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Gotstyle is proud to present Scabal and Dormeuil – two of worlds finest cloth manufacturers in an exclusive made-to-measure event fit for Kings. Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to have a premium full-canvas construction suit of your very own.

Here’s how it all works?

Step 1: Book your appointment with our Master Tailor Konstantine. (Event runs Nov  19th – 30th. 2014)

Step 2: Work with him to design your very own custom full-canvas suit using either Scabal or Dormeuil fabrics.

Step 3: Get upgraded to premium full-canvas construct at no additional cost.

Step 4: Upon purchase receive a waistcoat (vest) a $625 value as our gift to you.

Step 5: Refer a friend- bring your friend and receive an extra pair of pants, when referral purchases the suit.



Rogues Custom and Gotstyle have teamed to bring you our first Bespoke shoe event this Saturday, November 8th at Gotstyle Bathurst (1-6pm). They say you can’t judge a man by his shoes. We beg to differ. Polished footwear makes a sharp statement, shouts attention to detail and style pride. Which is why we teamed up with Rogue, the bespoke traveling shoe maker to give you the opportunity to customize the shoe you’ve always wanted. With over 12 styles and leathers to choose from and over 50 colour combinations and designs there’s no limit to what you can create. Prices start at $495.



Quick Facts about Rogues Custom:

  • Our shoes are all handmade in small numbers by our skilled artisans
  • Over 200 steps are involved in the shoemaking process
  • Any size and width available (slim, standard, wide, extra wide)
  • We offer free shipping and free returns on all orders
  • We deliver to your door in 6 to 8 weeks


Custom Shoe Features:

  • 8 classic styles customizable to your specifications
  • 12 leather colours, 3 suede colours and over 50 possible colour combinations
  • 2 constructions available: Goodyear welt construction (thick soles – 1/4”) or Mckay construction (thin soles – 1/8”)
  • 100% hand made using traditional craftsmanship: hand lasting, hand painting, hand welting, hand nishing


ROGUE-CUSTOM-SHOES-GOTSTYLE-EVENT-6 Customizations Included in Price:

  • Toe style (round, small round, small square, mid square, square) – available toe styles vary between shoe styles
  • Details (broguing, medallions, stitching) – available details vary between styles
  • 12 curated seasonal leather colours + 3 suede colours available
  • Selected styles available in up to 3 colour combinations
  • Burnishing and antiquing
  • 2 types of construction: Goodyear welt (1/4” thick sole) and McKay (1/8” thin sole)
  • 3 sole nishes: light brown, dark brown, black
  • Customer’s initials monogrammed on the outer sole



  • Wool interior
  • Rubber sole
  • Custom fabrics and exotic leathers
  • Custom hand painted belts made to match your shoes

Made-To-Measure Trunk Show: Take Suiting Seriously

Sasha Ferkul September 16, 2014

September is your lucky month- it’s Made-to-Measure time at GS. Our program is insane; an authentically custom, super advanced process where all aspects of suiting are to clients’ exact taste, body type and specifications. With Konstantine’s unmatched talent, individual style is making a major Toronto comeback. We dare you to go back to off-the-rack after attire like this.



Meet Our Master Tailor: Konstantine Malishevski

Master craftsman Konstantine Malishevski’s intensity for his chosen profession is unmatched. The native Ukrainian (who speaks the precise English of old) is an encyclopedia on the subject of tailoring, effortlessly rocking any discussion on the finer points of suiting, fabrics and finishes.

His experience is ultra varied, interesting, and runs from running his own atelier to textile buying to executing unparalleled made-to-measure services. After completing two-and-a-half years of study (plus a two year internship) at one of the most prestigious institutes in his home country- eight months of which were devoted to learning to sew by hand, Konstantine relocated to Canada. Retailers were soon captivated by his unique skills, seriously rare in the North American market. 

Konstantine’s grasp of technical construction would impress anyone on Savile Row. He describes himself as “old- school, but hip” and champions longevity and personal style in suiting. He always works collaboratively, communicating with clients, recognizing that their participation is key to the success of GS’s MTM program. The end result defines perfection- on a completely individual level.

Bathurst Location Only
Style Manual

Working Cuff (n,): a cuffs that has buttons that can unbutton allowing one to roll up the jacket sleeves.

Historically, there was a time when men wore suits and sport coats everyday and for all occasions, even when delivering babies. This is where the popular term “surgeon’s cuffs” originated from as many surgeons, rightfully so, need the ability to roll up their sleeves while working on various patients. Now granted you probably won’t be rolling up your suit sleeves to deliver a baby anytime soon, but nevertheless this is a detail you’ll want to consider when buying your next suit or jacket.

It is much easier to machine sew the button holes closed, rather than take the time to hand sew up to 4 button holes on the cuff which is why a working cuff is a hallmark detail associated with a custom or high quality suits.


Celebrity Style

It’s official, athletes are the new red carpet risk-takers- proven beyond a doubt by the 2014 ESPYs. For those unfamiliar with the ESPYs (short for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly), the award show is presented by the American cable television network ESPN and honours individual and team athletic achievement, as well as other sports-related performance. This year’s show which aired on July 17th, was hosted by Toronto’s very own Drake and proved a shining example of how male athletes have been stepping up their sartorial game of late. While there were plenty of notable female athletes in attendance, this year, the men undoubtably stole the show.

Here are our picks for the Best Dressed Men at the 2014 ESPY Awards.



Shoutout to BlogTO for including us in their “Top 10 Stores To Buy A Tuxedo In Toronto” feature article. As they so eloquently put it, finding a great place to buy a Tux in Toronto is few and far between which is why we’re humbled to have been included in this elite list of great retailers. Gotstyle is one of the few retailers in all of Canada that actually offers both an off-the-rack option and a made-to-measure experience, giving you the flexibility to find the suit/tux you want at a price-point you’ll love.

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