I remember King West back in the day when buildings were boarded up and abandoned with dilapidated cars in the alleyways. It definitely wasn’t a safe place at night and it was practically impossible to find a cab. We would head down there occasionally for 606 and Roxy Blu (where I first discovered house music)…. [Read More]


You pick the festival, let us pick the clothes. Fresh from the pages of our Gotstyle Man magazine we bring you our latest style editorial designed to help you dress for your favourite music festival. From Wayhome to OVO Fest, here are some inspirational looks by our stylists that are sure to get you noticed no matter where… [Read More]


For the inaugural issue of the Gotstyle MAN and in celebration of our 10 year anniversary our founder Melissa Austria goes back in time to recall the varying moments when she met and fell in love with the 10 of her favourite Canadian menswear brands. Here they are (in no particular order). – VITALY –… [Read More]


“It’s the same look I got from people over 10 yrs ago when I said I wanted to open a menswear store. They said retail is dying; soon people will only be shopping on-line; men don’t care how they dress; you can’t compete with the big guys; you don’t know anything about running a business;… [Read More]


Since blue became the new black, guys just can’t seem to get enough. Whether you’re looking for your first or adding to your roster, blue suits are a no-brainer. They are easy to wear, pair and are practically good for almost any occasion. From office wear, to your best friends wedding, the blue suit is for men… [Read More]