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We’re pretty into leather jackets right now.

  1. They  can be thrown over anything
  2. They instantly make your t-shirt and jeans outfit look bad-ass.
  3. A great one lasts forever.


The downside? Leather jackets cost almost a month’s rent. BUT buying the right leather can last for over 10 years. Remember that a more classic moto style leather jacket will be in style longer than a trendy bomber style leather jacket. Consider it a treat yo self-moment. We also find calculating your cost per wear helps. So obviously this article from the onion had to be shared. We’re team Leather Jackets over Children.

Consider it a treat yo self-moment! We also find calculating your cost per wear helps. Shop around, do your research, calculate your CPW, and when you do decide to buy consider it a “treat yo self” moment.

Check out this article from The Onion.

We’re team Leather Jackets over Children!!


This article from The Onion had to be shared…. we’re team Leather Jackets over Children.

SEATTLE—A study released Thursday by the Pacific Parenting Institute found that owning a seriously cool leather jacket is significantly more fulfilling than raising a child to adulthood. “Our research suggests that the feeling of purchasing a really amazing leather jacket and then proudly watching over time as it gradually becomes broken in and forms perfectly to your body is, by a very wide margin, more rewarding than conceiving a child and then raising it from birth to 18 years of age,” said lead researcher Dr. Marcus Aiello, adding that it was on average 63 percent more gratifying to regularly condition a leather jacket that had awesome vertical zippers on the sleeves than it was to read nightly bedtime stories to a son or daughter.

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bad leather jackets

A leather jacket is an essential for every man. Buying the right one, however, is a different issue. Here are 13 bad leather jackets to avoid!

1. We totally understand it’s cold outside but too much bulk makes you look oversized.

oversized bad leather jackets

2. Sure you go to the gym but no one’s arms need that much room.

black bad leather jackets

3. In this case, we’d like to say less is more.

bad leather jackets

4. If your sleeves scrunch up like that, it’s not a good look.


5. Sorry fellas, this style isn’t in anymore.


6. Let’s leave bright, loud leather jackets in the past.


7. Two words: leather overkill.


8. If your leather jacket looks like this one, we highly recommend an update.


9. Distressed is one thing. Worn out is another.


10. A leather jacket two times too big rarely works out for anyone.


11. Too many things are wrong with this outfit.


12. Stop getting boxy leather jackets with no shape!


13. Fashion is cyclical. We are confident that long leather trench coats won’t come back.


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