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new brands at gotstyle feature image

New brands have been added to our arsenal. We’ve made some trades, shuffled the team and added in some new players for the season.

Here are some of the great new brands you can discover at Gotstyle.

new brands weekend offender2

Printed Polo $95

Weekend Offender

Country: Britain, UK
Playing Since: 2004
Position: Everyday casual for hard partying blokes
Body type: Medium to athletic build
Known for:
– Celebration of UK youth culture
– No nonsense functional clothing with a twist (like the jacket that comes with a hidden toothbrush)
– Started in a small Welsh town, now with flagship stores in London

new brands haspel

Seersucker Suit $795, Flamingo Shirt $250, Deadringers Pin $20, Seaward & Stern Pocket Square $75


Country: New Orleans, USA,
Playing since: 1909
Position: Elegantly dressed summer outings and vacation abroad
Body type: Medium to big build
Known for:
– Invented the cotton seersucker suit
– Fun embroidered short sleeve shirts with flamingos, hula girls or palm trees on them
– Haspel has been worn by Gary Grant, Gregory Peck and every president since Coolidge.

new brands circolo

Plaid Sport Coat $698, Textured Sweater $265


Country: Italy
Playing Since:
In the minor leagues for 30 years developing fabrics and textiles for other top brands, joined the majors under his own label 3 years ago
Position: Luxury casual wear
Body type: Med to bigger build
Known for:
– Dyed and printed fleece made into soft unconstructed blazers
– Super soft, worn in fabrics that you want to live in
– Fabrics are woven and made in Italy
– Essentials for everyday life

New brands gotstyle italia

Gotstyle Italia Suit $795


Gotstyle Italia

Country: Italy
Playing Since: Rookie year
Position: Smart suits
Body type: Medium to athletic build
Known for:
– Made in Italy
– Using Barbers fabrics (one of the oldest fabrics mills in the world, making the best fabrics in the world)
– Half canvas construction
– Fits hockey thighs!