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Whether you’re updating, adding or simply re-inventing your suiting wardrobe you’ll love the latest new arrivals from Tiger of Sweden. Established in 1903, Tiger of Sweden has mastered the art of seamlessly blending minimalism with true style. With clean cuts, tailored silhouettes and sizes ranging from a 38 short to 44 tall these suits are the perfect go-to brand for the everyday guy. Drop by our Bathurst or Distillery location to check them out and try them on.


Tiger of Sweden Nedvin Marzotto Textile Grid Check Suit: $899, Evert Stretch Slim Peak Lapel Suit: $899, Nedvin Chambray Suit: $849, Evert Window Pane Suit: $999


Paving the way for menswear in this country, we’re proud to announce that we’re the first retailer in Canada to carry the exclusive limited edition Dickie bow tie. These made in Canada, handmade bow ties are not for the faint at heart, but rather for that discerning gentlemen looking to express his individuality and creativity through his wardrobe.

Who is The Dickie Shoppe?

Here’s Christopher Louis Philippe Chapheau founder/owner of The Dickie Shoppe explaining the birth of his company in his own words:

“My youth was highly influenced and guided by my French born, restaurateur father.  A man who was always immaculately dressed, and who had an undeniable impact on my desire to enter the world of men’s fashion.

Post-university life on the west coast didn’t satisfy my itch to be immersed in the high paced culture and fashion forward lifestyle Toronto provided so it wasn’t before long that my bags were packed and a one way ticket to Toronto was purchased. I arrived with no job, and nowhere to live, only knowing that this was the city where I wanted to leave my mark.  After three years and multiple jobs in the corporate life I knew it was time to take the leap and pursue my passions.

Thus, The Dickie Shoppe was born. Having no formal fashion education myself I teamed up with my close and highly talented seamstress friend, Vicky Bignell.  Having extensive training from the Coco Fashion Design Institute, she would help to bring our bow ties to life.”

The Products:

Each bow tie is hand crafted and limited edition (a few hundred being manufactured of each design at most).  Both Christopher & Vicky utilize a lot of antique fabrics that they source from around Toronto and the surrounding areas meaning each design is part of a unique and close knit family. Here’s a catalogue of all the styles we’ll be carrying at Gotstyle, with a mini descriptions explaining how each one is unique.

Photography by: Lane Dorsey 


“The professor”: $120

  • Beautiful brown tweed fabric
  • Pre-tied in a traditional double bow design
  • Thick gauge copper chain accent
  • Hand made locally  here in Toronto


“The woodpecker” (all brown): $150

  • Pheasant feathered bow tie
  • Sleek satin double bow backing
  • Pre-tied
  • Hand made locally here in Toronto


“The Peacock” (all brown, white accent): $150

  • Pheasant feathered bow tie with white woodpecker feather accents
  • Sleek satin double bow backing
  • Pre-tied
  • Hand made locally here in Toronto


“The J.W.”: $100

  • Double sided burlap bow tie with antique western patterned fabric
  • Extremely limited quantities due to the antique fabric sourced
  • Pre- tied in a traditional double bow design
  • Hand made locally here in Toronto


“The Victoria”: $100

  • Antique blue floral fabric
  • Pre-tied in a modern triple bow design
  • Extremely limited quantities due to antique fabric sourced
  • Hand made locally here in Toronto
AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery

Quill & Tine’s Lawrence are the quintessential winter gloves for the style-minded man. Cut and crafted in full lamb leather, with a cashmere liner and cuff for the greatest warmth and comfort, these gloves will easily become your go-to winter glove. They’ll perfectly complement a dress coat, toggle coat, the favourite shawl collar cardigan, or even a chunky fisherman’s sweater.

Quill & Tine Touchscreen Leather Driver Glove: $160

Quill and Tine Touchscreen Leather Driver Glove: $160


To all you shoe aficionados, Sully Wong is back with a brand new sneaker for your collection. Inspired by 1830’s Scottish Master Weaver H.  Tweed best known for the creation of the handwoven Scottish Wool fabric Tweed.  The leather / Tweed fabric combination Hi-Tops highlight the subtleties and design lines of the time, and are reflective of the immense care and attention to detail that Sully Wong is known for. Easy to wear, these kicks can be styled down with a great pair of nudie’s or dressed up with a slim modern cut suit like the ones from Tiger of Sweden.

New Arrivals

New Arrivals: Blue Industry

September 26, 2013

After having an amazing summer with Blue Industry,  the brand, as the the name hints is the perfect compliment to a pair denim. Characterized by bold patterns and distinctive finishes, these standalone separates allow men to take their style from day to night.

AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery, Online
New Arrivals
Another Gotstyle first! We are now officially carrying a limited selection of Duchamp London for Fall. Duchamp is a great British success story and lets face it who doesn’t love a some Brit dadaism in their life. The luxury brand launched in 1989 as an mens accessories brand named after the famed French surrealist artist Marcel Duchamp.
Although Duchamp now offers everything from trench coats to trousers, the core of the collection is very much occasion wear for men who love dressing up, with tuxedos and evening dress shirts for events from big nights out to a day at the races. The brand has proved to be a huge hit with the wedding market…after all Duchamp is all about the feel-good factor, and what could be more important than feeling good on your biggest day?
Here is your exclusive access to our latest arrivals from the British Isles.


AVAILABLE AT:The Menswear Store & Distillery