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Watch out Bay St! It’s official, every month with The Bay St Bull, Melissa (Founder of Gotstyle) will bring readers some of the best fashion expertise, advice and tips to make sure that the residents of Bay St look and feel their best. We can’t in good conscience allow you to walk into any meeting, negotiation or boardroom looking sloppy and unkept. Which is why you’ll want to keep a copy of The Bull handy at all times to ensure you’re that you’re always in the know. Check out some of the great features in the latest issue of The Bull, where we talk about this summers must-have accessories and what you should consider when attending your bosses summer bbq.

Melissa The Bay St Bull Magazine

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Fashion is quite often a balancing act between what you need and what you want. Fortunately, with Melissa’s list of summer essentials that decision will be quite easy because what you’ll need is quite likely what you’ll want this summer.

  • The Trench: Not simply for spies, superheroes or singing in the rain, the trench has become a wardrobe staple for dashing men everywhere. Shop Now 
  • Colourful Cotton Chino: Stop sweating in your jeans!  Lightweight, cotton, coloured chinos will keep you cool all summer long. Shop Now
  • Printed Shirt: Are you puzzled in the morning over which blue check shirt you should wear?  Try a print. Shop Now
  • Leather Briefcase: Retire the canvas nap sack boys. It’s time to carry your gadgets and paperwork like a gentlemen, in a genuine leather briefcase. Shop Now
  • Two Toned Dress Shoe: Swap your black shoes for blue, this season’s ultimate neutral. Shop Now
  • Double Breasted Blazer: Take your sportcoat game to the next level with a double breasted blazer.  Gatsby did it, Draper did it, Harvey did it and so can you. Shop Now