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The V-Neck sweater. Once a staple of men’s fashion left to die in the back of your closet only to be brought out again for awkward family dinners.

Well, they’re back baby! …with a twist. The twist, as with any trend re-introduction always makes or breaks the piece. In this case, the “v” should be more angular. Think sharp point rather than the shallow v that is synonymous with the old v-neck sweaters you do have.

How To Rock Dis

1. Paired With A Polo

This style move has a vintage feel that will shake up your work wardrobe.


v neck sweater and polo

Step 1: Pick a colour combination that you like. You can also pair with a printed polo. When matching choose a colour that is somewhere in the polo to your sweater. A classic colour combination is blue and brown. Sean Connery (pictured above) with another classic pairing grey and brown.

How good would this be with a slim trim navy trouser to pair with it?

2. Under a jacket

Nothing new here! Just avoid bulk at all cost. Pair with a jersey blazer or something unconstructed or unlined.


Outfit details: Hardy Amies – Wool Flannel Blazer w Patch Pockets $695, Van Gils – Barlow Contrast V-Neck Sweater $145Nudie Jeans – Lean Dean Dry Slow Dark Denim $199, Anderson’s – Pebbled Leather Belt $160, Gotstyle – Sleek Chelsea Leather Boot $295

3. Slightly Oversized

If the idea of wearing a v-neck makes you cringe, because you’re too cool for that shit. Grab an oversized v-neck. The bagginess will look more relaxed and less preppy-9-to-5-guy.

Like we said before, look for angular v-necks.

Take your oversized sweater to the next level by distressing it. This works best with wool or cashmere. Doing a quick google search on distressing will help but you’ll need a plastic brush, knife, or lighter.

It will look worn and vintage A.K.A. expensive AF. 


Outfit details: Gotstyle Launch – Merino Wool Blend V-Neck $125, Buckson Slacks – Classic Buck $220

4. Solo… with chinos and high tops

Consider this your next travel outfit. Avoid scratchy fabrics so you don’t need to layer a t-shirt underneath. We like the monochromatic pairing Ryan Reynolds did here (below) with the two different hues of blue.

If you enjoy comfort during travel get a chino with a lot of stretch. And if you’re travelling for work easily sling your travel blazer by your side.

Solo… with chinos and high tops Consider this your next travel outfit. Avoid scratchy fabrics so you don’t need to layer a t-shirt underneath. We like the monochromatic pairing here with two different hues of blue. It unifies the outfit and makes it less office wardrobe. For travel get a chino with a lot of stretch. The sweater will balance out the casual high top pairing. Feature Blue Industry Chino Feature Garment Project High top

Get This Look: Blue Industry ChinoGarment Project High top / Monte & Coe Duffel Bag

5. Keep it classy- under a suit

Going to a social event or work party? Skip the dress shirt and wear a v-neck instead.


Outfit details: Van Gils – Barlow Contrast V-Neck Sweater $145Anderson’s – Pebbled Leather Belt $160, Tiger of Sweden – Atwood Jacquard Suit $999

You can consider it a basic again. Now with multiple ways to style the V-Neck in your arsenal, this might just be the next best piece to invest in right now.  Follow us on Instagram: @shopgotstyle. For online style help, chat with us. 

shawl collar sweaters feature image

The Shawl Collar Sweater Is Back.

If you want a quick, easy way to upgrade your old sweater routine try a shawl collar sweater. Shawl collar sweaters have been rocked by James Bond to Steve McQueen. They manage to always add a bit of sophistication whether you dress it up or dress it down. Next time you go out, trade your crew neck in for a shawl collar.

Celebrities In Shawl Collars

What you should remember:

Shawl collars are known to be flattering to stockier, heavy set physiques thanks to the rolled, rounded shape which frames the face. The long, curved lapels also help create a leaner, trimmer silhouette.

Our expert menswear stylists have put together four looks with their favorite shawl collar sweaters that are in store and online now.

Hover over the photos to see the details.


Pairing a turtleneck with a shawl collar cardigan is classy as f*ck.

Put a twist on it with a sleek bomber and ripped denim. This is a good outfit for hitting the bar with your friends, that first coffee date, or a casual brunch. Need a dressier option? Wear the same sweater/turtleneck combo with a blazer.


Shawl collar… collars, come in different sizes.

Smaller collars make layering easier. Try over a button down and under a blazer for a no brainer weekend outfit. Swap your jeans for chinos or trousers for a dinnertime look.


Chunkier knits have more character and just feel definitely cozier.

Thicker knits aren’t as easy to layer under, so don’t force it. Avoid looking bulky by wearing just the sweater and a t-shirt underneath. We’d recommend this look for casual office days or weekend brunch!


Thinner collar? Add a tie.

This is a good look for office casual, smart casual or business casual. The sweater has a thinner collar so it can be worn with a tie. This makes it a good alternative to wearing a blazer OR if you need to wear a blazer, you can do so without it getting bulky. The trousers have an elastic cuff making it a tad more relaxed and casual. If it’s not appropriate for your office, simply trade it in for a pair of chinos or dark denim.

buy a sweater

It’s never fun to be hit with snow after a teaser of spring. I know Mother Nature sometimes has other plans for us, but I wasn’t second guessing her and packed away my winter coat and fall sweaters.

The option of what to do now? It’s all about buying the perfect transitional pieces that will work RIGHT NOW and into the spring once Mother Nature decides to be nice to us again.

The perfect item for right now is sweaters! I know you’re thinking sweaters? In the springtime? (that’s right around the corner). Yes sweaters. Now we are not talking about those bulky heavy wool sweaters that you rocked all fall. We’re talking about lightweight sweaters, in cotton, with a cool pattern on them, or even a cardigan.


They are perfect for layering RIGHT NOW under a sport coat to give you an extra bit of warmth that a regular shirt can’t, heck you can even layer it over your shirt and under your sport coat. But in the next few weeks when it does hit the above 15 mark, you can wear said sweater on it’s own on a night out, or wear it with a pair of checked pants for a smart casual work look.  Either way it’s still going to be chilly at night for the next few months, a lightweight sweater is the perfect item to keep you warm but still looking cool.



-Melissa Austria 

ITem Of The Week

Inspired by ‘70s style active wear, Champion’s reimagined (with a little help from Todd Snyder) line is classic athleticism made modern. The brand’s slick pocket sweatshirt is a surefire hit. Supremely soft cotton, side gussets for comfort and raglan detail work the sporty trend- pair with rolled chinos and kicks for a completely current look.

Style Tips

Lyle & Scott’s Fall 14 collaboration with genius Glaswegian Jonathon Saunders has resulted in vibrant pieces that work on or off the green. Case in point- a carefully crafted Merino wool, crew neck sweater. A muted front complete with golden eagle insignia, gives way to a surprising contrast dot print at back. Balance the motif with simple, slim denim and on-trend sneakers. READ MORE ››

New Arrivals

JOHNNYLOVE’s mantra of wanting to help men dress sharper in everyday life is one of the many reasons why we’ve fallen in love with this brand. After its debut in our stores over five  years ago this brand has truly become a fan favourite, which is why we made sure stocked up for the SS’14 season with great new styles and colours.

As part of our transitional new arrivals we’ve brought in some great sweater and jackets to help ease you into the coming warmer days. The ultra light weave knits offer a clean and classic look that is effortless, where as the short trench and water-resistant parkas are ideal protection for those strong winds and rainy days.