As much as we love the celebrations, finding the right summer wedding suits can be tricky. Balancing breathability and comfort with dress code appropriate style isn’t always easy in the summer months. The solution? Formal looks in lightweight fabrics. Every year we’re seeing more and more, great options in lightweight fabrics that are perfect for… [Read More]

Your Other Suit Option

March 8, 2016

More and more we’re noticing men are opting for custom when it comes to weddings. Rentals are never acceptable. You work hard for your money– invest in something you’ll wear again. Take a look at some custom designs over the last year done by our made to measure team. For more information on our made… [Read More]

Wedding analysts predict that soon 1 out of 4 weddings will be a destination wedding. For something that was once considered a novelty destination weddings are now the new normal. Having just come back from my own destination wedding, I would say it’s the only way to go! Why? A couple of reasons, here are… [Read More]


Real grooms, real style.

Sasha Ferkul June 17, 2014

It’s that time of year- and no matter your age, summer is the season of a million nuptials. Groom or guest, outdoor event or black tie affair, the proper attire is essential to good times. Our collection of suiting, footwear and accessories is straight-up cool and ensures the man of the hour and the crew… [Read More]


Meet Gareth, a young advertising consultant who came to us last year to get outfitted for his Fall wedding back in September. Gareth was looking for a suit that had that traditional touch with a modern finish. After considering a few options it was clear that a modern cut 3-piece suit by Paul Betenly was… [Read More]


Meet Ryan, a young professional with a keen eye for style who came to us a couple of months back to get outfitted for his gorgeous wedding. Fortunately for us when Ryan sat down with our made-to-measure expert Konstantine he had a clear vision of what he was striving for. For his suit we virtually customized every aspect… [Read More]