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graphic tees that speak for you

Graphic Tees That Speak for You

September 14, 2016

Graphic tees have had a bit of a bad rep with cheesy slogans and overly loud branding. Luckily they’ve been rescued and revived with cheeky remarks and badass images. We like graphic tees that speak for you before you even open your mouth and support brands or cultures that we appreciate.

Burning Tees Collaboration

Graffiti, in general, is a cool subculture. Whether you admit it or not, it’s a feat as an artist to make your mark on the city and have everyone recognize it. Waves Apparel has collaborated with infamous Toronto artists to create these tees. Each one is hand-crafted and hand-printed right here in Toronto.

10% of all proceeds support Sketch Toronto. Providing tools, education and a safe place for Toronto’s street youth to develop careers in their creative passions.

Toronto Forever

When you wear Toronto Forever, you help build the city’s future.

15% of your purchase is donated to Toronto Youth Development – an organization committed to improving the quality of life of the city’s at-risk youth. Together we will empower inner-city children and teenagers to overcome the repression of their environments and achieve their dreams.

Peace Collective

Peace Collective's iconic "Toronto vs Everybody" t-shirt has been worn by Jose Bautista, Cory JosephJosh Donaldson, Kevin Pillar, and Marcus Stroman. The shirt says it all with a bold statement that shows the love and support we have for the city.

With the purchase of select Peace Collective garments, $4 is donated to Breakfast for Learning and helps feed a hungry Canadian child two healthy meals and a healthy snack.


RVLT is a brand for those who wear their heart on their sleeves- or in this case on their chest. A tribute to those who don't fear the daily grind - they embrace it. - We salute the everyday heroes.

They keep it simple with a little graphic/patch. Our favourite? The 3D heart that says "fuck what you heard." It may not be appropriate to wear around your grandmother but it definitely sends a message.


If you’ve been paying attention, the city of Toronto is definitely on a new wave. With the likes of Justin Bieber, Drake, the Blue Jays and most importantly to note the Raptors. After their game 7 win against the Pacers, they’ve advanced into round 2 of the series. It’s been almost FIFTEEN years since they’ve reached this far in the playoffs. This is an achievement that any fellow Torontonian, Raptors’ fan or not, feels proud of. The second round against the Miami Heats has everyone on the edge of their seats.


In support of the Raptors, Peace Collective has created a limited edition Toronto Vs. Everybody tee in white and purple. It’s a great way to show off your love for the Raptors and support a local Toronto brand. Peace Collective has established an iconic platform among Canadians and continues to raise awareness to the community in many different ways. Get yours today in store and online.

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Peace Collective raptors tee

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