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The 2016 VMA awards was full of risks.

But taking risks is what fashion is all about… right? All you need is the confidence to pull it off… right? Sort of. Except when you do any of these things. Here is a list of winners and (mostly) losers of last night’s 2016 VMA awards.

1.Did Lance Bass borrow a jacket from his NSYNC days? Lance Bass

2. IDK, Maybe we just aren’t ready for this UK Steam Punk Vibe


3. 2 chains, 2 Gucci pieces, 2 aboriginal patterns. Is he doing 2 much?


4. Cute, I think my girlfriend also has this… Aritzia?


5. Not so fat, Joe. Stuck in the 90s


6. Proof that Future is a young Jimmy Hendrix, style God.


7. Did you ever hear that you can never be over educated or underdressed? Guys, when your girlfriend looks this hot you need to step it up.


8. Everything about this fit is a win   sub-buzz-31234-1472426495-1

9. A lesson in the wrong amount of cuff


10. How much glam is too much glam? [Pictured]


11. Jaden Smith in the Simpsons crazy cat lady’s coat, and a sheer undershirt.


12. #WIN #BomberSZN… Oh yeah, this is the right amount of glam sub-buzz-27355-1472429348-1

13. P Diddy – Gentlemen assuming you don’t want to look like the male oracle from the matrix, please keep your arm holes attached.

2016 VMA's diddy

14. What was up with all these tanks under suits?

2016 Vma's

15. Desiigner going no shirt rocker, peach isn’t that bad of a colour but a simple white shirt -with not too much cuff- would have looked awesome.

2016 VMA's Desiigner

16. Nick Cannon – Apparently Nick Cannon got an all white memo. As well, a matching turban,  JusReign fan are we?

2016 VMA's nick