotstyle shoes for better options.


1. It gives your feet a weird shape

Will Smith wearing square toed shoes

Photo credit: Complex Magazine

2. It looks cheap (sorry.. not sorry)

Tying square toed shoes

Photo credit: 40 Over Fashion

3. Even celebrities don’t look good in them

celebrity wearing square toed shoes

4. You look like you belong in the 90’s

bad blazer, bad square toed shoes

5. No outfit goes with square toe shoes


6. You automatically have no style


7. You look like a pilgrim



8. No one will take you seriously

Square toe shoes bad

Photo credit: post-gazette.com

9. You’re not Steven Tyler

steven tyler

10. No one actually thinks they look good

Square toed shoes wrong

Photo credit: Real Men Real Style

…instead show up rocking these bad boys

Style Tips

How To Rock A Vest

December 20, 2013

We find it surprising that more men don’t wear vests given its immense versatility. At their most basic of functions they help keep that tummy tucked in, offering that clean “controlled” sillouette that every man secretly loves. On the other hand, when worn appropriately a vest can truly transform any common outfit to front cover street style. The rules of wearing a vest are as diverse as one’s personal style, as we’ve showcased they can be work formally as a 3-piece suit or broken up with jeans, chinos, denim shirts, cardigans and sportcoats.

Here are four looks that showcase the various ways you can rock a vest this season.


AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery, Online


Over the years we’ve quite possibly dressed every single “type” of man you could imagine from pro-athletes, to regular stay at home dads. In response to our ever growing client base we’ve worked hard to stock our stores with the right products and cuts to meet their diverse individual needs.  This video featuring Founder, Melissa talks about the various body archetypes we commonly find in our stores and the brands best suited for those individuals. So whether you’re super slim or work out a lot you’ll definitely find a shirt that is right for you.