What’s New: Casual Wear From Farah and Cotte D’Armes

August 23, 2012

Farah grey woven shirt $125, Farah cords in navy or orange $125, Wolverine boots $215. 

Classic fall fabrics like corduroy make a return this year, and the drop-crotch pants are done in casual cotton and heavy chino material. The colour trend is carrying on through this season, so don’t fall into a neutral rut.

These casual pieces are a great price point for updating your wardrobe and adding some more fashion-forward pieces.

Cotte D’Armes pants $230, Sully Wong shoes $. Farah drop crotch chino $125, Adidas SLVR shoes $190. 

The drop crotch trend returns with jersey, denim, and heavy chino fabrics, perfect for weekends. This trend is great for late fall when we’re into jacket and scarf weather.