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Style Tips

Most men can’t get away with linen suits or the chino/ short-sleeve collar combination at the office. Business still requires proper attire- no matter how scorching the summer heat. For men bound to this timeless tradition, we offer a range of polished suiting by Tiger of Sweden. Common sense dictates that short of showing up almost nude, an investment in lighter shades assists in keeping internal temperatures low. Tans, pale blues and dove greys repel heat and wear extra effortlessly. If the repertoire currently includes subtle solids, patterns like the classic windowpane check are an exemplary option- professional, distinct and full of corporate character.


Our colourful Strellson and Anderson’s belts seem to be taking the menswear scene by storm. As seen in this latest feature by Report OnĀ BusinessĀ  adding colour is not reserved just for the hipsters of Queen West and should be embraced by the suits of Bay Street. Step out of your “monotone corporate towers” and infuse some colour and vibrance into your daily fashions.

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