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New Arrivals

Come Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, nothing adds that extra bounce in ones step and style like a pair of Happy Socks. These socks have truly transformed an everyday essential into a self expressive art form. Not matter your personality, style or taste, there is a pair that’s just right for you. And with the ever changing arena of mens style, Happy Socks have swiftly moved from a nice-to-have fashion accessory to a must-have category.

Here’s a quick tip for those of you still struggling to incorporate this style trend into your wardrobe. Treat Happy Socks like you would your jeans, just put them on and go. Don’t over think it and don’t spend hours trying to coordinate it with your outfit.

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AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery

What do you call a brand that has been through the War, the great depression and now the European crisis? Tiger! Tiger of Sweden started out in Uddevalla, Sweden back in 1903 and now is a global entity with shops in Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Germany and South Africa. Take into account their web store and a total of 1,200 re-sellers spanning 18 countries in 3 continents and you might have a sense for why this brand is a pillar in the fashion scene. 

The root of what makes Tiger of Sweden different from other brands lies in their mission statement, “A Different Cut”. No matter how many different owners and designers have passed through this fashion house they have all practiced what they call “A Different Cut” – an expression that goes beyond what you can accomplish with fabrics, scissors, thread, and stitches. “A Different Cut” is a state of mind, one that encourages innovation and creativity. It is this mission statement that allowed the brand to persevere through some very troubled times and continues to make it the success it is today. 

Tiger of Sweden  has come to be known for directional collections that seamlessly blend minimalism with true style. Their interpretation of the suit, frequently re-imagined, incorporates technology and tradition with first class fabric and superior cut and proportion. Risk taking is in their DNA.

Tiger of Sweden’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection is a striking mix of polished professionalism and unflappably cool Scandinavian streetwear. Tailored suits in warm and austere colours with metallic leather jackets- the Warhol inspired collection is all about contrast.