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Pitti Uomo street style might be the best thing to see in Milan this time of year.

Pitti is the center of Milan fashion week. Find guys dressed in bold suits, brightly coloured overcoats, brightly coloured shoes and accessories. It might be the coolest place to be photographed in the world.

Our King West stylist Matt went to see our friends in Florence. It’s like an Instagram #ootd heaven which one is your favorite?

Scarves were an effortless way to keep warm.



Sitting on this wall almost guarantees you get snapped.

pitti-uomo-style-2017-4   pitti-uomo-style-2017-6

Yes– some guys really go all out

pitti-uomo-style-2017-7 pitti-uomo-style-2017-8

Laid back looks


Finally caught a little streetwear style


pitti-uomo-style-2017-16 pitti-uomo-style-2017-11 pitti-uomo-style-2017-12


Classicly simple

pitti-uomo-style-2017-14 pitti-uomo-style-2017-15

pitti-uomo-style-2017-17 pitti-uomo-style-2017-18 pitti-uomo-style-2017-19 pitti-uomo-style-2017-20 pitti-uomo-style-2017-21 pitti-uomo-style-2017-22 pitti-uomo-style-2017-23 pitti-uomo-style-2017-24

Bold looks


Bright Colours

pitti-uomo-style-2017-26 pitti-uomo-style-2017-27


Exaggerated silhouettes  pitti-uomo-style-2017-29

pitti-uomo-style-2017-30 pitti-uomo-style-2017-31 pitti-uomo-style-2017-32    pitti-uomo-style-2017-35 pitti-uomo-style-2017-36   pitti-uomo-style-2017-38 pitti-uomo-style-2017-39    pitti-uomo-style-2017-42 pitti-uomo-style-2017-43


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pitti uomo 2016

Pitti Uomo 2016 was the 90th gathering this June. The biannual trade show fair that happens in Italy is the largest gathering of the most stylish men. This high-fashion affair features the world’s top menswear brands and sartorial experts. Among these attendees are the dandiest of them all known as the “Peacocks”.

Our made-to-measure tailor Konstantine paid Italy a visit this year and a first looking on what’s happening on the streets of Pitti Uomo 2016.

Colour suits are one of their favourite ways to stand out of the crowd


A camo blazer? Count us in.


Striped vest and trousers, micro-spotted shirt AND a coloured blazer


Blues, blues, blues


Tassel loafers were a popular choice of footwear


Cotton candy pinks as sweet as the outfits

 pitti 2016 pink

Double monk-strap on loafers = the ultimate summer shoe

Pitti 2016 monk straps

Our favourite: women rocking menswear trends

Pitti uomo 2016 women #2


Pitti Uomo, where real men wear real clothes. Year after year, season after season sartorial gents from around the globe descend up Florence in one of the biggest and best displays of menswear the world has ever seen…and to partake in Italy’s biggest menswear trade fair. “The streets are blanketed with beards and impeccably tailored suits. The Pitti menswear scene quickly breaks down like a high-school cafeteria: There are the menswear mainstays, like Milanese boutique owner Lino Ieluzzi, the rugged types with topknots and shearling jackets, and the eccentrics, like one particularly colorful man wearing mismatched shoes.” – The Cut

Here are some of our favourite people and styles from this past weeks Pitti Uomo 87.

Source: Tommy Ton, NYMag, GQ, Lee Oliveira


Style Tips

Rolling is a true art- Gotstyle wants to help you master it. Our style tutorial features Melissa (queen of the cuff), with a demonstration on how to properly roll shirt-sleeves and pants. Why is this significant to your life? Because the devil is in the details and you always want to look your best. Rolling sleeves correctly enables a show-off of the hip contrast cuff and lends the same cred as the Milanese street style icons who’ve embraced their ankles. Acquire this simple skill and you’ll wonder how you lived any other way. Consider the bowtie. Do your own and the pre-tie is a thing of the past.

Our short video tutorial shows just how simple it is to display the high style contrast cuffs. Rolling also adds subtle finesse to attire and allows for cool- even in the high heat of the season.


Style Tips

Anyone who’s spent any legitimate amount of time in the fashion industry can attest to the fact that being around fashion 24/7 can numb you to its beauty, personality and charm which is why every now and then we must take a sartorial pilgrimage. For true fashionistas it doesn’t get any holier that Pitti Uomo, with over 1,165 exhibitors, thousands of international press and buyers crowding the streets its hard not to be inspired. This is where real men come to see real wearable fashion.

What did we learn from these last four days at Pitti? I think Guy Trebay of the New York Times said it best when describing this seasons Pitti Man:

He is everywhere at the Pitti enclave and throughout Florence, wearing snug trousers that show off some ankle, a lightweight cotton blazer so fitted it leaves no margin for Twinkies, shoes with proper hard soles, and most of the ensemble — shoes included — in assertive colors such as cobalt blue.

Oh, and he is probably wearing a waxed mustache, a Gabriele d’Annunzio beard and a straw boater.

The only thing missing on that list would be the iconic double breasted jacket and/or suit. Nothing is more classic, yet powerful than an outfit featuring a double-breasted blazer.

Don’t believe you can pull it off, check out these guys and perhaps you’ll be just as inspired as we were.


New Arrivals

Channel the Italian jet-set and inherent chic of the green, white and red. Eidos, carried exclusively in Canada by GS, is made for the man who appreciates the essence of true style- clothes with soul. Steeped in a rich heritage of quality, the brand’s impressive range faultlessly addresses the current state of suiting- dressed up, but in an easy, effortless way. Their textile of choice- an impeccable full-canvas, for contemporary Fellini-esque looks that stroll the cobblestones or rule the concrete jungle.


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