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More and more fall arrivals are hitting our shelves every day, so we’ve gathered our favourites to give you some inspiration. Now’s the time to layer and mix up textures and fabrics – our casual section is filled with awesome layering pieces. Here’s one reason to do some wardrobe upgrades this season – a Ted Baker knit sweater with contrasting elbow patches. Continue reading to see our favourite fall looks.


Left: Adidas SLVR wool jacket $370, Adidas SLVR hoodie $125, PRPS Mohanpass jeans $245.
Right: Adidas SLVR double zip blazer $495, Adidas SLVR grey shirt $115, Adidas SLVR articulated knee pant $130.

Adidas is back with more pieces that blend athletic details and sleek style together for a refined casual look. Fencing returns as their source of inspiration, which is clear in the articulated knee seen in the pants, and overall clean design approach. Their wool take on the classic varsity jacket in this season’s colour is one our favourite pieces.

Once again they’ve given guys a different way to do casual that stands apart from the usual jeans and sweaters.

Stones navy corduroy pants $198.

Since we started school, corduroy has been synonymous with fall. Who would have thought that after school we’d all continue to buy corduroy, willingly? This fall is going to be filled with cords, and there’s something for everyone – even a dressy pair.


Farah grey woven shirt $125, Farah cords in navy or orange $125, Wolverine boots $215. 

Classic fall fabrics like corduroy make a return this year, and the drop-crotch pants are done in casual cotton and heavy chino material. The colour trend is carrying on through this season, so don’t fall into a neutral rut.

These casual pieces are a great price point for updating your wardrobe and adding some more fashion-forward pieces.


Life/After/Denim brown cords $148 (also in beige and burgundy)Strellson plaid shirt $178. Cotte D’Armes drop crotch jeans $230, Strellson plaid shirt $178Ohm brown leather belt $95, Wolverine shoes $215. 

Similar to Fall suits, your casual style for Fall is a balance too. This time, it’s mixing warmth and masculinity together while staying contemporary. The colours are still mossy and earthy, and details are kept masculine (like these awesome Wolverine boots). Transition into Fall with long sleeve plaids, cords, thicker chinos, and jeans. But this doesn’t mean grow a beard, wear lumberjackets and wool socks everyday. Our new arrivals show you how to do this effectively. Fingers crossed, we won’t need to pull out sweaters or jackets for quite awhile.


Franklin + Gower is a Los Angeles based line that puts a lot of character into their suits. Sold separately with casual tuxedo piping, these blazers and pants have a trimmer cut and are available in two summer-friendly flavours: seersucker and basic beige. The fabric is contrasted under the lapel and in the lining: fun patterns aren’t immediately visible to the naked eye while the lighter colours allow you to comfortably attend your summer events, or can be worn casually throughout the day.

Blazers are priced at $385, while the pants are available for $185.