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A prom suit can be the first investment piece for a young guy’s future.

We think the celebration of prom should be rewarded with a good suit! The growth spurts have passed and he’s ready to man up. This is one of the first times he’ll need a suit (that isn’t black) so look at it as an investment. So many guys rent, or wear suits that are passed down or very dated ultimately missing out on the opportunity to have a great suit ready in the closet for all of the occasions after graduation. Don’t let him go to prom in a dated suit. Buy right and he can wear it to his first interviews! Invest now and he will be able to wear it for job interviews, college interviews, and maybe even a few dates!

Pricing: Our half canvas suits start at $650 (multiple styles) floating chest piece/fused suits starting at $495 and full canvas (Eidos Napoli) ranging from $1400-1600. Wherever your price range is, we can suit him up!

We’re calling all Dads, Uncles, Grandpas and family friends… rather than lending him yours, bring him to Gotstyle. Get him his own quality (we recommend a half or full canvas) suit to wear for years to come. He’ll thank you – We promise!


Outfit details: Gotstyle – Super 130s Glen Check Notch Lapel 3-Piece Suit $995, Sand – Denim Shirt w Contrast Stitching $195, Paradigma – Fancy Suede/Leather Brogue $375, Doro – Lapel Pin $19, , Anderson’s – Pebbled Leather Belt $160


Outfit details: Tiger of Sweden – Tuxedo w Shawl Lapel $899, Stenstroms – Fitted Tuxedo Shirt $265, Gotstyle – Five Eye Cap Toe Derby Shoe $225, Dion – Silk TYS Bowtie $95, A. Christensen – Pocket Square $45, Anderson’s – Pebbled Leather Belt $160


Outfit details: Selected Homme – Solid Basic Suit $495, Stenstroms – Slimline Basic Dress Shirt $195, Ted Baker – Printed Tie $95, Gotstyle – Five Eye Cap Toe Derby Shoe $225Anderson’s – Pebbled Leather Belt $160


Outfit details: Without Prejudice – Kilburn 3-Piece Birdseye Suit $1195, Hardy Amies – Solid Oxford Shirt $155, Seaward & Stearn – Printed Tie $110, Gotstyle – Five Eye Cap Toe Derby Shoe $225Anderson’s – Pebbled Leather Belt $160, Jin Qun – Silk Puff $15

PLUS:  Anyone who gets their prom suit from Gotstyle has a chance to win the epic prom package. Check out the contest rules here.

Featured suits are available at both Distillery and Bathurst locations.
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prom lessons

What I Learned at Prom

April 22, 2016

Prom is one of the most memorable experiences kids have. Don’t let your cousin, brother, son wear your old suit. He can use this opportunity to get his first suit one that will be able to wear to his first interview.

There are a lot of options out there at different price points. Check out our prom guide and don’t forget we have a major contest that could pimp your entire prom.

Scan 1

Melissa Austria, Owner & Curator of Gotstyle

“Don’t get too intoxicated that you don’t remember the night. Prom is a pretty important moment in your life and it’s a chance to party with all your high school friends.

Scan copy 3

Phil Campbell, Operations Assistant Manager

“Honestly just enjoy the night and have fun with it. This might be the last chance you have to create memories with people you’ve spent 4 years with.”

gold prom press

Shaeleigh Afton, Digital Marketing Manager

“I realized spending $700 on a dress that I will never wear again is stupid– but thanks Grandpa! Guys, with the right suit you can always wear your it again (like to an interview). And pictures are important so take as many as you can.”

Scan copy

Mallory Hood, Distillery Store Manager & Wedding Co-ordinator

“My date wore a double breasted jacket that I think he borrowed from his dad and smelled like rum the whole night. The teal dress is one of my biggest regrets in my life. The one thing I can say is if you invest in a good suit (and in a good friend) it will last you for years to come. 10 years later my date and I are still amazing friends.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 12.24.17 PM

Linda Giang, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator

“A lot of us seem to regret our dresses. Mostly because we usually get ones we can’t wear again. But I think at the time, that’s what we’re into. I would suggest going to a boutique store that knows what’s classic yet in style and will give honest advice because we can’t really trust our taste at that age.”


Alex Danyer, Distillery Stylist & Assistant Womenwear Buyer

“Definitely get comfortable shoes.You’re standing so much from all the pictures that get taken and dancing all night. People thought I was drunk because I kept holding onto my date for support! Don’t make the same mistake.”


Nicole Goldstein, Bathurst Store Manager

“7 years later I can still fit into my prom dress. The more people you date in high school, the more proms you get to go to!”

Some prom trends never die..

1. The kid with the hat

2. Over-staged engagement style prom photos



3. The very strict deux-chromatic colour palate… match or be banished to the unpopular table


…wait is she wearing square toes?

4. The SATIN vest that comes in every colour

… Every, Fucking, Colour.

5. The white PIMP suit



6.  That bro squad who came with matching suits and shades

7. The “borrowed from my dad” look

8. The waiter style black dress shirt is the only option to match those flashy satin vests

9. The Bad-ass car pose picture

10. Aaaand last but not least the big daddy P.I.M.P cane.

giphy (4)

Don’t let your son, nephew, cousin, or brother go to prom with a pimp cane. Send him to Gotstyle. Prom shoppers can enter to win our PIMP MY PROM contest .

Already suited up? Hashtag your prom photos with #gotstyleprom and be entered to win a $100 Gotstyle gift card.

Now… who wants to check out the embarrassing prom photos of the Gotstyle staff?


Gotstyle Prom Giveaway

Thinking back to high school, graduation and prom was definitely one of our favourite memories. Not only was the actual event something to look forward to, the preparation was equally as fun. It may have been a while since we’ve had our prom, but we remember how important it was. Gotstyle wants to be part of making your prom memorable so we’re having a Gotstyle Prom Giveaway. Check out the details on how to enter below.

The contest runs from April 18th to May 9th

Win a stretch navigator/limo service to drive you and your friends to prom AND a professional photographer to take pictures of you and your crew on your big day.

How to enter our Gotstyle Prom Giveaway:

1. Come shopping for your prom suit at Gotstyle (find a store here)
2. Post a picture with your garment bag. It MUST include the hashtag #GostyleProm and tag @shopgotstyle.
3. One entry per person

PLUS: Anyone who uses the #GotstyleProm at their prom can be entered for a $100 gift card


Grad suits designed to look good, fit great and go the distance. Because being voted most likely to succeed trumps being the class clown. Designed for versatility these suit aren’t just one trick ponies. You can style them for your next job interview, summer wedding or even a few dates. Dress them up or dress them down, wear them together as a suit or as separates to get the most mileage out of your investment. These suits are the perfect building blocks for your suit wardrobe. 

Photography by: LoveLost Photography


Tiger of Sweden Evert Barberis Peak Lapel Suit, $899


Strellson Fine Stretch Cotton Suit: $698


Sand Ringo-Paul Super 130s Fil-a-Fil Suit: $1195


No matter the generation Prom has always been one of those “rite of passage” kind of moments. We’ve all been through it and no matter our varied experiences and memories we can all agree that Prom night is one you’ll remember for the rest of your life. So why not take part in your son, brother, nephew, cousins prom by bringing them in to get fitted for a great suit. Much like how we’ve convinced most of you into buying suits vs renting, that same wisdom needs to be passed down to the younger generation. Helping them to purchase a suit will not only make them look like a star at their prom but give you bragging rights for at least a few years, or until they graduate from college or university.

To sweeten the pot we’ve got two great promotions for our young gents.

  1. Suit trade in: simply bring in an old suit and we’ll give you a $50 credit towards the purchase of your new suit.
  2. If you purchase one of these great promo suits, we’ll throw in a tie or bow tie with matching pocket square from Haight and Ashbury for FREE ( Approx Value: $65)

Haight & Ashbury Suit: $550
Haight & Ashbury Shirt: $95
Haight & Ashbury Tie & Pocket Square: FREE w/ purchase of suit.

Haight & Ashbury Suit: $550
Haight & Ashbury Shirt: $95
Haight & Ashbury Tie & Pocket Square: FREE w/ purchase of suit.

Haight & Ashbury Suit: $550
Haight & Ashbury Shirt: $95
Haight & Ashbury Tie & Pocket Square: FREE w/ purchase of suit.

Stefano Suit: $395
Haight & Ashbury Shirt: $95
Haight & Ashbury Tie & Pocket Square: FREE w/ purchase of suit.