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Every now and then there comes along an event that requires you to really step it up. The invite says “creative fashionable formal” but what does that really mean? Do you wear a full out tuxedo, do you jazz up a pair of jeans and blazer, what do you do? Well, for starters whenever you hear the word “formal” you should erase the word “denim”. Second reach out to our stylists to help guide you the rest of the way.

To better understand what “creative fashionable formal” really means, we got our stylists Nicole, Shae, Jenya and Sharad to put together looks that they’d recommend to their clients. These looks are as diverse as they come and hopefully give you some great ideas on how you can dress formal without losing your personality.



Gotstyle Private Label Shawl Collar Tuxedo Blazer: $750 Kent and Curwen Cotton Shirt: $270 Kent and Curwen Cotton Pant: $475 Ted Baker Lewka Fashion Sneaker: $165



Sand Prunella DB Suit: $1050 Ted Baker Shirt: $165 Dion Bowtie: $110 Hook & Albert Lapel Flower: $30 Tiger of Sweden Harvey Double Monk Strap Shoe: $359



Strellson 5-Pocket Sheen Cotton Suit: $658 Ted Baker Shirt: $165 Hudson Hadstone Weave Derby Shoe: $175 Hook & Furl Lapel Pin: $45



Lab Fleck Tuxedo Satin Lapel Suit: $1295 Strellson Scott Dress Shirt: $198 Dion Bowtie: $110 Van Gils Leather Boot: $250


Grad suits designed to look good, fit great and go the distance. Because being voted most likely to succeed trumps being the class clown. Designed for versatility these suit aren’t just one trick ponies. You can style them for your next job interview, summer wedding or even a few dates. Dress them up or dress them down, wear them together as a suit or as separates to get the most mileage out of your investment. These suits are the perfect building blocks for your suit wardrobe. 

Photography by: LoveLost Photography


Tiger of Sweden Evert Barberis Peak Lapel Suit, $899


Strellson Fine Stretch Cotton Suit: $698


Sand Ringo-Paul Super 130s Fil-a-Fil Suit: $1195


Renting a tuxedo is like taking your date to McDonalds, you just don’t do it. And do you really want your boys in the same pants that another guy has had his boys in? Didn’t think so. Tuxedos are the pinnacle of sartorial expression and as such deserve your respect. Whether you’re wearing one to a black-tie gala or your own wedding, investing in one isn’t just the right thing to do it’s the only thing to do.

Here are some great off-the rack options to consider when purchasing your next or first tuxedo. If off the rack isn’t right for you, there is always our incredible made-to-measure program. Either way, choice is plenty and prices varied.


Lab Fleck Tuxedo with Satin Lapel: $1295


Van Gils Baran Solid Peak Lapel Tuxedo: $895


Lab Stretch Fabric Shawl ColLAR TUXEDO: $1200


Hilton One-Button Peak Lapel Patterned Tuxedo: $995


Tiger Of Sweden Tuxedo: $949



It’s ‘stache season and we want to do our part in making sure you rock yours with style. Getting the right style to match your Movember stache can be a tricky thing- but don’t worry we’re here to give a helping hand. Whether you’re holding down the classic handle-bar, the horseshoe, the dali or the lampshade we’ve got the look that is guaranteed to make you shine.

Start by realizing that you have a choice and saying no to the Canadian uniform should be priority #1. There’s more to Movemeber than just plaids, denim and creepy moustaches and we’re here to prove it. There are people with real style and some pretty sexy ‘staches that are joining the cause, just look at Nick Wooster. If he doesn’t scream sexy, bearded cool we don’t know who does. Learn to take pride in your newly discovered/groomed ‘stache and recognize that if you’re going to change the face of men’s health, why not do it in style with Gotstyle!




Van Gils Plaid Flannel Blazer: $595 Strellson Virgin Wool Turtleneck Sweater: $148




Moods Of Norway Stein Tonning Suit Jacket: $449 Moods Of Norway Stein Flo Wool Suit Pant: $229 Haight & Ashbury Costal Floral Shirt: $110

Style Guide

Ah, the mysteries of formal wear, to wear a tux or to not wear a tux, that is the question? Before we endeavour to answer that we have to ask a more pertinent question, what is the event?  The key to dressing successfully for any formal event is to identify the occasion, are you attending a high-profile charity gala, TIFF movie premiere, MMVA’s…? Each event comes with it’s own set of rules outlining what is acceptable and what isn’t and knowing those rules is key. Clearly the flexibility in what you’d wear to the MMVA’s is not the same as a black-tie charity dinner where your company has bought a $20,000 table. As such we’ve put together a modern style guide offering everything from a classic shawl-collar tuxedos to dinner jacket combos to help guide you on your style journey. These looks are guaranteed to keep you up to code not matter the formality of your event and remember, “you can never be too overdressed or overeducated” of any occasion.

Upcoming events:
  • Thrill Of Ascot supporting Best Buddies Charity June 7 at Woodbine Race Track 
  • Scrubs In The City in support of Sick Kids hospital present Soiree Under The Stars (Into The Night Dressed In White) June 10 at Evergreen Brick Works
  • MMVA’s June 16 at Much Music Headquarters
Photographer: Ishmil Waterman
Stylist: Sharad Mohan
Model: Carlton (Elmer Olsen)


Yesterday was a busy day as we had the awesome Minna Rhee, lifestyle reporter for Global News sit down with Melissa to talk about the latest menswear trends for Prom 2013. Here is the segment that was featured on Global News.