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Style Manual

Working Cuff (n,): a cuffs that has buttons that can unbutton allowing one to roll up the jacket sleeves.

Historically, there was a time when men wore suits and sport coats everyday and for all occasions, even when delivering babies. This is where the popular term “surgeon’s cuffs” originated from as many surgeons, rightfully so, need the ability to roll up their sleeves while working on various patients. Now granted you probably won’t be rolling up your suit sleeves to deliver a baby anytime soon, but nevertheless this is a detail you’ll want to consider when buying your next suit or jacket.

It is much easier to machine sew the button holes closed, rather than take the time to hand sew up to 4 button holes on the cuff which is why a working cuff is a hallmark detail associated with a custom or high quality suits.


What’s New: Van Gils

February 27, 2013


For Spring, we’re really excited to introduce you to an amazing Dutch brand called Van Gils.  Known for its unique take on a traditional medium, Van Gils is great for the guy that loves to live life. Their latest campaign “No Stitch No Story” perfectly represents the philosophy, craftsmanship as well as the humanic and honest values of the brand.

We’re no role models.
We’re real men modeling our own life.
We hunt for rich experiences.
Amazing stories and unforgettable events.
We count stitches and collect scars.
They are the trophies of life.
The souvenirs that remind us of our acts.

Sometimes we go off the rails and over the edge.
Sometimes we fall and sometimes we crash.
But always in style.
Always surprising.
Always with pride.
And with a smile.
Feeling surprisingly confident.

These stories shape our personality.
They make us interesting.
They make us who we are.

– Van Gils –

Check out these stylish new arrival for Spring 2013.

Van Gils: 3 Piece Suit w/ Check Blazer, Houndstooth Vest, Tie, Pocket Square & Plain Blue Pants: $995

Van Gils: 3 Piece Suit w/ Check Blazer, Houndstooth Vest, Tie, Pocket Square & Plain Blue Pants: $995

Rexton Jacket w/ Elbow Patch and Surgeons Cuff: $595

Rexton Jacket with Surgeons Cuff: $595

Rexton Jacket with Elbow Patch: $595

Ells Broken Windowpane Suit: $795

Ells Broken Windowpane Suit: $795

Steam Jacket With Peak Lapel: $495

Steam Jacket With Peak Lapel: $495