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We’re pretty into leather jackets right now.

  1. They  can be thrown over anything
  2. They instantly make your t-shirt and jeans outfit look bad-ass.
  3. A great one lasts forever.


The downside? Leather jackets cost almost a month’s rent. BUT buying the right leather can last for over 10 years. Remember that a more classic moto style leather jacket will be in style longer than a trendy bomber style leather jacket. Consider it a treat yo self-moment. We also find calculating your cost per wear helps. So obviously this article from the onion had to be shared. We’re team Leather Jackets over Children.

Consider it a treat yo self-moment! We also find calculating your cost per wear helps. Shop around, do your research, calculate your CPW, and when you do decide to buy consider it a “treat yo self” moment.

Check out this article from The Onion.

We’re team Leather Jackets over Children!!


This article from The Onion had to be shared…. we’re team Leather Jackets over Children.

SEATTLE—A study released Thursday by the Pacific Parenting Institute found that owning a seriously cool leather jacket is significantly more fulfilling than raising a child to adulthood. “Our research suggests that the feeling of purchasing a really amazing leather jacket and then proudly watching over time as it gradually becomes broken in and forms perfectly to your body is, by a very wide margin, more rewarding than conceiving a child and then raising it from birth to 18 years of age,” said lead researcher Dr. Marcus Aiello, adding that it was on average 63 percent more gratifying to regularly condition a leather jacket that had awesome vertical zippers on the sleeves than it was to read nightly bedtime stories to a son or daughter.

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bad leather jackets

A leather jacket is an essential for every man. Buying the right one, however, is a different issue. Here are 13 bad leather jackets to avoid!

1. We totally understand it’s cold outside but too much bulk makes you look oversized.

oversized bad leather jackets

2. Sure you go to the gym but no one’s arms need that much room.

black bad leather jackets

3. In this case, we’d like to say less is more.

bad leather jackets

4. If your sleeves scrunch up like that, it’s not a good look.


5. Sorry fellas, this style isn’t in anymore.


6. Let’s leave bright, loud leather jackets in the past.


7. Two words: leather overkill.


8. If your leather jacket looks like this one, we highly recommend an update.


9. Distressed is one thing. Worn out is another.


10. A leather jacket two times too big rarely works out for anyone.


11. Too many things are wrong with this outfit.


12. Stop getting boxy leather jackets with no shape!


13. Fashion is cyclical. We are confident that long leather trench coats won’t come back.


Want to know what to wear? Check out this video


Men Of Gotstyle is a fashion/style series that champions our amazing clients and friends, their style and extraordinary lives. Meet Morgan Jones, long time customer/friend, mixed media artist, based in Toronto. Morgan, formerly the Director of Sales for a large multi-national consumer electronics manufacturer, left his job of twelve years in August of 2013 to pursue his lifelong passion as a professional artist. Talk about a career change especially when you consider that he’s a self-taught artist.


Rogue Cotton Snap Button Shirt: $169 Rogue Moto Track Sweat Pants: $150

In the short launch into his full-time career as a professional artist Morgan is blazing trails! With several exhibitions under his belt already at galleries such as Walnut Contemporary and Blueprint, he is no stranger to the arts scene. Morgan has worked on several diverse projects across Toronto from being a guest artist for Plan Canada involved in the launch of their book Every Day is Mala Day to having his works displayed in offices such as The Capitol One building. Jones was commissioned to do lobby art for the Daniels Corporation as a part of their regent park condo development, One Park Place. His work can also be seen in both our Bathurst and Distillery District locations.


Given Morgan‘s rogue lifestyle and his extended love for heavy duty motorcycles it was an obvious fit to style him in our latest collection from Rogue and Matchless– two iconic/rugged brands perfect for his aesthetic.


Rogue Down Filled Puff Vest: $295 Rogue Pima Cotton Henley: $110 Rogue Leather Moto Pants: $525


Rogue Down Filled Puff Vest: $295 Rogue Pima Cotton Henley: $110


Rogue Wool Moto Quilted Shawl Collar Blazer: $350 Rogue Snap Button Cotton Shirt: $169 Rogue Moto Track Sweat Pants: $150


Rogue Leather Moto Pants: $525

New Arrivals

Back To School Bags That Shine

Sasha Ferkul August 26, 2014

Major in style- back to school bags that shine. Whether you’re hitting the books or the office these bags mean business. Ultra impressive document portfolios or sleekly understated laptop carriers, GS has cases to haul it all- nine to five and beyond. Ditch the dated gear and finish looks with exemplary pieces that belong in the big leagues.

Photography by: Ishmil Waterman
Styling by: Sharad Mohan
Words by: Sasha Ferkul


Accessories is the name of the game, and NOW magazine was on point when they picked our New Balance retro sneakers and Daines & Hathaway leather briefcase in their Spring fashion editorial.

New Balance Retro Sneakers: $90
Daines & Hathaway Leather Briefcase: $650


Anderson’s was founded in the mid 1960’s by Mr. Carlo Valenti who got all his training in the world o belt making for a very famous leather factory in Parma. After gaining enough knowledge, he decided to go into business for himself and opened up Anderson’s. Wondering where he came up with that name?! Well, being an Anglophile, Mr. Valenti was very fond of hats and wore suits by English tailor ‘Anderson and Sheppard’… that’s how the name ‘Anderson’s’ came to life.

Anderson’s is now one of the leading accessories companies in Italy and maybe the oldest men’s belt manufactorer in Europe. With the wolrd as their oyster they have truly made the name Anderson’s synonymous with the highest quality of design and manufacturing, combining modern techniques with the experience and tradition of the “Parma leather artisans”.

Today, this family run business is helmed by son Riccardo and daughter Elisabetta and continues to strive to produce the highest quality belts you will ever own.

Anderson’s is a real family business, proud to still be owned and run by the original  family and is still – after more than 45 years – based in Parma, Italy, where 100% of belts are manufactured by 50 employees. Production takes place exclusively at the laboratories in Parma (historically well known for the manufacturing of shoes and leather goods), where each individual operation is supervised by expert craftsmen. Each garment is made with knowledge and quality that has been passed on from generation to generation. The town Parma has been the birthplace of high quality Italian belts and Anderson’s pieces are one of its outstanding products. Our heritage is evident in placing values on material, sewing, processing and workmanship passed on over generations within our family. That’s why all our products are entirely handmade in Italy using premium quality leathers and fabrics for belts manufactured with highest standards and craftsmanship.