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Our Favourite Street Style Looks at Florence’s Pitti Uomo

June 24, 2014

Anyone who’s spent any legitimate amount of time in the fashion industry can attest to the fact that being around fashion 24/7 can numb you to its beauty, personality and charm which is why every now and then we must take a sartorial pilgrimage. For true fashionistas it doesn’t get any holier that Pitti Uomo, with over 1,165 exhibitors, thousands of international press and buyers crowding the streets its hard not to be inspired. This is where real men come to see real wearable fashion.

What did we learn from these last four days at Pitti? I think Guy Trebay of the New York Times said it best when describing this seasons Pitti Man:

He is everywhere at the Pitti enclave and throughout Florence, wearing snug trousers that show off some ankle, a lightweight cotton blazer so fitted it leaves no margin for Twinkies, shoes with proper hard soles, and most of the ensemble — shoes included — in assertive colors such as cobalt blue.

Oh, and he is probably wearing a waxed mustache, a Gabriele d’Annunzio beard and a straw boater.

The only thing missing on that list would be the iconic double breasted jacket and/or suit. Nothing is more classic, yet powerful than an outfit featuring a double-breasted blazer.

Don’t believe you can pull it off, check out these guys and perhaps you’ll be just as inspired as we were.

Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-1 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-2 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-3 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-4 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-5 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-6 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-7 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-8 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-9 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-10 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-11 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-12 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-13 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-14 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-15 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-16 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-17 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-18 Pitti-Uomo-Street-Style-19

**Images Sourced by Lee Oliveira