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Big thanks to the folks over at BlogTO on featuring us in their latest edition of “The Best Menswear Stores In Toronto” article.  It’s great to see that what was once a niche market in the Toronto sphere has now transformed into such a diverse playing field. To be included in this list is not only humbling but a poignant realization of where we once were and how far we’ve come. Thank you to everyone that has and continues to support the Gotstyle family. Click here to read their full article.


Shoutout to BlogTO for including us in their “Top 10 Stores To Buy A Tuxedo In Toronto” feature article. As they so eloquently put it, finding a great place to buy a Tux in Toronto is few and far between which is why we’re humbled to have been included in this elite list of great retailers. Gotstyle is one of the few retailers in all of Canada that actually offers both an off-the-rack option and a made-to-measure experience, giving you the flexibility to find the suit/tux you want at a price-point you’ll love.

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 Frequent Gotstyle customer and eTalk host Ben Mulroney was interviewed by BlogTO this past weekend, he shared some of his favourite spots in Toronto. Included in his list was Gotstyle, as one of his favourite menswear stores. You can check out the full interview to learn where Ben likes to brunch, and what his favourite neighbourhoods are here.

Here’s a quick note from the interview where he comments on finding good menswear in the city:

As a television host, you always need to look sharp. Men’s fashion retail in Toronto is often maligned. What’s your take on it?

I disagree. I think anything you want can be found in Toronto. GotstyleHolt’sHarry Rosen are just the tip of the iceberg – take a stroll down Queen West and you’ll find every possible label for every possible taste.