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Yesterday we gave you a run down of what to buy The Man Who Means Business. But what do you buy for that guy who’s ahead of the game in fashion, gadgets, and surfs the blogs daily for the latest cool stuff?

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Moose Knuckle Jackets

The winter jacket war continues in Toronto, between the Canada Goosers, the Moose Knucklers, and the endless number of jacket preferences in the city. Our clear winner is Moose Knuckles – it’s warm, down filled, fitted to his proportions, and has a sweet silver logo on the side (that beats a 25 cent patch any day). Read more about them here. Stand out from the crowd of geese and let his Moose Knuckle out!

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Marshall Artist

I remember back in the spring, Melissa was raving about this new line she had ordered in for the Fall/Winter called Marshall Artist. Catchy name, I know. Reasonably priced, their workwear style pieces range from shirts and cardigans to sweaters and jackets. Expect lots of plaid, earth tones, and fine detailing. It’s also a layerer’s wet dream. Read more about them here and here. Cardigans and sweaters are $110 to $125, jackets are $195 to $295.

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Goorin Bros Hats

Don’t know their shirt size? You can always get them a one size fits all gift. Like a hat from Goorin Bros. Choose from a variety of styles such as fedoras, newsboy caps, and ball caps with the furry ears. And they’re affordable, ranging from $50-65 per chapeau. Need more photos? We’ve got ’em.

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Paul Smith’s Berling

Available at Spectacle

The faded brown coloring on this is vintage inspired yet very current. The frame shape is modern yet incorporates the key hole bridge that has been around forever. In short this shade is a mix of old and new making it a great wear for cross generations of people.
– Spectacle

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Olympus PEN E-PL1

Available at The Source and other major electronics retailers

If you’ve wondered which camera we’ve been using to take shots of the clothes for the past few months, you’re looking right at it. The Olympus PEN E-PL1 is a 12-megapixel digital SLR camera with detachable lenses. It’s slimmer than your average DSLR because it’s mirror-less, and is capable of taking high definition video. We even used it to film our Ask a Stylist segments. If you’re looking for a flawless, techie gift, this is the one.

The Olympus E-PL1 12.3MP digital camera gives you the power of a DSLR and the simplicity of a point-and-shoot. Stylishly-designed, this compact digital camera lets you toggle back and forth between capturing stills and taking video all with one finger. Olympus has image stabilization built right into the body of this digital camera so any of the interchangeable lenses will deliver blur-free images. iAuto mode automatically identifies what you’re shooting and adjusts settings for you to capture the best result depending on the situation.

Too much out of your price range? We saw this Digital Mix Master iPod Dock that looks like a 1980’s boombox for $69 (regular $119). Hot deal.

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Tomorrow we’ll visit what makes The Socializer, and what kind of gifts you can get him!

Figures. I write a post on the new Marshall Artist product and the next day, even more of them arrive.

Cardigans and jackets from Marshall Artist have hit the Casual section shelves, showering us with greys, earth tones, leather accents, and slim fitting pieces that are ideal for layering. Cardigans are $110 to $125, jackets are $195 to $295, and the vest for $165.

V-neck shirts, light weight cashmere sweaters, and merino wool cardigans from Plain Jane are in and ready for layering!

Great for pairing up with your denims or plaid pants on a Saturday afternoon at the pub. Plain Jane is always a conversation topic!

Melissa says ” For Fall, Plain Jane developed a collection of must-have items every guy should have in his closet: the lt. blue oxford shirt, the cashmere (blend) v-neck sweater in grey and black and the navy cardigan. These items form the backbone of every good wardrobe, Plain Jane just does them with their tongue in check logo.”

Tees are priced at $65, sweaters at $150, and cardigans at $175.

Staff Picks for May

May 31, 2010

Melissa C - Gold Label jacket, $185

This jacket from Gold Label has an amazing tailored fit and its construction allows for easy arm movement. Great price point based on its detailing.

Michael - Suit pants, $95

One of the brightest coloured pieces on the floor, it adds pop to any outfit. Breaking out of the norm (jeans, khakis) is essentially what these pants represent. Have some fun on a dull day!

Christine - Dr. Denim cardigan, $110

Every guy needs at least one cardigan in their closet. This one adds a bit of colour with an argyle print, light weight fabrics, and a modern fit. Even better: add a bow tie.

Joa - Umbro zip sweater

Blogger’s note: It’s usually difficult to grab Joa for a staff pick when he’s always busy suiting clients, but for this item he was more than eager to get it done. He was a little sneaky this time around and took this Umbro Official National Team zip sweater from our boxes out back. Soon to hit the floor (and an obvious hit for World Cup), you can grab these zip sweaters for different national teams. Pictured is Joa in an England sweater, which can be used at TFC games as well too.

Neale - Valsport sneakers, $95

Blogged yesterday, these new Valsport sneakers are great fashion runners with eye catching styling. They’re lightweight and can be worn in the day and night. See the write up on Valsport.

Veronica - Roussel shirts, $65

I’m really liking Roussell‘s Hamburger Champagne tee simply because there are two gorgeous men eating cheeseburgers and drinking champagne on it. Don’t ask me why – it just clicked. Love at first sight. Plus, it’s Canadian made and simply the classic “you’re so bad” edge to it. Great for summer, great for under a leather jacket or structured blazer. the unfinished seams on the sleeves also make it that much better.

Lots of new spring/summer stuff in, all at affordable price points! Just in time to replace our secret sale items.

Dr. Denim

An assortment of pieces from Dr. Denim have layered our shelving area and denim bar. While we’re pretty sold on their great denims, we’ve brought in a few new tees, v-necks, cardigan, dress shirt, distressed jeans, and bow ties – all of which are excellently priced. Dr. Denim is known for their trim fit, and is perfect for guys with a slim to medium sized build.

Dr Denim shirts, $55

Dr Denim cardigan $110, shirt $95, bowtie $45

Canterbury of New Zealand

Cut for the bigger gentleman, the soft textured fabrics and cool rugby inspired stylish combine for a perfect hybrid of sporty and stylish.

Canterbury golf shirt $110, checkered pants $110

Canterbury golf tees $125, Dr. Denim khaki pants, $110

Two Angle Gold Label

With great feedback from our clients on their Fall/Winter collection we had previously brought in, new in-store are a few Spring pieces for those chilly nights in the city. Funky fashionable outwear for the guys who prefer their jackets and hoodies trimmed down. Expect to see some interesting detail, sleek & darker features, and the occasional shine.

Gold Label jacket, $185

Gold Label jacket, $159

Gold Label jacket, $169

Gold Label hoodie, $85

Gold Label hoodies, $169-185

Happy Socks

They’re back kids – put a happy face on your feet!

Too many styles to photograph, so I took the lazy route and shot the box!

Happy Socks, $15

What’s New: Bustle

February 15, 2010

New pieces from Bustle’s Spring 2010 collection have arrived, and they’re looking just as great as they did on the runway! Here are a few snaps of the two blazers, the jacket, and the cardigan we’ve received. Shots are from the Bustle show at LGFW, courtesy of CanadaWears.ca.

The must-have item for the spring time - cotton blazers ($450)

Blazer from Bustle ($450)

Jacket from Bustle ($350)

Cardigan from Bustle ($175)