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Style Manual

Working Cuff (n,): a cuffs that has buttons that can unbutton allowing one to roll up the jacket sleeves.

Historically, there was a time when men wore suits and sport coats everyday and for all occasions, even when delivering babies. This is where the popular term “surgeon’s cuffs” originated from as many surgeons, rightfully so, need the ability to roll up their sleeves while working on various patients. Now granted you probably won’t be rolling up your suit sleeves to deliver a baby anytime soon, but nevertheless this is a detail you’ll want to consider when buying your next suit or jacket.

It is much easier to machine sew the button holes closed, rather than take the time to hand sew up to 4 button holes on the cuff which is why a working cuff is a hallmark detail associated with a custom or high quality suits.


New Arrival

Let’s face it, how many times have you seen a well dressed individual only to laugh when you see them darting around like a headless chicken trying to shield themselves from mother nature with the daily newspaper or better yet a half broken umbrella. Suffice it to say, umbrellas are one of those accessories that everyone needs but few ever give it the importance it deserves, which is odd given that it is something that can truly make or better yet save your outfit. So rather than buying yet another cheap pointless umbrella, we suggest you step it up a notch and invest in something that not only protects you but makes a statement at the same time.

These incredible limited edition made in Italy umbrellas (and shoe horn, Melissa just loved it so we bought it) by Pasotti are anything short of being shy. Their splendid designs, fabrics, decorations and handles truly make them a masterpiece. These umbrellas are sure to keep the Bay St. sharks at bay and the red carpet paparazzi in-toe.


AVAILABLE AT: The Menswear Store, Distillery