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Rogues Custom and Gotstyle have teamed to bring you our first Bespoke shoe event this Saturday, November 8th at Gotstyle Bathurst (1-6pm). They say you can’t judge a man by his shoes. We beg to differ. Polished footwear makes a sharp statement, shouts attention to detail and style pride. Which is why we teamed up with Rogue, the bespoke traveling shoe maker to give you the opportunity to customize the shoe you’ve always wanted. With over 12 styles and leathers to choose from and over 50 colour combinations and designs there’s no limit to what you can create. Prices start at $495.



Quick Facts about Rogues Custom:

  • Our shoes are all handmade in small numbers by our skilled artisans
  • Over 200 steps are involved in the shoemaking process
  • Any size and width available (slim, standard, wide, extra wide)
  • We offer free shipping and free returns on all orders
  • We deliver to your door in 6 to 8 weeks


Custom Shoe Features:

  • 8 classic styles customizable to your specifications
  • 12 leather colours, 3 suede colours and over 50 possible colour combinations
  • 2 constructions available: Goodyear welt construction (thick soles – 1/4”) or Mckay construction (thin soles – 1/8”)
  • 100% hand made using traditional craftsmanship: hand lasting, hand painting, hand welting, hand nishing


ROGUE-CUSTOM-SHOES-GOTSTYLE-EVENT-6 Customizations Included in Price:

  • Toe style (round, small round, small square, mid square, square) – available toe styles vary between shoe styles
  • Details (broguing, medallions, stitching) – available details vary between styles
  • 12 curated seasonal leather colours + 3 suede colours available
  • Selected styles available in up to 3 colour combinations
  • Burnishing and antiquing
  • 2 types of construction: Goodyear welt (1/4” thick sole) and McKay (1/8” thin sole)
  • 3 sole nishes: light brown, dark brown, black
  • Customer’s initials monogrammed on the outer sole



  • Wool interior
  • Rubber sole
  • Custom fabrics and exotic leathers
  • Custom hand painted belts made to match your shoes

Take a moment and ask yourself, what do your shoes say about you? As we all know,  shoes are an extension of ones style and much like anything else we adorn it speaks volumes about our character before we’ve even had the opportunity to uttered a word. So, are you the hipster, the maverick, or the Bay St tycoon? No matter how you identify yourself, you’re a multifaceted individual and your style should reflect that.

Just like you wouldn’t necessarily wear a 3-piece suit to the grocery store, why would you wear the same pair of shoes to every occasion? Mixing and matching is a great way to breath new life into your daily style, not to mention having options automatically increases the lifespans of the shoes you own. It’s time for some spring cleaning and while you consider replacing or adding to your collection, we recommend you check out these great new arrivals from John Varvatos, Ted Baker, Matteo Massimo, Wolverine, Luca Vero, and Tiger of Sweden.

Matteo Massimo Two Tone Cap Toe Shoe: $275

John Varvatos AGO Rubber Wingtip: $475

Wolverine Bromley Two Tone Leather Brogue: $300

John Varvatos No Broguing Wingtip: $298

Ted Baker Chelsea Boot: $350

John Varvatos Hallowell Wingtip: $298

Matteo Massimo Brogue: $275

Tiger of Sweden Velvet Slip: $250

John Varvatos Hallowell Wingtip: $298

Ted Baker Wingcap Brogue Derby: $220

Luca Vero Captoe Oxford: $275

Matteo Massimo Studded Brogue: $475

Prime Shoes Roma: $285

Matteo Massimo Paint Splattered Shoe: $475

John Varvatos Side Buck Wingtip Shoe: $225

John Varvatos Oxford Dress Shoe: $278

John Varvatos Side Buck Wingtip: $225