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Tonic Blooms is a Toronto florist we really like.

We polled the office and while many of us “don’t want anything” for valentines day, we still expect something. Human Nature, am-i-right?

BUT wait. Don’t rush to your local grocery store for 12 dozen roses and a plush teddy bear just yet. Those grab and go floral arrangements look last minute, they’re not fresh, and they come in plastic. Your S/O will appreciate the effort of using a local florist.

Tonic Blooms is a Toronto based company. They’re fairly new but already changing the way we think about flower delivery.

Valentines Day arrangements come wrapped in their signature denim (a vase option is also available) and are bundled with Squish candies, Chocolates  by Brandon Olsen or CXBO (Hand made in Toronto), or body balm by Toronto’s The Chic Canuck.

Their arrangements are well priced and tiered, ensuring an arrangement for any budget. Their blooms are delivered on demand at no extra cost, and shipping is always free.

Valentines Day Packages: The XO, The Bella, The Rosie

Valentines Day Packages: The XO, The Bella, The Rosie

The whole package is Instagram heaven, and you’ll be the one to thank.

 Get 10% off with the code GOTBLOOMS.

This code expires Feb 11/17

About Tonic Blooms


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We founded Tonic Blooms with the simple goal of
bringing joyfulness back to sending flowers.

Although sending flowers has been around since as long as we can remember, whenever we needed flowers delivered, and fast, we were consistently disappointed and often frustrated. We felt that the entire gifting experience was broken, which was a shame since sending and receiving flowers should be nothing but sunshine and lollipops.

By rethinking the flower delivery business model and launching Tonic Blooms, we are devoting all our energy to ensure that those who send and those who receive Tonic Blooms are delighted from start to finish.

We start with selecting locally sourced blooms of the highest quality and freshness, so that your Tonic Blooms last as long as they should. Then, we curate and offer a selection of seasonal designs that are sure to impress and delight.

What you see is what we send.

We offer what you want, when you want it, at a price that can’t be beat. That’s why Tonic Blooms are delivered on demand at no extra cost. Two-hour delivery is free within their on-demand zone, and same-day shipping in the rest of the GTA is available for an additional fee.

Order your blooms today.


Mothers Day Gift Ideas

April 27, 2016

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for the Gotstyle Man compliments of Gotstyle Woman.

What is good enough for the person that literally gave you life? Moms have put up with the makeshift crafts, coupons, and cards. It’s hard to impress the women that might have everything, so this year we want to break out of the Mother’s Day gifting stereotypes – not everyone wants flowers. 

Moms can be sexy and edgy, career driven, a decadent hippie or an athletic goddess. The point is moms are unique, and they probably know you better than you know yourself sometimes. So why not give them something great this year, that is totally them.

This gift guide is for all your modern moms who deserve the Moon but when that’s not the easiest to get, Gotstyle Woman has you covered.

sporty-small Sneakers by New Balance $90 | Yoga Pants by Alo $119 | Yoga Bra by Alo $79 | No Show Socks by Taft $15 | Hybridge Lite Jacket by Canada Goose $575 | Gym Bag by Herschel $60 | Sneaker Wipes by Jason Markk $16 | Sneaker Cleaner Kit by Jason Markk $24

laidback-small Plaid Shirt by Rails $215 |Fedora by Brixton $90 | Leather Bag by Opelle $250 | Graphic Tank by Daydreamer $88 | Stripe Tote Bag by Herschel $45 | Palm Rope Necklaces by Jenny Bird $95 | 501 Jeans by Levi’s $90 | Suede Boots by Cartel $185 | Bra & Underwear Set by Love Stories $185 | Pins by Deadringers $20

edgy-small Suede Clutch by Ela $335 | Slides by Melissa $115 | Palm Tree Sweater by John & Jenn $149 | Skirt by Tiger Of Sweden $189 | Fedora by Brixton $90 | Circle Bag by Opelle $325 | Sunglasses by Le Specs $88 | Zenith Collar by Jenny Bird $175 | Talitha Necklace by Jenny Bird $195 | Artemis Necklace by Jenny Bird $250 | High Waist Hoxton Jeans by Paige $265 | Graphic Tee by Maison Scotch $69 | Lace Halter Bra by For Love & Lemons $175 | Lace Thong by For Love & Lemons $105 | Talitha Bracelet by Jenny Bird $125

comfy-small Floral Slip by PJ Salvage $95 | Flip Flops by Melissa $98 | Pencil Set $25 | Cozy Joggers by Velvet $188 | Cozy Top by Velvet $178 | PJ Set (Shorts) by PJ Salvage $154 | PJ Set (Pants) by PJ Salvage $154 | Cotton Camisole by Velvet $98

Business-small Jersey Dress by Velvet $268 | Blazer by James Jeans $398 | Leather Oxfords by Cartel $195 | Leather Pumps by Tiger Of Sweden $249 | Leather Bag by Opelle $300 | Gold Bracelets by Jenny Bird $85 | Reading Glasses by Eyebobs $95 | Hosiery by Falke $49 | Scarf by Moment By Moment $85

beachy-small Scarves by Moment By Moment $65 & $75 | Straw Hat by Brixton $72 | Denim Cutoff Shorts by Levi’s $69 | Bikini by Love Stories $185 | Sunglasses by Le Specs $88 | Hello Holidays Sweatshirt by Maison Scotch $109 | Temporary Tattoos by Flashionista’s $24 | Gold Pineapple Cup $45 | Straw Tote Bag by Herschel $85 | Slide Sandals by Lacoste $150


All of these items are available at Gotstyle Distillery. Limited selection of women’s in the “dog house” section at Gotstyle King West. Can’t make it in? Email us! Shop@gotstyle.ca