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We are a four-season country, but most of us only dress for two-seasons – summer and winter. We often forget that nestled in between these two extremes lies several months of gorgeous, but highly unpredictable weather where running around in a giant parka or in shorts and a t-shirt is less than ideal. This is why having “transitional” apparel is so important. These key pieces of outerwear offer the perfect marriage between fashion, functionality and practicality. Whether you’re a 20 year old dancing in the rain or a 50 year old going on your afternoon walk, these pieces are a sure home run.



Style Tips

We’ve replaced snow with rain and while we’re glad for the deep thaw, one can be hard pressed to image wearing anything in this weather that won’t get ruined. While people write books upon books, style guides upon style guides on what you can wear for Summer, Fall & Winter, few pay attention to the dampening nature of Spring. It is precisely for this reason that we tapped our stylists to put together some of their favourite outfits that will allow you to beat the rain, in style.

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New Arrivals

Meet StutterHeim a great brand from Stockholm that specializes in making one of the worlds best raincoats. Inspired by his seafaring granddad Alexander Stutterheim has created a collection that re-imagines the old 60‘s raincoat from the archipelago with an updated fit suited for the modern man and woman. SutterHeim is a unisex brand.

The line offers an understated style aesthetic matched with the finest craftsmanship, materials and details. Each coat is made with double welded seams on a cotton fabric, snap closures, drawstrings details and is individually controlled by a skillful seamstress. With three distinct colours to choose from, these coats are a definite Spring must-have.


AVAILABLE AT: Bathurst, Distillery