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The Vintage tee trend has become the new way of expressing your taste through badass merchandise.

Heard of Marilyn Manson? Nope. Know a member of Metallica? Nada! Doesn’t matter. Infamous graphics from bands like Metallica, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Guns n’ Roses and even Tupac are blowing up in this new vintage tee trend.

The t-shirts are reminiscent of the counter culture that was associated with that particular brand. Lets look at the different ways celebs are putting their spin on the vintage tee trend.

1. Oversized/Baggy

This works when you’re in your 20’s and/or you wake up with an IDGAFOS attitude.
This is a street style look so feel the need to layer under your baggy band shirt.
If you’d rather put a piece on top, pick a just-as-distressed denim jacket to match with super skinny rock n roll jeans.

Here is how the style Gods of the moment are rocking the baggy band t-shirt look.

justin bieber vintage tee trend

Justin Bieber in a Iron Maiden band tee

Kanye wears Queen Vintage Tee

Kanye wears Queen Vintage Tee

pharell vintage tee trend 2pac

Pharell in vintage Tupac Tee

2. True to Size

If you’re not in your 20’s chances are you actually did listen to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, The Who, Tupac, this automatically entitles you to own his trend, again.

*Remember, Dad’s– Kanye is a dad too.

Johnothan Chaban- vintage tee trend

Johnothan Chaban wearing a fake Kris Jenner tour tee

vintage tee trend kanye

Kanye West in Guns N’ Roses Tee

3. Python Show Style

For those who work hard, and play hard… who wants tickets?
Expert Tip: Roll your sleeves to give your boxy old band shirt more tailored look through the arms.

guns n roses vintage tee trend

Kellan Lutz (Twilight) wearing it 100% correct

One direction vintage tee trend

Harry Styles in Ramones Tee

David Beckham in T shirt

David Beckham in The Stone Roses Tee

The vintage tee trend is a great way of showing off your taste in nostalgic merchandise. But buying these ain’t cheap. Some vintage tees are going for over $300 USD on eBay.

So, unless you carefully stored your t-shirts from the 80’s… JOAT dropped a collection of vintage inspired tees just for you. These ones are made with stretchy super soft fabric that  (sorry to say it) might be better than the real thing.

Shop Vintage Inspired Tee’s from JOAT

new brands at gotstyle feature image

New brands have been added to our arsenal. We’ve made some trades, shuffled the team and added in some new players for the season.

Here are some of the great new brands you can discover at Gotstyle.

new brands weekend offender2

Printed Polo $95

Weekend Offender

Country: Britain, UK
Playing Since: 2004
Position: Everyday casual for hard partying blokes
Body type: Medium to athletic build
Known for:
– Celebration of UK youth culture
– No nonsense functional clothing with a twist (like the jacket that comes with a hidden toothbrush)
– Started in a small Welsh town, now with flagship stores in London

new brands haspel

Seersucker Suit $795, Flamingo Shirt $250, Deadringers Pin $20, Seaward & Stern Pocket Square $75


Country: New Orleans, USA,
Playing since: 1909
Position: Elegantly dressed summer outings and vacation abroad
Body type: Medium to big build
Known for:
– Invented the cotton seersucker suit
– Fun embroidered short sleeve shirts with flamingos, hula girls or palm trees on them
– Haspel has been worn by Gary Grant, Gregory Peck and every president since Coolidge.

new brands circolo

Plaid Sport Coat $698, Textured Sweater $265


Country: Italy
Playing Since:
In the minor leagues for 30 years developing fabrics and textiles for other top brands, joined the majors under his own label 3 years ago
Position: Luxury casual wear
Body type: Med to bigger build
Known for:
– Dyed and printed fleece made into soft unconstructed blazers
– Super soft, worn in fabrics that you want to live in
– Fabrics are woven and made in Italy
– Essentials for everyday life

New brands gotstyle italia

Gotstyle Italia Suit $795


Gotstyle Italia

Country: Italy
Playing Since: Rookie year
Position: Smart suits
Body type: Medium to athletic build
Known for:
– Made in Italy
– Using Barbers fabrics (one of the oldest fabrics mills in the world, making the best fabrics in the world)
– Half canvas construction
– Fits hockey thighs!

How do you get over the fact that summer is almost over? I will tell you, it’s actually quite simple.

Get excited about fall! Cable knit sweaters, camel colored pea-coats, pumpkin spice lattes.
Fall is the best season for style because– layering.

So, What’s new for Fall Fashion 2016?

I put together my top 10 picks from our fall buying appointments.

1. The Camel Bomber – Outclass

Outclass is the Canadian brand we all seem to fall more in love with more every season. Think Frank & Oak style pieces but with quality Italian fabrics and actually made in Canada.


2. Herringbone Double Breasted Blazer – Hardy Amies

Loving the 80’s vibe from this double breasted blazer. Don’t worry it’s 80’s style with a 2016 fit.


3. Contrast Crew Sweater – Blue Industry

An easy layering piece that will fit pretty much everyone.


4. Suede High Top Sneakers – Garment Project

Fly as hell but please don’t wear these to the club.


5. Gingham Print Floral Dress Shirt – Van Gils

At first, it seems really bold but then you realize this shirt will actually match every suit and tie combo already in your wardrobe.


6. Suede Double Monkstraps  – Van Gils

Perfectly toasted, suede, brogues– actually what dreams are made of.


7. Burgundy Wool Sportcoat – SAND Copenhagen

Hi, please meet the Sportcoat we’ll be wearing every day, with everything.


8. Vest Style Bomber Jacket – Phillip Dubuc

Combining athleisure and tailoring means you’ll be wearing this on your morning jog, to the club, to brunch… just take my money.


9. Bold Wide Lapel Wool Overcoat – Hardy Amies

Think of all the Instagram-worthy suit combos you could rock with this one.


10. Beat Up Suede Boots – John Varvatos

You’ve probably seen this suede boot trend a lot lately uh because they look f*cking awesome. Pair with your favorite pair of John Varvatos beat-up jeans.


What do you think? Comment which ones you’ll be buying below. Follow our new arrivals daily on Instagram @shopgotstyle @gotstylestreet. 

One of the most sentimental things a man can own is a watch. A quality watch can last decades.

Hamilton watches first started to make watches for the American railroad in 1892 so that the trains would start arriving on time.

They were also asked to create watches for the very first American airmail postal service and in 1942, they stopped all consumer production to create watches for the army as part of their uniform. They produced a total of one million timepieces. This started their relationship with the army and their “Khaki Collection”. To add to their list of firsts, they created the first electric watch and LED digital watch.

first article of digital watch hamilton watches

An article featuring the first digital watch

Elvis Presley wore Hamilton watches’ Venture style in the film Blue Hawaii in 1961. Since then, they have provided watches for Hollywood movies such as Lethal Weapon 4, Fight Club, Independence Day, Men in Black, and more.

American Spirit. Swiss Precision. 

Not only does Hamilton have a great history, the watches are expertly made in Switzerland. They are constantly upgrading and on the leading front of innovation. Watches come in two movements, quartz and automatic. Quartz means that it is battery powered, and needs replacing when it runs out. Automatic watches power themselves by winding up with every wrist movement.

Every watch has a two-year international warranty so it can be repaired anywhere in the world. Straps can be purchased separately and every watch’s strap is interchangeable. The watch face is made out of sapphire crystal which is so scratch-resistant that only a diamond can scruff it up.

mac miller in weekend offender

Weekend Offender is the edgy new streetwear brand you’ve been looking for.

This week in new arrivals we have a brand called Weekend Offender. Their brand has a cool street vibe without the taste of bitter adolescence. More of an idgaf UK vibe. I mean… they catch phrased “F**k Off Mondays.”

Look to this collection for indie inspired shirts and out of the ordinary outerwear.


Monday's #weekendoffender

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It's been emotional #weekendoffender #pittiuomo

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Always out of the ordinary–  Weekend Offender jackets include more than meets the eye. For example; The Hemlock colour block jacket, the jacket we’re dubbing the “walk of shame” jacket. Why? It comes with a toothbrush!

Seriously why didn’t we think of that?

The Spring/Summer Collection

This collection includes four styles of short sleeve button downs, one front pocket polo, and the Hemsworth jacket. When you’re tired of wearing a t-shirt with everything these shirts are the answer.

ofSky Design Feature Image

Get Your Hands On Some ofSky Design

You know how the saying goes: the devil is in the details. Adding accessories gives your outfit character. Many men feel like wearing jewellery is too feminine. On the contrary accessories up your perception of taste.

New to Gotstyle is ofSky Design.

Each piece is handcrafted in Toronto.  One of our favourites is the triple wrap gunmetal-plated bracelet. It has a magnetic clasp. It is a flexible go-to bracelet for any occasion. For a more luxe look, try the hand-braided leather bracelet which has a badass snake clasp. The selection is available for purchase in stores.